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The 64th Tallcorn Handball Tournament – from East to West Tyree remains the best – captures another iconic tournament.




Above from left: Andy Nett, TD Tom Kopp and Tyree Bastidas.

Above: Andy Nett serves the ball to Tyree Bastidas during the final match.

Photos courtesy of Ned Jorgensen.


Tyree Bastidas astonished the handball community when he won one of the most prestigious tournaments in the West after he had recently won the Boston Open in the East.

In another of his great performances in 4-wall tournaments, 1-wall national champion Tyree Bastidas stole the show by defeating defending champion Tom Little (KS) in the semis and by defeating Andy Net (MN) in the finals.

Bastidas’ victory didn’t come easy as he had to play back to back matches all day on Saturday.

“My games were so long that I really didn’t have time to rest in between matches. Every time I finished a match whether singles or doubles my name was called out to play my next game within 10-15 minutes. I felt like I was just changing courts after every match” said Tyree.

Indeed, Tyree, along with the rest of players who opted to play two events had to face the same situation, but Bastidas agony was the longest as he won every singles and doubles matches to become the youngest player to reach the open finals in both events.

The Boston Open 2012 –Brooklynites give Bostonians a hand - Bastidas' site nominate M. Rusinak as a volunteer.





Above from L: J. Iglesias,  M. Rusinak and T. Bastidas at a Bar/restaurant.

Above: Hallway full of handball history to watch the matches from above.


           Above: Mr. Joe St. Pierre "Mr. Handball" canvas portrait.

Above: A plaque to pay tribute to Mr. Stanley M. Stanzin.

Above: A plaque in memory of Mr. Charles Gianturco.


Make no mistake, the Boston Open has been a huge tournament in terms of quality and quantity since the early years of its inception as detailed in previous articles.

New York players were among the first to capture the crown and the last one to capture it for the last time at the Boston Y in 2012.

But behind the desk, there have been some New Yorkers working tireless behind the scenes making sure the tournament runs smoothly and on time. Some of the following players are from NY and for different reasons they find themselves helping others to run the BO tournament to promote the game they love, handball.

A - Mike Rusinak, AKA as the Commish, has been the tournament director of the B.O. for a few years and is happy to have helped to develop and promote the game.

We strongly recommend Mr. M. Rusinak to the USHA Board of Directors to be considered as an outstanding volunteer who has helped our game grow in his second home away from home.

B – Joseph St. Pierre (dec’d) was from the Boston area. He played and supported the Boston Open for many years. He was known as “Mr. Handball” for his full support of the game. The history of Mr. Pierre could be found in the hallway that leads to the viewing stands at the handball courts.

C - Mr. Charles Gianturco (dec’d) was also a Brooklynite who played and devoted all his energy to promote the game in Massachusetts. He was a Doctor who helped and played handball till he couldn’t play anymore.

D – Mr. Stanley M. Stanzin (dec’d), another Brooklynite handball devotee who played and won in all handball versions of the game. His handball history throughout the Northeast can also be found at the lounge in the locker room.

Congratulations to these Broklynites for having a voluntarism spirit and devotion to help grow and promote the game.

The 64th Tallcorn Handball Tournament – Tyree Bastidas becomes the first New York player to capture singles title.





Above: Tyree Bastidas takes a break after a handball marathon on Saturday

Above: Andy Nett congratulates Tyree Bastidas for capturing the title.

Photos courtesy of Ned Jorgensen.


The TallCorn tournament is the second oldest handball tournament in the U.S. and one of the most prestigious in America.

Famous players from the handball world who had played and won are: John Sloan, Terry Muck, Paul Haber, Stuffy Singer, Gordon Pfeifer, Dennis Hofflander, Dave, Chapman, Phil Collins, Jim Jacobs, Marty Decatur, Carl and Ruby Obert, Marcos Chavez, Merv Decker, etc, etc….

“Defeating Tommy Little wasn’t easy” said Tyree. In fact, T. Little is a three time champion of the tournament and a runner-up several times. Mr. Little is a veteran of the game and knows the courts very well to his advantage.

Looking at the list of winners (singles) of the tournament; we see that no New Yorkers have ever captured the singles title. It just shows how hard the tournament could be when playing the best players of the country.



The Boston Open – Ken Ayube – a living legend in the East.






Above from left: Tyree Bastidas and Ken Ayube during a get together. 

Above: Boston Open schedule where Ken Ayube played in the 40+ division


Above: Ken Ayube hits the ball in the tiebreaker that he almost won.


Most handball players in the Northeast have seen Ken Ayube play in different tournaments, including the Boston Open. He has been playing since the 60’s and he probably holds the honors with the most titles at the Boston Open.

K. Ayube has played in national tournaments against the best players of his era, but lately, he has been playing in the Masters divisions.

At the 36th Boston Open, he challenged himself in front of the gallery and played in the 40+ division, even though he is 62 years-old. In the end, he reached the championship match and forced a third game he almost won.

Mr. Ayube was seeded No 1 at the monster draw of 1977 with high probabilities that he had won the Boston Open in 1976 and/or the inaugural Boston Open of 1975.

Mr. Ken Ayube will always be remembered among the best players in the Northeast.

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Canadian National Four-Wall Championships – Montreal, becomes the site of international event – Paul Brady to vie for a Canadian Title.





Above from left: Emmett Peixoto, Dave Fink, Johnathan Iglesias and Tyree Bastidas enjoy a break during the Can 4-wall in Montreal in 2007. Only Johnathan and Tyree will be playing in Montreal this year.


Montreal was the City where the Canadian 4-wall championships took place five years ago. This year, the Canadian Committee in conjunction with Quebec handball officials is organizing another great event that will attract some of the best handball players of the game.

A - Paul Brady, the USHA/IRE open national champion will be in town to display his arsenal before the Worlds.

B – Tyler Hamel, a Canadian open national champion will also make the trip to try to repeat.

C – Tyree Bastidas, a USHA open national champion will try once again to win a Canadian Crown.

It will be the first time that Paul Brady will play for a Canadian national title in Montreal. Plan early to watch the games as a big crowd will be expected at this event.

Blending the Past and the Present


For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to win The Tallcorn Handball Tournament.