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2010 USHA National One-Wall Open Champions - Teen Titans rule the one-wall courts in America – Tyree and Sandy nailed down Open divisions –thank M. Watson and P. Williams.





Sandy and Tyree posing for their fans after their Epic accomplishment.

 Coach P. Williams and Tyree celebrating after the championship match.

 Coach M. Watson and Tyree celebrating after the championship match.



Two young teenagers, Tyree Bastidas and Sandy Ng, stepped on the

outdoor courts at Sea Breeze, Coney Island to defeat the best of the best at

the 1-wall nationals.  

Last year, they won the 1-, and 3-wall junior nationals. This year, they

both won the USHA 1-wall junior nationals and both traveled to California

to win the USHA 3-wall junior nationals. They came back to New York     

to win the 1-wall Open national championship and became the first          

teenagers to have accomplished such a feat in the same tournament. 

Tyree and Sandy belong to the best organizations in the city that helps

junior handball players. They belong to the ICHA run by P. Williams and

The Elks in Queens run by M. Watson. Both organizations have helped

them travel to other junior events. Please support these two organizations.

Ever wonder why do we have so many young players walking around the

Coney Island handball courts during the 1-wall nationals in the past few

years? Those are Sandy and Tyree’s followers whom have been waiting

patiently for them to ascend to the throne. Their friends and admirers have

insisted Sandy and Tyree could pull it off.


As a result of their hard training, Sandy and Tyree did it! In the face of

everyone’s utter amazement and disbelief, they captured the USHA

National One-Wall Singles title. They accomplished it in a grand style,

being savvy, and using the skills they developed since they started playing


Tyree and Sandy thank coaches M. Watson and P. Williams for their

continued support through their junior handball career. They will be

practicing and traveling together for the 3-wall nationals later on.

Tyree Bastidas and Sandy Ng will always be remembered as the youngest

players (male and female) to capture the Open Singles division in the same year.

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2010 USHA National One-Wall Championships – Tyree makes history – becomes the first teenager to win the USHA National One-wall Open title at the Coney Island handball courts – he is also the youngest player to capture the largest indoor and outdoor USHA sanctioned one-wall Open crowns – team Bastidas/Chapman falls short of miracle – loses in a controversial call…again - nightmare continues for Bastidas.







Tyree being interviewed by the media.


As in the past, Tyree always find time to autograph balls and gloves for his fans.


Tyree serving the ball as his partner, D. Chapman looks on.



Tyree, the 19-year-old one-wall player, who has been the youngest U.S.’s most recognizable presence for almost a decade, is candid about his personal improvements to the point that the story of his athletic improvement may be overlooked, but make no mistake, when Tyree is on, he is on.

Team Bastidas/Chapman had shown good chemistry during their first match. They played against team Durso/Lee. Ironically T. Bastidas had teamed up with J. Durso during the past year, but this time around they both found facing each other in the preliminary match. Team Bastidas/Chapman prevailed in the end.

Their second match against team R. Sostre/T. Roberts proved to be a big disappointment for his fans and the handball community, as their game was abruptly ended by a bad call made by the referee. The bad call was viewed and criticized on the court and on the internet by the handball community.

Kudos to R. Sostre for acknowledging his mistake and the referee’s bad call. Sostre has always been known for his sportsmanship in the handball community and was willing to continue the game.

New York produced the youngest player to capture both, the Open division at the HES one-wall Pro-tour and the USHA one-wall nationals within nine months.

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August 10, 2010
Issue 343


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Juniors Rule; Tyree and Ng Win Open Titles


One of the most unpredictable USHA National One-Wall Championships in its 52-year history wrapped up on Sunday in Brooklyn.

Tyree Bastidas (preparing to blast a kill in the final) earned the Men's title while still a teenager (19) with a final win over Willie Polanco, 8, 11.

Sandy Ng (17) became the youngest national champion since Anna Calderon, who won in 1981 at the age of 16.  Ng defeated Theresa McCourt in an 11-6 tiebreaker.

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Blending the Past and the Present.





For The Record:


Tyree is the first teenager to capture the outdoor USHA National

One-Wall Men's Open Singles division at Coney Island.