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On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am pleased to welcome you to the 2012 Canadian Handball Championships, presented by BAMQ (Quebec Handball Association). Only five years have passed since the last Canadian was held in Montreal. We hope this modest event will generate great matches, sound competition and bind our fraternity of Handball geeks.

An event like this would not have been possible without the help of generous sponsors and more specifically gentlemen like John Cammett, Skip Eaman and Jim Barriere. This event has been put together in a record time and for that reason we hope you’ll forgive us the small mishaps or glitches and remember mostly the good times spent here.

Finally, we are proud to welcome three representatives from Ireland, including Paul Brady, who will host the World’s in October and to share chairmanship with two honorary chairmen and great ball players: Danny Bell and Merv Deckert.

Bienvenue a Montréal

Bernard Pelissier

Chairman / Président

2012 Canadian Handball Championships


Loisir et Sport Quebec

Canadian National Four-Wall Championships – Gunner from Ireland gunned down in Canada – dreams to slam die with him – Poor Brady, loses again!





Paul Brady (IRE) and his partner Mike Bargman (ISR) couldn’t handle the smart team of Tyler Hamel (TX) and Grant Jennings (ON). Team Hamel/Jennings has been playing together for many years and knows exactly what to do when facing top handball players. This was the second round that team Hamel/Jennings was playing during the tourney. There was a big crowd standing around the court as there was no more room to accommodate handball fans on the bleaches.

The game did not disappoint the crowd as both teams wanted to advance to the next round. Team Hamel/Jennings advanced to the next round after a very well contested third game.

This is not the first time the gunner from Ireland has lost in America since his rise to the top started in 2005. This time he was taken down in Montreal, Canada.

Hopefully, Brady can be persuaded to comeback to play at the Canadian nationals. If we are not fortunate enough to witness his play again in Canada, Paul will probably be remembered as having the dubious distinction of being the greatest player never to have won a CHA national open doubles title. It would be a shame for Paul to leave this mark in the CHA record book.






Many ingredients lead to the success of a sport: player development, good referees, qualified coaching, appropriate facilities, sound administration and passionate people who guarantee its evolution. Alain contributed to all those aspects of the game between 1970-90. His input at alllevels (regional, provincial, national and international) grants Alain a well deserved induction to the Canadian Handball Hall of Fame. His influence inside and outside the court has made him a mentor to many players. The world of handball really needs other Alain Plissier to promote the evolution of our preferred sport.

Denis Ginqras  & Donald Côté

Canadian National Four-Wall Championships – Tyree Bastidas selected for handball video experiment - local radio station follows up with a live interview – Donald does it again.






A filming crew was on-site at the Nautilus Plus Club looking to film a close-up of the game by following the ball around the walls with a special head-camera attached to the player’s headband. The filming crew wanted to record the game from inside the court. The special camera would also record the speed of the ball as it leaves the hands of the player and the direction of the spin once it comes off the front or the back wall.

Several top players were mentioned to participate in this project and after a process of elimination; T. Bastidas and P. Brady remained as the best choice for it.

In the end, the filming crew selected Tyree as the best candidate for multiple reasons.

As the project took off during the afternoon of the second day, a local radio station crew showed up to interview players at the Canadian Nationals. It was a good opportunity for handball players to promote the handball game throughout the airwaves.

Once again, Donald Cote was responsible for the video-project, the radio station and other enhancements to the tournament. Thank you very much.






Stan Bargman was passionate about handball both as a player and a supporter, While Stan played in many provincial, national and world handball events his real desire was to improve handball. Some examples of Stan’s work include introducing new players, coaching Juniors, bringing in top players to instruct Juniors and helping with the introduction of a new softer ball with hopes that more people would he attracted to the game, Stan’s endeavors found him working in several Ontario Handball Association (O.H.A.) board positions as well as working with the Provincial Government for many years going through the Ontario Sport Grant process. All of these positions required much of Stan’s time but he was a man who gave all of himself to handball.

As part of his work with the O.H.A., Stan introduced the “Contributors to Handball in Ontario” award. It was important to Stan, that the D.N.A. recognized individuals who supported handball. Stan proposed the award and two initial recipients. Once accepted by the board, Stan made arrangements for the awards and the presentation at one of the provincial tournaments.

Stan was a key source of income for the O.H.A. through his initiatives such as the sale of the Sureshot (IRISH) handball and finding sponsors for the Killshot magazine, some of which are still supporting the D.N.A.

We all know Stan had a great sense of humor and he worked with it most of the time but we also know there were times when he was cantankerous. For the most part, that was because he was so passionate about handball and he wanted or expected everyone to give to handball the way he did. Stan affected and influenced so many people over so many years. That is why we are proud and honored to induct him and his legacy into the Canadian Handball Hall of fame. Thank you Mr. Stan Bargman for what you did for the sport of handball.

Ted Hill, Norm Churly, Donald Cote, Todd Bargman, Garret Reynolds, Harry Cowie, Jenine Wilson, Scott Wilson, Mike Wilson.

Blending the Past and the Present





For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to reach the championship match in both; the singles and doubles men's division.Taking the men's doubles division title at the CHA National Championships.