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Quebec Handball Legends: Kathleen Bédard and Danny Bell honored with a handball court at Saint-Jean-Eudes School.




  Kathleen Bedard, a CHA Hall Of Famer and Danny Bell, a future CHA Hall Of Famer have a handball court named after them.

“I used to have my name in another court in another club. But the Club closed its doors and took down the courts” said D. Bell.

Donald Cote used to attend Saint-Jean-Eudes School many years ago at a different location, and his wife, Kathleen Bedard, retired after teaching more than 15 years at the present location. Together and with the help and approval of school officials they managed to keep the three 1-wall handball courts located in the old gym and ever since then they have been encouraging kids to learn and practice 1-wall during gym classes.

This private School has over 1,300 students and has an extra 1-wall handball court outside the building, which means, students can play 1-wall after school hours.

There is a big potential for 1-wall to grow big in this school. All is needed is another school with a handball program to spark the rivalry among the schools.

Congrats to D. Cote, K. Bedard and D. Bell for keeping 1-wall well and alive in Quebec City.

Saint-Jean-Eudes School – team Bastidas arrives for 1-wall exhibition games – hundreds of students enjoy watching 2-3 hours of handball clinic and intense exhibition games.





Team Bastidas along with Na Liu were greeted at the door by school officials on Monday May 28. They were given a tour around the school by the Principal and treated for lunch during a break.

The three handball courts are almost similar to the three courts at the H.E.S. in Brooklyn, New York, and the balls are easier to see due to the color of the walls (white). The lighting around the courts is much better and the distance among each court is approximately 10 feet, which makes it a safer place to play. There are also more than half a dozen entry doors that lead to the courts, with some of them leading directly to the boys or girls locker rooms.

Believe it or not, the handball courts are located in the old gym, but when you walk into the gym, the courts looks like they have just been built. There are bleaches above in the mezzanine for handball fans to watch the games and a state of the art internal communication system to announce the games, players and results.

“The Principal of the school is responsible for most of the improvements in the school. He is a good negotiator when it comes to get the most and the best for the school. He even managed to get City funds to built swimming pools at the school. I hope he remains the school Principal for many more years” said Donald Cote.

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USHA National (big and small ball) One-Wall Championships – best USHA national tournaments – play it, see it and love it in 2012 - Part 3.





Above from left: Tyree and Jurell Bastidas, Na Liu and two handball players are probably waiting for the next national to take place.                       Photo by Scott Schilder

If 2012 truly is the last year of our existence according to the Mayan calendar, these upcoming 1-wall tournaments will make it a great way to go out - A stunning event full of Epic handball battles that will totally blow you away.

Players to watch: 

Satish Jagnandan; Handball fans are betting Satish’s return to the top this year. They are betting that the new 21 ball is so soft and fast, that Satish’s serve will be faster and lower than in the past. Can we see the return of Satish this year?

Geo Vazquez; A great big ball player and national champion too. He’ll be looking to dethrone “rookie” before he tries to capture the small ball national title. Last year, he was plagued with injuries, but this year he is ready to make up by winning both tournaments. Can he do it?

Tyree Bastidas; Win or lose he has managed to pull away from the pack and has remained the No 1 seed since 2010. Bastidas’ dominance of the sport has put him in a unique situation. He is entering the outdoors handball season as the top seeded player in 2012. Can he remain the No 1 seed at the end of 2012?

Saint-Jean-Eudes School - Donald Cote - a powerful force behind the handball world in Quebec, Canada.




Donald Cote a Canadian Hall Of Fame contributor was responsible to bring 4-and 1-wall exhibition games to Laval University and Saint-Jean-Eudes School respectively. He coordinated with school officials to make sure the exhibition games ran smoothly and on time.

The Handball World is well and alive in Eastern Canada, and we can see it by reading that more than 70 players from the Quebec Province were registered to play at the Canadian nationals.

The Canadian national hasn’t been played in Quebec City since 1999 and that is because of the lack of courts, but that hasn’t stop D. Cote from keeping the local players active and ready to play. During the 4-wall exhibition games at Laval University, team Bastidas played against tough opponents in singles and doubles. It was a good practice experience for team Bastidas before they headed to the Canadian nationals in Montreal.

During the 1-wall exhibition games at Saint-jean-Eudes School D. Cote was spotted talking and teaching the kids from different classes about the handball game. He must have given away more than a 100 big balls to the kids who wanted to learn and play the game.

Congrats to Donald Cote for being a great ambassador of the game.



Blending the Past and the Present




For The Record:

Tyree is the youngest player to have reached the championship match of the open men's singles and doubles at the Canadian National Championships.