Handball player for life.

USHA National Three-Wall Championships.





Tyree Bastidas plays at the Maumee handball courts in 2010.

Tyree Bastidas is the only junior player in the USHA to have won the most 3-wall juniors titles at the Venice Beach and Maumee handball courts (combined). His remarkable run through the juniors divisions made it possible for him to reach and play as a teenager at the men’s open championship match in 2010.

T. Bastidas still remains as the only teenager to have won the most 3-wall juniors national titles in USHA history.

Three-Wall national champion, Ray Estevez skips USHA 3-wall Northeast Championships.





From left: J. Bastidas, T. Bastidas (jumping), R. Estevez and R. Retian. 

From left: Tyree Bastidas, Jurell Bastidas (returning the ball), Raul Retian and Ray Estevez.

From left: T. Bastidas (NY), R. Retian (NJ), R. Estevez (MD), and J. Bastidas (NY).


Ray Estevez, the current 3-wall national champion in the 55 singles division came back to New York and enjoyed a wonderful weekend of 1- and 3-wall game practices.

R. Estevez who has been a resident from Baltimore for many years was originally a New York resident. He has at least seven national titles and is practicing to become a Grand Master in the near future.

Mr. Estevez was in town to watch the 1-wall (big ball) nationals at the Coney Island handball courts on Saturday August 20, and had made arrangements to practice 3-wall with Jurell and Tyree Bastidas at the NJ 3-wall courts on Sunday 21.

This is not the first time R. Estevez has come to New York to practice with Jurell and Tyree Bastidas in New Jersey. In 2006, while in New York, he also made arrangements through R. Retian to practice with Tyree and Jurell Bastidas. Their game was recorded back then and will be made available to the public later on.

Watch their recent practice..….


USHA National Three-Wall championships – brothers Bastidas start training at New Jersey handball courts – Hurricane Irene cuts short 3-wall handball training and tournament in the Northeast.






Jurell Bastidas serves the ball to Tyree Bastidas during practices at the 3-wall New Jersey handball courts on August 21.


The USHA outdoor handball season is about to finish on Labor Day, when the USHA presents the biggest 3-wall (small ball) tournament in the U.S.

This year has been a very disappointing year for New Yorkers in terms of training. After the 1-wall nationals, there has been plenty of rain in the Northeast, making it difficult to practice for the 3-wall nationals. New York had the most rain in one day, the equivalent of two months rain.

This year fewer New Yorkers will be traveling to Ohio to compete. It will be one of the smallest contingents representing New York at the nationals. Tyree and Jurell Bastidas have practiced only twice so far with their latest practice being rained out.

Hurricane Irene washed away the only 3-wall tournament in the tri-State area, which had to be cancelled on August 27.

The month of August stands as the month with the most rain in New York and recorded as the wettest month ever.

The USHA national 3-wall in OH is the best tournament in terms of hospitality and camaraderie. You don’t want to miss it.

Watch their recent practice……


Is violence among sport fans out of hand? – Not in handball.




Above: Bastidas wears a white shirt and enjoys a match with handball fans.

Above: Jurell Bastidas plays with tenacity in front of the friendly handball crowd.


During baseball’s Opening day, a fan clad in San Francisco Giants’ gear was badly beaten in the parking lot as he was exiting Dodger stadium. Are too many fans crossing the line from ardent supporters to hooligans?

Are we more violent as a society or are people more willing to respond to things they take as a personal affront?

One thing is certain. Our games and teams perhaps mean more to us now than ever. The Yankee-Red Sox is one of the most passionate rivalries in sports, but sometimes that ardor boils over on the field, in the stands or wherever their fans meet.

In the handball sport which is played all over the U.S. (indoors and outdoors) there are rivalries among college students, East versus West, New York versus California, etc, etc….but fans have never crossed that line. Perhaps handball fans, as passionate as they are, do not see the need to cross that line. And although sometimes players do get very frustrated on the court, there aren’t any serious incidents reported as in other sports.

Brittyn Bidegain and Tyree Bastidas – You gotta love ’em – they got talent - B. Bidegain eyes a perfect handball resume.



Above from left: Brittyn Bidegain and Tyree Bastidas hanging around while watching some of the games.


Both players are products of the USHA juniors national championships.

Bidegain and Bastidas have traveled all over the country to play and win titles in as many handball versions as possible.

Bidegain, who is 15 year-old, has national titles in 3-and 4-wall championships. She is only missing a 1-wall title to complete a perfect handball resume. She is looking forward to come to the big apple (NY) sometime in the future.

B. Bidegain just set a new record in USHA handball history as she captured the boy’s 17-and-under singles division at the 3-wall nationals in Maumee, Toledo. She is the only girl to crossover to establish this new record. She has the potential to do the same in the boys’ 19-and –under division.

Congratulations for this great win.



Blending the Past and the Present.


For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest New York handball player to have reached the semifinals and a championship match at the 3-wall nationals at the men's open division in two consecutive years.