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From left; Junior players, Matthew Chu from New York City and Jerome Santerre from Quebec City.


Bonjour, Hello Handball Players,


It is indeed a distinct pleasure to welcome everyone to this year’s 2012 Canadian 4-Wall Handball Nationals Championships held this year in beautiful Montreal. Quebec, The province of Quebec has hosted many CHA National Championships in past years in Montreal and Quebec City. Bernard Pelissier and his Nationals Committee are extremely excited to get the show going.

I wish everyone who comes to play, watch, coach, referee and all volunteers to have a great time. Handball is not just an exciting game, for many of us it becomes a way of life. Remember to play hard, display good sportsmanship, and respect this incredible sport.

Good Luck, bonne chance

Warm regards

Doug Santha

President of the Canadian Handball Association

CHA National Four-Wall Championships – team Bastidas arrives at Montreal – great excitement during first day.




The tournament kicked off with juniors (boys and girls), men and women singles early on Wednesday May 29. The front desk was managed by Alain Pelissier and Joe Berthiaume from the tournament Committee. Games got underway as soon as 10:00AM and spectators found themselves sittings on bleaches to accommodate families and fans coming to see one of the best events of the year.

Guests of the opening day, hosted by the BAMQ (Quebec Handball Association), included the participant’s friends and family, members of the handball Committee and handball fans.

Even though preliminary matches were played on the first day, players fought with courage and tenacity to the end.

Perhaps the toughest match of the first day in the women’s singles was between Jenine Wilson from Ontario and Amalia De Sardi from Illinois.

Players from various countries chose to play at the Canadian nationals due to the high concentration of quality open players in the men’s division. It was the first time the Canadian national had attracted the best players in the Northeast, along with the best 1-, and 4-wall players on the planet: Tyree Bastidas and Paul Brady.

The Nautilus Club where the tournament is held has more than ten handball courts.

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The City of Brossard is proud to host the Canadian Handball Championships. It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome the 172 players from across Canada and the US. In the image of your passionate sport, you will discover a dynamic, open, and modern city during your stay with us.

We congratulate all the volunteers and staff that have contributed to the organization of this national and international event. We wish the best of luck to all the participants.

Mayor of Brossard / Maire de Brossard

CHA National Four-Wall Championships – fierce competition takes place in the men’s doubles and women’s singles division.





Carly Stickles from the U.S almost upset Maria Dugas from Canada when she pushed the match to a tiebreaker.

Na Liu, who had won her preliminary match the previous day, lost to top seeded player Jessica Gawley in two games.

Team Bastidas had a hard time defeating the strong team of Kevin Kopchuk (ON) and Joe McCann (IRE) in three games. Team Bastidas had an early scare when its opponents rushed from the beginning to build a big gap in the first game.

The powerful team of Billy O’Donnell (NY) and David Munson (IL) advanced to the semifinals after overpowering Ryan Bowler and John Audet from Ontario in the first round and then proceeded to destroy the No 1 seeded team of Robert Pearse and Jim Forrest in the second round.

On the other side of the draw, team Iglesias/Deckert disposed of team Bell/Cammett in another tough match with close scores.

The crowd kept getting bigger and bigger as the tournament progressed.




This year, Brossard plays host to the Canadian Handball Championships, and I am pleased to extend these greetings to everyone gathered for the event.

A special word of welcome to the athletes coming from across Canada to be in this major competition. The determination, discipline and effort you displayed during your training are the same qualities that have brought you to where you are today, and for that I congratulate you. May these championships be an opportunity for you to share your pleasure and enthusiasm for handball.

Bravo and thank you to everyone who made the 2012 Canadian Handball Championships possible, to the Canadian Handball Association and to Balle au Mur Quebec.

Good luck to all the athletes!

Jean Charest

Blending the Past and the Present:





For The Record:

Team Tyree and Jurell Bastidas is the youngest New York team to win the Canadian National title.