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The Boston Open 2012 –- Court’s in session – an inside look at the end of the day - Bastidas, Boston’s best of 2012 – recent winners.




Above: Tyree Bastidas (green shirt) poses with players for the last time. Boston Open Tournament Committee member, Victor DiFranco poses right next to Tyree.

Above: Tyree Bastidas practicing at the Boston Y with Tournament Committee member Victor DiFranco watching him from the upper level.


One of the oldest 4-wall tournaments in America came to an end at the Boston YMCA on April 29. Players from various states, including Canada came to celebrate and play in the last Boston Open at the oldest YMCA in America. As in the past Canadian players were present to promote and invite players to the Canadian nationals.

Tyree became the youngest player to capture the Boston Open.

Ken Ayube (62 years-old) played in the finals of the 40+ division with the hope of creating an upset during the last Boston Open at the Y. He barely lost in the third game.

Tyree and Billy are the youngest New Yorkers to be in the finals of the Boston open.

The tournament used to have only one division (open).

Tyree became the youngest player to reach the championship match of the Boston Open a couple of years ago.

Players from Ireland, Mexico, Canada and the U.S. have been crowned at this event.

Recent winners of the Boston Open:

2012 Tyree Bastidas (NY) defeated Bill O’Donnell (NY).

2011 Emmett Peixoto (CA) defeated Bill O’Donnell (NY).

2010 Dave Fink (PA) defeated Tyree Bastidas (NY).

2009 Sean Lenning (WA) defeated Dave Chapman (KS).

2008 Emmett Peixoto (CA) defeated Dave Fink (PA).

2007 Sean Lenning (WA) defeated Ricardo Diaz (CA).

2006 Danny Bell (CAN) defeated Emmett Peixoto (CA).

2005 Emmett Peixoto (CA) defeated Kendell Lewis (NY).

2004 Kendell Lewis (NY) defeated Mark O’Leary (IL).

The 64th TallCorn Handball Tournament – Tyree vs Andy, play dramatic tiebreaker championship match – Eric Hillgren and Will Lemp win doubles.





Above from l: Eric Hillgren, Will Lemp, Paul Williams and Tyree Bastidas.

Above: Tyree and Andy switching places to serve during tiebreaker final.

Photos courtesy of Ned Jorgensen.


Andy Nett has been knocking on the door a couple of times at this iconic tourney and recently had been playing at the top level game during the WPH Race4eight tournament. He even took the eventual winner of the WPH sponsored event, Luis Moreno, to a tiebreaker.

Andy Nett didn’t lose easily to Tyree as Andy went all the way out with his powerful serve but he just couldn’t turn the tables on Tyree.

In the doubles Tyree Bastidas and Paul Williams survived a brutal handball marathon on Saturday afternoon that left both players out of oxygen. “Paul was playing well at the beginning but in the end I had to carry him" said Tyree.

“I couldn’t carry Paul on Sunday, I was too tired after I played Andy” Tyree stated.

Tyree had such a good time in this tournament that he already marked this event as a “must go” next year.



Canadian National Four-Wall Championships – Bastidas hits the breaks – will resume and complete handball training in Quebec City before the Canadian 4-wall championships.




Tyree Bastidas has been in a winning streak across the States for the last seven months and has decided to take a three week break starting May 7.

T. Bastidas, who has been playing in the open in different handball versions, indoors and outdoors, has won titles in either singles or doubles with two different handballs. He has played so much handball that recently he even refused to play in the last 1-wall open event held at Coney Island. “I know my limitations and I listen to my body” said Tyree

“I want to be ready for the Canadian nationals and I don’t want to take any chances. My trip to Quebec will be fun and will serve as my last 4-wall training before the nationals.

Tyree’s winning streak at the open:

1 - November - Albany Open – Albany, NY.

2 - December – H.E.S. 1-Wall pro stop – Brooklyn, NY.

3 – January – Long Island Open – Syosset, NY.

4 – February – NYS Hall Of Fame - Fish Kill, NY.

5 – March – USHA Regional 4-Wall Event – Fairfield, NJ.

6 – April – Coney Island 1-Wall – Brooklyn, NY.

7 – April – Boston Open – Boston, MA.

8 – May – Tall Corn Handball Tournament – DesMoines, IA.

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Bastidas wins in Boston

Above from left: Tyree Bastidas watches as Billy O'Donnell gets ready to roll the ball.




Tyree Tackles Tallcorn!

Above from left: Andy Nett walks to front court to serve as Tyree walks to the back.

Photo courtesy of Ned Jorgensen.


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The 64th TallCorn Handball Tournament - –- Court’s in session – an inside look at the end of the day





Above from left: Tyree and Andy during championship match while Mark Zamora(right) from California plays in championship match in his age division group. Bastidas and Zamora won their matches.                            Photo courtesy of Ned Jorgensen


Tyree Bastidas is the first New York Player to win the men’s open singles.

Carl and Ruby Obert are the first New York players to capture the title in the men’s open doubles.

Players from Minneapolis have won the most men’s singles open titles

It is the second oldest tournament in America.

Tyree Bastidas is the first 1-wall player to capture this 4-wall handball tournament

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to win the title and to reach both, the singles and doubles divisions in the same year.

Blending the Past and the Present



For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest New Yorker to have reached the Open Men's doubles division at the TallCorn Handball Tournament.