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Date of Birth: 09/27/1990
Where you were born: Brooklyn, New York
Where you reside now: Brooklyn, New York
Right or Left Handed: Right, but use both well
Favorite Food: What I leave on the plate. J
Favorite Drink: Mint Tea, Milk
Favorite Athlete (any sport): Pele
Last CD you bought: None—just mega downloads to my iPod

Last movie you attended: “The Wrestler “

Coaches: Mike Watson, Paul Williams and Jennifer Rogers

Biggest handball victory: Winning the Junior National Three Wall Championships; the seventeen and nineteen and under singles divisions in the same tournament.

Also, winning the one-wall-Pro-stop tournament by beating back-to-back three national open champions.




Breaking down boundaries. How he did it.....




Tyree Bastidas had always played with the big ball whenever he went to a Park with his brother Jurell, but after watching his brother Jurell win the PSAL (Public Schools Athletic League) Singles Championship (which competes with the ace ball), in the spring of 2004,  he decided to follow his brother’s footsteps. He's been competing in Junior National Championships across the country in all forms of handball. His ability to learn the sport quickly and easily adjust to one-, three- and four-wall handball codes caught USHA Development Coordinator Matt Krueger's attention. Krueger had labeled Bastidas a versatile player, where the stylish New Yorker has demonstrated his versatility by earning the USHA All- time Junior Handball Record Holder honor to add to his vast collection of handball titles.

Bastidas had developed a variety of one-, three- and four-wall shots at the tender age of sixteen that had made his game deadly across the nation. In fact, at sixteen, Bastidas had dominated and captured the most national titles and milestones no other junior player had. Bastidas, not satisfied with his achievements across the nation,  looked for other places to improve, showcase and export his game. He went across the border to compete in the Canadian Nationals and went overseas to challenge the best at the Irish Nationals, where he brought back home a Canadian and an Irish National title, thus proving he was also the best junior player at a worldwide level.

Bastidas grew hungry for more competition at the age of seventeen and decided to organize with his brother Jurell, a road tour throughout the Northeast in preparation to compete in the Nationals. His road tour paid off when he found himself winning most State Open Championships and shattering records along the road. Bastidas, a junior one-wall player, had won at least ten Open titles outside New York. He had just become the only teenager to have won and slammed in the Open division in two different countries in less than a year.

While Bastidas stands 5’9”, and has vastly improved his strength and stamina over the years, he relies more on brains than on brawn. He is not an overpowering player. His versatile game is predicated on exceptional anticipation and clever changes of pace and direction. Bastidas has all the other qualities that make him a great junior champion - a burning ambition to be the best; the superb physical condition of an athlete; breathtaking speed; and exceptional hand-eye coordination. Because of his unique playing-technique and the massive arsenal of shots he has at his disposal, some of the shots he can play defy the imagination.

By the end of his 17th birthday, Bastidas had already built the most extensive handball record a junior player could only dream of.

He did not have to beat the best. There is no rule passed in sports, especially for immortals, that they have to beat the other top guy to make history. What you do is show up and play who you play.

Bastidas has done that since 2004. He shows up to every national championship across the country. Every year, he takes on all new comers, no matter what, and then he makes it to the finals at least. No teenager has ever played more than thirty one finals, won thirty one titles worldwide, and captured a variety of open titles across the continent. Although is it blatant that Tyree Bastidas is a hugely successful handball player, he is humble about his accomplishments and continues to strive only for perfection.

From left: Finalist, Luis Cordova ( MEX ), and Tyree Bastidas ( USA ) at the 2007 USHA Four-Wall Junior Nationals in Tucson, Arizona.The final match was one of the hardest games Tyree has ever played as the third game could have gone either way.

Bastidas captured the boys 17-and-under singles title in the town of handball's headquarters. Cordova is no stranger to the championships circle himself. He was the finalist at the 2006 World Handball Championships in Canada and has several four-wall National Junior Titles.