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2010 USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Bastidas rolls into David Chapman – plays epic match against 2nd seeded, Luis Moreno– stuns the non believers – delivers spectacular win with an injured hand – becomes the first teenager to reach the championship match of the USHA National Open 1-, & 3-wall tournaments in the same year –  drama unfolds at the 3-wall nationals as Tyree’s injured hand gets worst –Tyree advised to forfeit championship match – A. Apuzzi’ s recommendation weights heavily in crucial decision to let Tyree  play the championship match.











Above: Tyree wearing his green color shirt gets the green light to the championship match.

 Above: Morales from Kansas City assisting Luis Moreno during a break.

 Above: Braulio Ruiz from California advising Moreno during a break.

 Above:Coach Huante from Calif coaches Moreno during the second game.

Above: Tyree gets advise from his girlfriend Amy and his brother Jurell as Moreno also gets advise from another player.

Above: Tyree gets a massage and a professional opinion on his right hand as girlfriend Amy Li stands by.

Above: Tyree at the swimming pool trying to relax his swollen hand


Sixth-seeded Tyree Bastidas moved within one triumph of a record two USHA outdoor Open Singles titles on Sunday September 6, hammering No. 3 Luis Moreno of Arizona 21-15, (21-19), 11-4, in the semifinal match in front of another packed gallery that has been eye witnessing the making of the greatest junior player.

On April of 2010, Tyree and Luis had already played against each other outdoors at the 1-wall Fireball Classic event in Tucson, Arizona, L. Moreno’s hometown, with Tyree defeating Luis in three tough games.

The USHA 3-wall Open victory against Moreno in Ohio – reversed the outcome when they met at the 2007 USHA National 4-Wall Championships in Minnesota, when Moreno beat Bastidas in two sets.

D. Fink has been the only referee who has presided over their matches in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Toledo, Ohio. He has openly stated that Tyree is the only qualified player who can win the USHA National 1-, 3-, and 4-wall Open championship singles titles at any given time in the near future. His predictions are becoming a reality as Bastidas advanced to the championship match.

“I think Moreno’s playing great” Bastidas said, after Moreno took out Andy Nett. Indeed, L. Moreno has had a terrific outdoor season this summer. He recently captured the famous KC 3-Wall Fireball Open Tournament in July, where most of the best players in the country play for the prize money and the title, but most of all, for the fame and prestige of wining the tournament.

Bastidas was typically brilliant during the match, playing with and injured hand that has been slowing his game but not his will to win. He was also expecting a little soreness because of the high intensity of yesterday game with Fink.

This great match pitted the current New York 3-wall Open champion against the current Kansas City 3-wall Open champion, and didn’t disappoint the crowd who was treated again to another thrilling match full of action and suspense. The USHA labeled Tyree’s match as the most interesting and exciting of the day for a second day in a row.

The match clearly divided the crowd, and as the game intensified, it became apparent there were two crowds, the East Coast and the West Coast, both sides rooting for their players. The crowds were well behaved, cooperative and routinely assisted and advised their favorite players.

Bastidas’ athleticism and unyielding baseline brilliance made him much the steadier player, and took Moreno’s massive home-court advantage out of play in the first game, as hundreds of fans had few moments to cheer.

Moreno, the favorite player to win this match, rallied admirably from a nightmarish opening game, and split breaks with Bastidas in the second game to force a tiebreaker. He rallied again when he was down in the tiebreaker and kept the crowd roaring until the end.

The match was so exciting, and when the third game ended, the crowd gave them an outstanding ovation for having played one of the most thrilling matches in recent memory.

Immediately after the match, Tyree’s injured hand was assessed and was found to be more swollen than before. Asked if he had pain and if he can continue to play, Tyree responded” I do feel more pain than before, but not enough to forfeit the championship match”. Later on in the afternoon, it became obvious that Tyree’ hand wasn’t getting any better, and was advised by Tyree’s camp to forfeit the championship match.

Matt Stamp, of the USHA official staff was served notice on Tyree’s deteriorating hand condition and was told that there is a possibility that Tyree might show up on Monday morning either to play or to forfeit the game. M. Stamp understood the situation after he took a look at Tyree’s hand.

It was recommended that Tyree gets a massage and a professional opinion at the massage tent at the Lucas Recreation Center. Because of the serious condition of his hand, he was advised not to continue playing. Tyree’s shrug off the advised and insisted he wanted to play no matter what. ”I didn’t come this far to forfeit the final game” said Tyree.

With Tyree’s camp split on whether to let him play or not, and with Coach M. Watson and Tyree’s followers also divided on the issue, phone calls were placed back to New York to one-wall champions Albert Appuzi and Joe Durso. Tyree’s camp wanted opinions on their personal experiences while playing with an injured hand. A. Appuzi called back around midnight and recommended the following: “If Tyree wants to play, let him play. Sometimes when you are hurt, for some estrange reason you play better. When I was young, I used to play better with my injured hand”.

After taking into consideration opinions and recommendations, Tyree’s camp voted to let him play, although, privately, Tyree’s camp opposed the decision.

2010 USHA National Three-Wall Championships - twitter Update!






2010 USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Chapman  stops Tyree – Tyree plays despite injured hand – becomes the only teenager to reach and play at the championship match of the USHA 1-, and 3-wall National championships in the same year – Tyree cancels participation in the Fronton event in N.Y. - Bastidas to gamble in Las Vegas at World 3-wall tournament   







Above: Tyree returns a ball with his left hand during championship match.

 Above: Tyree returning a deep ball with his right hand.

 Above: Tyree hitting another ball from behind the long line.

Above:  Tyree and Chapman shaking hands at the end of their match.


D. Chapman beat T. Bastidas fair and square in two matches 11, 5, and became the 3-wall champion since his return in 2008.

A tired and injured Bastidas could not find his rhythm during the final match. Maybe the two tiebreakers against Fink and Moreno took its toll as he could not play the way he was used to play, and perhaps his injured hand gave up on him.

Without taking any credit away from Chapman, we would have loved to see a final match between David against Tyree playing with the full use of his two hands, but instead we had to settle for a final where Tyree wasn’t the Tyree we would have expected to play in the championship match.

We have been watching D. Chapman compete in many tournaments for the past two years, and his hard work finally has paid off. He was the better player, and he won the match as he walked away with the title he has been chasing since 2009. Congratulations to D. Chapman, the new USHA National 3-wall champion.

T. Bastidas planned to take a rest to heal his injured hand till September 10 as he wanted to tryout in the fronton tournament qualifier on September 11 in New York. Unfortunately, his hand hasn’t healed completely and had to cancel his participation at the above mentioned- event.

Because he was already booked to participate at the World 3-wall tournament in Las Vegas, he will decide by September 22, (depending on the condition of his hand) either to play competitively, for fun or play in it as exhibition games.

Blending the Past and the Present.




For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only teenager in the U.S. who has won the USHA National 1-wall Open Men's Singles division and reached the championship match of the USHA National 3-wall Open Men's Singles division in the same year.