FROM HERE TO THERE FROM HERE TO THERE Tyree Bastidas's look at 12 years old Tyree posing when he was twelve years old right before he started to take on small ball championships. 41498091 Venice Beach, California 2004. Tyree posing for the cameras right before the three wall junior nationals championship. 40024893 2004 Toledo Ohio. First three wall junior national when he was 13 years old. 39951799 Tyree celebrating his 15th birthday. Tyree happily display his cake on his 15th birthday. He proudly wears his Midwood high school handball shirt. 40024894 2005 Two World Junior Champions Tyree Bastidas ( USA ), the 2006 one wall world champion, poses with his friend, Fergal Collings ( IRE ), the 2003 four wall World Champion in Phoenix, Arizona at the USA Four Wall Junior Nationals. 41768436 2006. Tyree( white shirt ) playing four wall Luis Cordova from Mexico playing T. Bastidas at the four wall Junior championships in Kansas city. 41771037 2007 New Look A New hair style was his his new look across the city for 2007. 41897599 Tyree practicing guitar lessons He sleeps under the sign"Handball" 41530821 Tyree at seventeen years old. Tyree's new look coincides with the movie/documentary "Handballers" being film across the nation. 41503507 2008 Fall Season, Poster boy look Ready to party with his handball crew. 41530822 2009 Training in New York Whenever he finds time, he practices and play big ball during the Spring of 2009 41456493