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Mark Levine and Tyree Bastidas - unmatched milestones.






Tyree Bastidas, representing Midwood HS, plays during his last year of eligibility.


Teenagers Mark Levine and Tyree Bastidas have established various milestones in the open division, but there is one milestone from each player that no other teenagers have been able to match. Their milestones are one of a kind.

Mark Levine’s milestone was recorded at the national level as an AAU player while Tyree Bastidas’ was recorded at the national level as a USHA player.

Congratulations to these great teenager players, whose passion and commitment for the game helped restore winning and a new-found confidence to handball players.

Mark Levine was already in three national championships open finals (1-wall) and an open national champion when he was 19.

1970 AAU National One-Wall Championships

1971 AAU National One-Wall Championships

1971 USHA National One-Wall Championships


Tyree Bastidas was already in three national championships open finals (1-, 3- & 4-wall), and an open national champion when he was 19.

2008 Canadian National Four-Wall Championships

2010 USHA National One-Wall Championships

2010 USHA National Three-Wall Championships

Bastidas beats the odds – Tyree is back from injury.





T. Bastidas plays in front of the crowd during a Coney Island handball exhibition game.


After missing most of spring training and the USHA and CHA national championships because he fractured the fifth metatarsal in his right foot during a 4-wall game in the winter, Tyree Bastidas was given the green light to play at the Mayor’s Cup. The national champion is pain-free. “I’m new again,” he said

Bastidas, who thought he was also going to miss the 1-wall nationals, was happy to be back from a long inactive season that put him away from the Pro handball circuit. Bastidas will be able to compete at the 2011 Mayor’s Cup. He was signed up in the last minute before the draws came out.

2011 Annual Mayor’s Cup – sees T. Bastidas and D. Daskalakis as the youngest players to win the open in the same year – Daskalakis repeats – Midwood HS players slam – new wave of young players take over Mayor’s Cup.





Above from (l to r): Danielle Daskalakis and Sandy Ng.

Above from (l to r): Tyree Bastidas and Frank Mai get together after Bastidas' match.


Above:Sarah Au from Brooklyn Tech enjoys a moment at the 4-wall handball courts before she stopped playing handball three years ago.


Above: Danielle Daskalakis and Tyree Bastidas share a moment for the cameras after winning the opens singles divisions.


The Mayors’ Cup has been captured many times by different players of different ages, but never before was captured by players as young as Bastidas (20) and Daskalakis (21) during the same year.

Bastidas and Daskalakis are the products of the High School Spring Meet, which is run by Paul Williams. Both players went to Midwood HS and have won an open title at the USHA nationals.

Danielle Daskalakis won the Mayor’s Cup for the third time and established herself as the undisputed Queen of one of the biggest outdoor 1-wall handball events in the U.S., second only to the USHA 1-wall nationals. She had faced Sandy Ng in two out of three times in the last three years and both times the matches went to the tiebreaker.

Sarah Au, who represented Brooklyn Tech as a teenager, is another product of the High School Spring Meet. She also holds a USHA open national title as a teen. She came back to the handball arena after almost three years. Her first game was against national champion Sandy Ng, but she lost the game 25-22, after putting up a tough fight. Handball fans were happy to see Sarah back in the handball circle.

Frank Mai, who led the Midwood HS handball team to the championship title in 2009 also slammed along Tyree Bastidas. He should be ready to step up in the open next year.

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Summer Handball clinics – The City’s Best Summer handball clinics for kids – Bastidas’ legacy continues - future handball stars.






T. Bastidas (blue shirt) and Eric Brandman (white shirt) during a handball clinic at High Land Park in Queens.


Summer is here and we’ve got awesome news for kids who want to be handball stars. New skills, new thrills, new friends and fun are what kids want for summer.

Under the initiative of Coach Mike Watson and with the cooperation from the NYC Parks Department, a summer handball clinic was born for the first time for the summer of 2011.

Under the plan, Tyree Bastidas, has been teaching handball to all young kids who had signed up by the deadline

Bastidas will be assisted by former Midwood HS teammate Eric Brandman. Both players are Brooklyn natives, and will be teaching at the handball courts in Queens County.

Bastidas’ legacy started in high school, when he enjoyed teaching handball to his teammates. Nowadays, he finds himself teaching young kids across the boroughs and hopes his work pays off sometime in the future.

We’ll keep you informed as more details emerge on this great idea spearheaded by M. Watson.

2011 Mayor’s Cup -  four-times defending champion Satish Jagnandan fails to repeat – Tyree Bastidas unifies titles – becomes youngest player to win the three must prestigious 1-wall men’s open singles titles in less than a year.






Above: Tyree Bastidas serves the ball as he battles with Satish Jagnandan for the title.

Above:Bastidas hits the ball down the right line to surprise Jagnandan.


Bastidas put an end to Jagnandan’s winning streak on July 10. He defeated him in two close games. Jagnandan, who was hoping to win his fifth championship title saw his hopes fade away under a sunny summer Sunday.

The final match was impressive, as both games went back and forth with the lead exchanging hands all the way to the end, but Bastidas pulled away first to win both games.

S, Jagnandan still holds the record as the only player to have won the Mayor’s Cup four times in a row. He has been unstoppable since 2007. The only major scare he had during this incredible run was in 2008 when Bastidas made his first appearance in the Men’s open division when he was 17, and Bastidas took him to a tiebreaker. Bastidas served noticed that he’ll be back again, and he did. This time, he came back to take over the Mayor’s Cup in grand style; by winning the men’s singles and doubles open division. Never in the history of the tournament has a player been able to slam before.

Congratulations to the youngest champion as he wins and unifies all titles in the main 1-wall singles championships.

2010 USHA National One-Wall Men’s open singles – Tyree Bastidas

2010 H.E.S One-Wall Pro stop – Men’s open singles – Tyree Bastidas

2011 Mayor’s Cup Tournament – Men’s open singles – Tyree Bastidas

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Blending the Past and the Present:






For The Record:


Tyree Bastidas is the only player to win (slam) the Mayor's Cup  by capturing both men's open divisions.