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2009 Kent Ginty Memorial Handball Tournament –On Top Of The World - One-Wall Pro-Singles Stop.




From left:Tyree Bastidas (champion) with Satish Jagnandan (finalist)

Photo courtesy of  Joe Williams


Third-seeded Tyree Bastidas scrambled to a 25-18 victory over world class player and five-times national champion Satish Jagnandan to win the New York One-Wall Pro-stop for the first time.

Putting behind his recent injuries, a motivated Tyree Bastidas returned to competition eager to test himself and build upon his legacy as a teenager.

Tyree Bastidas said his ailing left shoulder has been "an issue" for him since August 22, but having a full month break after the Worlds it has allowed him to have a full recovery." it allowed me to do the strengthening work that I needed to do without having to go out in practice and bang on it and gave it a lot of of time to recover"

Surging Bastidas continued his sweep at the Open level, chasing his own place in history and becoming the youngest player to capture the tournament.

The reemergence of T. Bastidas has suddenly changed the complexion of the One-wall Pro-singles stop tournament. What once promised to be the Cesar and Satish Show, it featured a supporting cast of would-be spoilers poised to steal a few headlines.

The historic victory gave Bastidas back-to-back upsets after his win over former World Champion Cesar Sala in the semi finals, which spoiled the anticipated final between the top rivals.

The third-ranked Bastidas also beat current World Champion Joe Kaplan in the quarter-final and will be a strong favorite when he defends his title next year.

“Winning back-to-back titles at this level is a huge achievement for me, and adding to that, beating three national champions in one tournament” Bastidas said.

“It was unbelievable difficult”, said Bastidas, who now holds the record as the only teenager to have won and to have beaten back-to-back three USHA national champions in the same day at a USHA Open One-Wall sanctioned event.

Bastidas’ domino effect has been spreading rapidly from the junior ranks to the Open division and now…....Bastidas’ season is about to begin. Open season on him will continue, of course. It almost seems like an overkill for a kid whose whole life feels like an open one.

The Kent Ginty Memorial Handball Tournament is the biggest indoor One-Wall USHA sanctioned event.

The tournament turned out one of the biggest draws in the Open division, where seven national champions fought for the title.

At the conclusion of the tournament, Bastidas also walked away as the player with the least points scored against him. He also came out with the best point differential by scoring more points than any other player, and turned out to be the the only player with the least point average per game scored against him.

Overall, Bastidas won in a convincing way by keeping all his opponents under 20 points.

Teenager Tyree Bastidas has been setting the standard for winning performance and his unmatched success continued with a record Eighth USHA Regional and State Men's Open Title in One-, and Four-Wall Championships along with six National Titles in One-, Three-, and four Wall Championships as of 12/01/09. He practically obliterated his own 2008 record.                                     

These are the results at the conclusion of the final game:

                                                             T. Bastidas        S. Jagnandan

Total points scored by them                            105                      98

Total points scored against the                          64                       66

Total point differential                                      41+                     32+


Point average per game opponents scored.      12.8                    13.2

Both players played five games.

Note: The following case is almost similar to Tyree's accomplishment. This article is from the USHA magazine. Tyree still stands as the youngest player to accomplish this milestone.

In 1961 a brash twenty year-old, Steve Sandler, stepped onto the indoor courts at the old Hebrew Educational Society in Bronwsville to defeat the magnificent trio of reigning one-wall champions. In consecutive order, Sandler downed a flashy Ruby Obert in the quarter, a brutal Osacar Obert in the semi's and a tenacious sharp-shooting Carl Obert in the finals.

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Young players light it up at Ginty Memorial.




From left: B. O'Donnell, T. Bastidas, S. Jagnandan and C. Sala.

Photo courtesy of USHA


By Ben Brighton

Looking like he'd be more at home in California with a surfboard and Beach Boys tunes blasting from a radio, Tyree Bastidas emerged victorious over an elite field of 32 players at the Ken Ginty Memorial One-Wall Tournament.

Bastidas had to play two elite players to reach the final Nov. 15 at the Hebrew Education Society.  He first handled current world singles champion Joe Kaplan 21-12. Next up was 2008 national singles champ Cesar Sala, who had taken out the dangerous Pee Wee Castro 21-14. Bastidas persevered over fan favorite Sala 21-14.

Meanwhile, reigning national champion Satish Jagnandan squared off against big ball legend Rookie wright, winning a hotly contested quarterfinal 21-19. Billy O' Donnell, another youngster to watch, bested doubles ace William Polanco 21-11 before falling to Jagnandan 21-15 in the semis.

That set the stage for five-time national champion Jagnandan and the up-and-coming Bastidas, hungry for his own recognition. Jagnandan opened and maintained a five-point cushion until the score reached 18-13. But then Bastidas buckled down for an amazing 12-0 run to snatch the win, using his youthful energy, speed and two-handed attacking style to prevailed 21-18.

With this victory, Bastidas served notice that his time is now. It is up to one-wall's finest to see how they respond to the challenge, because Bastidas is no longer an image  in their rear-view mirrors.

In the 12-players women' s event, former national singles champion and current doubles champ Theresa McCourt reached the final with efficiency and precision, overwhelming Annie Huan 25-7 and Jessica Lopez 25-9.

Teen sensation Danielle Daskalakis beat Sophia Murphy 25-2. Next was Dori Ten, who had defeated Raquel Garcia 25-11.

Ten, who has achieved the status of mentor and role model, still competes at a high level due to her superb conditioning. But in a battle of lefties, Daskalakis' serves and power were too much for Ten's great retrieving in a 25-14 outcome.

That set up an enticing final.

While Daskalakis tried to implement her power game, she met her match in McCourt, who executed her game plan to perfection by using the most powerful arm in women's handball. The 25-6 result meant McCourt had held each of her challengers to single digits.

What Bastidas and Daskalakis demonstrated was that these talented young players are eager to make their move - and that veterans had better refocus and dedicate themselves to meet the challenge.

Open: Satish Jagnandan d. Billy O'Donnell 15; Tyree Bastidas d. Cesar Sala 14.

Final: Tyree Bastidas d. Satish Jagnandan  18.

Women: Semis: Theresa McCourt d. Jessica Lopez 9; Danielle Daskalakis d. Dori Ten 14.

Final: McCourt d. Daskalakis 6.

Irish trials to compete at the 2009 USHA National Four-Wall Juniors Championships - Irish announce Trials for 4-Wall Junior Team -Irish players looking to beat T. Bastidas on America soil








Please TXT Results/ Winners to 087 633 5253





Round 1& Quarter-Finals: Saturday 14th November 2009, Cashel, Tipperary, 2.30pm

Match 1:        Ger McGrath W/O  Gary Donohoe         

Match 5:        Shane Hedigan dfft Niall Malone 11,20          

Match 4:        Diarmaid Nash dft  Ger McGrath 19,4


Round 1 & Quarter-Finals: Saturday 14th November 2009, Crinkle, Offaly, 2.30pm –

Match 2:        Ian McLoughlin dft Dan Breen 21-1, 21-7. 

Match 3:        Tadgh Carroll dft Jason Murphy 21-4, 21-9.

Match 6:        Fergal Collins dft Ian McLoughlin 21-5, 21-7.

Match 7:        Stephen Cooney dft Tadgh Carroll 21-6, 21-10.


Semi-Finals &FINAL: Sunday 15th November 2009, Crinkle, Offaly

Match 8:        Winner Match 4 v Winner Match 5, 2pm Hedigan dft Nash

Match 9:        Winner Match 6 v Winner Match 7, 3pm Collins dft Cooney

FINAL:         Shane Hedigan dft Fergal Collins 21-16, 17-21, 11-1

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Chicago 2009 - USHA National Juniors Four-Wall Championships - Northeast Homecoming





From left: Amy Li(Tyree's girlfriend), Amalie Bastidas, Tyree Bastidas and Jeannina Bastidas.

Photo courtesy of Keith Thode 


After traveling and playing four-wall championships throughout the West and Midwest regions for the past six years, T. Bastidas, America’s most decorated junior player is finally coming home to play in Chicago, Illinois, part of  his northeast home region.

The homecoming is especially sweet for New York one-wall player Tyree Bastidas as he prepares for his last four-wall national championship. He will play his last two four-wall events at the Lattof Y.M.C.A., ending a six year run in which he has ruled the handball courts around the country.

He is 19, brash, the most phenomenal phenom the USHA has produced and finally serious about the game: Tyree Bastidas is poised for take off.

New York four-wall players are traveling in record numbers to Chicago to eyewitness for the last time Bastidas’ last four-wall tournament. It's the largest contingent of New York players to ever participate in USHA National four-wall juniors championships. No one wants to miss the opportunity to see the world’s most celebrated junior handball player. Whether any of this will distract Bastidas from his meteoric rise remains to be seen. But if there is anything that can derail the Bastidas Express it is outside distractions.

He plans to come up with shots you’d think can’t be done. You never count him down. For now, Bastidas is only counting up.

He would be the first player to capture more than thirty national titles should he win, and If he reaches No 30-he'll be the youngest player to ever reach this mark. Bastidas is now on the verge of unprecedented success as he attempts to tie Vic Hershkowitz's record of nine consecutive USHA national singles titles.

He would like to finish the most spectacular junior handball career with the most wins in 1-, 3-, and 4-wall championships. This might be Bastidas'  last junior appearance outside New York.

The handball community and New York players are extremely proud of Bastidas for bringing a 29th National championship to New York City and its fans, the greatest fans in the world.

Every National championship victory is special. But the one in Chicago will be especially sweet as it'll be a homecoming victory.

2009 USHA National Four-Wall Juniors Championships – It’s a sweeping success - Champion Once Again! - The Super Bowl of Handball for Juniors – shows pride in finale.




 Above: Tyree Bastidas (champion) and Marco Lemus (finalist) 

Above: T. Bastidas diving and scoring as M. Lemus watches in disbelieve.


The curtain came down at The Lattof  Y.M.C.A. on December 30 for Tyree Bastidas and his friends. Too many of these friends – friends whose fathers and grandfathers can now tell about Tyree Bastidas winning his last four-wall junior championship. This was the last chance to say goodbye to Bastidas, the one-wall New Yorker who delivered a third Super Bowl four-wall handball championship three years in a row for them. http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/home.asp?TID=6055

Certainly this was not as nostalgic as saying goodbye to all his friends he has known for the past six years. But the magical moments, the cherished memories, outweigh the sorrow. Bastidas admitted he didn't expect to be overcome with nostalgia on the final match. He said he's focused on winning and matching Vic Hershkowitz's record by the summer of 2010.

Bastidas’ last four-wall junior championship was attended by former and current USHA Presidents, C. Porter and M. Steele respectively.

His final match was witnessed by a packed gallery room, where USHA officials. M. Steele, V. Roberts, G. Cruz, Don Quinlan, and M. Dau attended.

National champions, C. Roberts, J. Schmitt, M. Mehilos, R. Bellini and junior players also attended Bastidas’ finale. They witnessed for the first time the rise to the top of the first New York player to win and slam at the four-wall juniors nationals in Chicago, Illinois.

“It was my first time playing in Chicago” said Bastidas. “I wanted to definitely go out with a bang.”

He won his final match despite a bruised left knee suffered in the first game when he crashed on the wall while retrieving a ball.

This is his first victory at the USHA junior championships since injuring his left shoulder four months ago. He was contemplating a default after USHA officials rushed to his side to help assess his injury. Later on a limping Bastidas walked into the court after using some of his injury time out. He was determined to finish his final match one way or another.

Bastidas beat Lemus in the first game 21-19.

“I tried to stay ahead in my first game by using the big lead I had built before I got hurt. I knew if I had won my first game, the match would have been  decided in the tiebreaker. It was a very close game” Bastidas said.

The second game was all about Marco leading all the way to the end.

“My strategy for the second game was to send Marco to the back and make him run and earn his points with the hopes of getting him tired for the third game. Marco showed no signs of giving up, he seemed to have energy to spare as he never slowed down during the game. He won 21-15” Bastidas said.

The third game looked like Marco would repeat, but Bastidas had saved his best performance for his last four-wall great finale to pull a come-from behind victory and claim his four-wall crown.

“The third game was even more intense as I was down 4-1. At this point I realized I needed to change my strategy. I had run out of options and my knee was starting to feel better, but I could not risk anymore running, passing or rallies. So my one-wall instincts kicked in and decided to finish my four-wall match "New York one-wall style", by killing any opportunity on my way” Bastidas said.

The countdown to his one-wall great finale has begun.

53rd USHA National Four-Wall Juniors Championships -Bastidas feels pain and gain - captures “Eighth” consecutive singles titles at the USHA National One-, Three-, and Four-Wall Juniors Championships. 






T. Bastidas has won twenty seven consecutive matches, which have led to “Eight” consecutive single titles, which have earned him thirty one national titles. He stepped closer to ultimate goal of “Nine”

He won “Eight” USHA Regional and State men' s open divisions in one-, and four-wall championships during 2009.

He won “Eight” consecutive singles titles at the USHA National one-, three-, and four-wall junior championships by the end of 2009.

He won his last three USHA National Four-Wall Juniors Championships while there were "Eight"  Irish players in the draws.

He became the first/youngest player to win "Eight" consecutive singles titles at the USHA National One-, Three-, and Four-Wall Juniors Championships.

He captured his "Eighth" USHA National 1-, 3-, and 4-wall Juniors doubles division  by the end of 2009

Breakdown of the “Eight” consecutive national events he has won in USHA National Juniors one-, three-, and four-wall championships:


USHA National Juniors              Points scored          Opponent’s point      

Championships                          by T. Bastidas         average per match   


1. - 2007 USHA Juniors 3-wall          146                          9.00                

2. - 2007 USHA Juniors 4-wall          173                         12.50

3. - 2008 USHA Juniors 1-wall            84                           6.12

4. - 2008 USHA Juniors 3-wall            84                          11.25

5. - 2008 USHA Juniors 4-wall          176                          14.16

6. - 2009 USHA Juniors 1-wall          126                          12.50

7. - 2009 USHA Juniors 3-wall          126                            6.66

8. - 2009 USHA Juniors 4-wall          171                            8.10

9. - 2010 USHA Juniors 1-wall      __________              ___________


Total points scored to date               1,086


Opponents’ total points                                     

Average per tourney                                                           10.04


Out of twenty seven matches, seven went to tiebreakers (Five in 4-wall, and two in 3-wall).

During his undefeated twenty seven matches, Bastidas played against twenty five different players from around the world.

He also played seven different players during his “Eight” different finals.

Blending the Past and the Present.





Blending the Past and the Present




For The Record:

Tyree’s biggest bracket he ever played in:

A - 2008 High School Spring Meet - 17-and-under singles division.

There were more than 55 registered players in this division

Tyree allowed his opponents to score an average of 3.8 points in the 17-and-under division.

Tyree allowed his opponents to score an average of 6.1 points in the 19-and -under division.

B - 2008 USHA National One-Wall Juniors Championships

There were 28 players in the 17-and under Singles division and 

75 players in the 17-and -under Doubles division.

C - 2007 Milwaukee Classic

There were more than forty players in the Men' s Open division.

D -The Kent Ginty Memorial Handball Tournament – One-Wall Pro-singles division.

There were more than 30 players in the Men' s Open division in 2008 and 2009.