Handball player for life.

Even the best players benefit from intelligent coaching.

Paul Williams & Tyree Bastidas.




Tyree Bastidas posing with Coach and Tournament Director Paul Williams at the Mayor's Cup handball tournament in 2005


 I remember when Tyree came to me for the first time, “said Paul Williams”. He asked me to help him to become a champion as others kids have done in the past, but Tyree’s request was different. I could see in his eyes he was determined to be a champion “Quitting was not part of his program, he did not have the quit button” Paul added. I knew right away he would deliver sooner or later, so I welcomed him into the ICHA family and I’m delighted to be part of his great achievements.

Paul Williams, President

I. C. H. A.

Michael Watson & Tyree Bastidas.




From left: Tyree Bastidas posing with Victor LoPierre, Coach Mike Watson and J. Mantilla during a four-wall training at the Cross Island YMCA, Queens, NY in 2006.


“After training with Tyree during the first year, I came to realize I was training a talented young man who wanted to excel in all forms of handball. And after watching him play in one-, three-, and four Wall championships, I came to realize, Tyree is the future of handball.”

Michael Watson, Coach


Jennifer Rogers & Tyree Bastidas.




Photo courtesy of V. P. Pavarati.

Tyree Bastidas and coach Jennifer Rogers share a moment prior to the Annual Awards Dinner Ceremony for Midwood HS, New York City PSAL Champions.


Tyree is the best player I ever had in my team. Everyone in the team is always learning something from him. I could not ask for a better player, I wish him the best of luck.

Jennifer Rogers, Coach

Midwood High School.

Tyree On:




Picture courtesy of V. B. Pavarati


Joe Durso: He is really good and smart for his age, dangerous with both hands. 

Tony Healy: He is very relaxed and confident player.


Satish Jagnandan: He’s got two good hands, the best low power serve and an amazing ability to move you around the court.


Vince Munoz: The best player I've seen in Three-Wall and the best person to talk to off the court.

Robert Sostre: Very athletic. He has two good hands.


Dave Chapman: I’m happy to have played him in the four-wall Nationals. He is really a good player. I wish he had ventured into the One-Wall National arena more often.


Paul Brady: He shoots very hard. I need to hang out with him more often to find out his secret for success.