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Photos (handball) by Keith Thode


There is no doubt that sports such as tennis, golf and basketball pay more money than most sports. But do players play for the money or for the love of the sport?

One of the best ways to find out is through pictures. Pictures don’t lie. There is a Chinese proverb that says “one picture is worth ten thousand words”

In the handball pictures we can really see the excitement of a player winning a match, and although the prize money might not be as big as in the other above- mentioned sports, the excitement of winning a game can’t be compared to any other sport.

Handball players play with passion and they play with their hearts. They also play for fun and to keep in top shape throughout the year. Handball players don’t need especial equipment and costly apparel to play. All they need is love and passion for the sport along with a ball and a wall.

Even within the USHA, where there are other handball versions (3-, and 4-wall), we can’t find more excitement on a player’s face than in a 1-wall player’s face.

Castro (pictured above) couldn’t be more excited after winning the championship match against the youngest USHA national champion Tyree Bastidas. “I‘m so happy to have beaten the player who is going to dominate handball for the next ten years” said Castro (Pewee).

Women handball players shaping history – Rosemary Bellini, Pride of New York – March is Women’s History Month



Above: Rosemary Bellini (yellow cap and shirt) smiles among the crowd at the USHA National Three-Wall Championships in Maumee, Ohio.


Women Shaping History is a time to reflect on the achievements of women handball players in the past. It is also a time to recognize their achievements, and efforts in supporting the handball community.

This year’s nominee: Rosemary Bellini.

She was the first woman to win all handball versions at the USHA national championships where she also established numerous records. Later on, she was inducted in the USHA Hall of Fame, thus becoming the first New York woman to enter the Hall.

Nowadays, Ms. Bellini still shows up to handball tournaments to help in assisting the desk, reefing games, and occasionally participating in some events.


Tyree Bastidas and his friends gets ready for the outdoor season – In Queens, Cold weather brings heat to handball.



Above: Robert Lee serves the big ball with his gloves on during the mild winter, while Tyree Bastidas (back) takes position to return the ball. Michael Zhou (right) from Queens waits his turn to play the winner.


Spring is here and handball players are getting ready for one of the most competitive handball seasons ever.

This year, all handball players’ goals are to go to the Worlds championships in Ireland from October 11-21. Many players have been practicing non-stop during the winter and plan to continue to do so all the way to the summer. Most players are looking forward to compete in the USHA national 1-wall championships with the small and the big ball in order to qualify and get sponsorship.

T. Bastidas and his friends have also been practicing during the winter months and are hoping to win either the small or big ball tournament.

The following article is just one example of what other players are doing during the winter to constantly keep playing throughout the City.



Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Pride – Charly Shanks pride of Ireland and New York.



Above from left: Charly Shanks from Ireland and Matthew Chu from New York pose for our camera proudly displaying their Irish national shirts before their game in Fishkill, NY.

Above: C. Shanks using his deadly serve against M. Chu in a preliminary open match.


On March 17, Irishmen took to the streets of New York to celebrate their roots and accomplishments.

Charly Shanks a top handball player from Ireland, traveled to New York last year to take up residency in the tri state area, and is currently practicing at the NYAC in the city.

He was seeded No 2 in the Irish National Rankings as recently as last year and now finds himself practicing handball along Tyree and Jurell Bastidas.

Ever since C. Shanks set foot in New York his game has elevated to the point where he has accomplished more than expected.

His recent best performances include: the 2011 Simple Green U.S Open of Handball where he cornered the men’s open division with fellow countryman R. McCarthy. He also captured the NYAC invitational for the first time after going through Tyree Bastidas, David Fink and in the end Allan Garner.

Recently, Shanks also won the NYS Hall of Fame Championships, where he had to split honors with Tyree and Jurell Bastidas.


The 41st Annual NYAC/Burt Kossoff Invitational



Above: Charly Shanks and unidentified Irish woman pose after a match in NY.

Above: Team Bastidas serves the ball to team Garner during the championship match.  


The best 4-wall players in the U.S. arrived in New York City to take part in the NYAC Invitational from March 30 – April 01.

The NYAC handball invitational is probably the oldest 4-wall tournament in the Northeast, where most national champions in 1-, 3-, and 4-wall handball versions have graced these courts for more than 40 years.

The winner of the men’s singles was Charly Shanks, who defeated previous winner, Allan Garner.

The winner of the men’s doubles was team Garner which defeated team Bastidas in the finals.

In the women’s division Tracy Davis defeated Jennifer Hinman in another exciting tiebreaker.

These are the previous winners in the past three years:

Open singles:

2010 A. Garner

2011 S. Lenning

2012 C. Shanks

Open doubles:

2010 Team Bastidas

2011 Team Schneider/O’Donnell

2012 Team Garner

Blending the Past and the Present



For The Record:

It was during the St. Patrick's day weekend celebration in Ireland that Tyree Bastidas captured an Irish National title, and although he wasn't the first player to do so, he remains as the youngest U.S. player to accomplish this feat.