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CHA National Four-Wall Championships - juniors rule




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Message to the Canadian Handball Championship

I would like to wish the organization committee and all players in 2012 Championship, Good Luck and fair play.

I, as well as our friend, Jim Barriere were instrumental in bringing the very first Pro-Stop to Canada that was played in Montreal in 1988.

Along with the help of Skip, Gino, Tony and not to forget our two primary sponsors, Spalding and Gatorade — The event as the Pros say, “WAS ONE OF A KIND.”

So now on this occasion in 2012 with Professional Danny Bell, “The Best Canadian Handball Player Ever” and all of us amateur players: Let the event begin!

Best regards,

Eddy Brennan Jr.


Pro-Sports North America

PSAL Team Championship Tournament





The handball high school competition came to an end after being played for about three months (March thru June).

The grueling competition that involves thousand of players was played across the city in the five boroughs, but the finals were played at the handball courts of Lafayette High School, located in Brooklyn, New York.

The 2012 handball Team Champions are:

Boys: Bayside HS from Queens, and

Girls: Brooklyn Technical

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PSAL City wide Handball High School Championships -team (boys)

2001 Aviation defeated Midwood  

2002 Art & Design defeated Midwood

2003 Forest Hills defeated Bowne

2004 Forest Hills defeated Midwood

2005 Midwood defeated Fort Hamilton

2006 Grand Street Campus defeated Fort Hamilton

2007 Brooklyn Technical defeated Bronx Science

2008 Midwood defeated Bronx Science

2009 Midwood defeated Telecommunication Arts & Design

2010 Bronx Science defeated Forest Hills

2011 Midwood defeated Bayside

2012 Bayside defeated Stuyvesant

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Canadian National Four-Wall Championships – Titanic sinking of Team O’Donnell/Munson in the semifinals baffles the audience.






One of the best teams ever assembled in the Northeast in recent years went down on Friday night in two games.

Team O’Donnell/ Munson were the talk of the tournament during the last week in May. Everyone was betting team O’Donnell/Munson to be the next Canadian champions, and they weren’t wrong. The team had two great players with two great hands and both players had been roaming the Northeast playing in open tournaments with positive results.

Starting with its first game against John Audet and Ryan Bower from Ontario, team O’Donnell/ Munson started to dismantle its opponents by overpowering them with a barrage of quick shots that neutralized the Ontario team in two games.

During the second day, Team O’Donnell/Munson continued to disassemble its second round opponents with another barrage of quick shots that practically decimated its rivals. The No. 1 seeded team of Robert Pearse and Jim Forrest was its latest victims.

Team O’Donnell/Munson advanced to the semifinals to face USHA Northeast Regional 4-wall champions, Tyree and Jurell Bastidas.

When the game started, team Bastidas started to strong for team O’Donnell/Munson, and built a considerable gap before team O’Donnell/Munson called for a timeout to regroup and reassess its own strategy. Once the timeout was over, team O’Donnell/Munson continued to bleed in numbers with no explanations. Eventually, Team O’Donnell/Munson called for another timeout to stop the sinking, but the damage was already too big and too late to stop team Bastidas from scoring 21.

The second game also started similar to the first one, but this time team O’Donnell/Munson seemed more determined not to go down without a fight. Team O’Donnell/Munson made a great comeback almost at the end but not strong enough to survive and remain afloat.

By the end of the day, every one was scratching their heads trying to figure out what really went wrong with the sinking of team O’Donnell/Munson.

There were too many questions to be answered after their match, but we can only speculate.

1 – Either Billy O’Donnell or Dave Munson couldn’t find their rhythm, or

2 – Billy O’Donnell and Dave Munson partied late into the night before their semifinal match.

We are inclined to believe that Mr. O’Donnell’s hard-partying lifestyle had something to do with the mysteriously way his team went down. If indeed the latter proves to be true, Billy O’Donnell will have a lot of explaining to do back home in New York.

PSAL Individual Championship Tournament





The PSAL Individual Championships Tournament Are:

Boys’ individual; The winner of the boys’ single division was Teddy Milecskowski, who defeated long time rival Michael Zhou from Francis Lewis.

Teddy was also the winner of last year event when he and his teammate D. Pazanin cornered the singles division.

Girls’ individual; Alice Liang from HS Telecommunications Arts & Technologies.

Alice Liang defeated USHA national junior big ball champion Juana Vasquez from Hillcrest HS.





PSAL City wide Handball Championship (singles)


2003 Victor LoPierre defeated Mehdi Majumder

2004 Jurell Bastidas defeated Jonathan Iglesias.

2005 Stan Zavoyskly defeated Mike Leung

2006 Stan Zavoyskly defeated Johnny Galarza

2007 Alex Gavryushenko – defeated Christo Lee

2008 Tyree Bastidas defeated Michael Wu

2009 Frank Mai defeated Joshua Garcia

2010 Joshua Garcia defeated Frank Mai

2011 Tom Mileczkowski defeated David Pazanin

2012 Tom Mileczkowski defeated Michael Zhou

CHA National Four-Wall Championships –Tyree stops Irish Joe McCann from turning the Canadian championship match into an all-Irish final.





Handball fans flocked to the Canadian handball competition in Brossard to watch the best players of the game during the last week of May.

Two of the current top 4-wall Irish players, Paul Brady and Joe McCann made the trip to Canada for the first time and were seeded in opposite sides of the draws.

They were the favorite players to capture the Canadian singles title as they were in an enviable position to turn the Canadian national into an all-Irish final.

Early in the tournament, Joe McCann had faced different players from different states, including Canada before he faced USHA 1-wall national champion Tyree Bastidas in the semis.

 “I never played Joe before” said Tyree

“I heard he is in the top 10 list of best Irish players, and was ranked as high as No 3 recently. I was also told he is about 29 year-old and still in his prime. So I took him seriously as I didn’t want the championship match to be an-all Irish final”

The main reason Tyree beat Joe was because Joe doesn’t hit the ball hard, and doesn’t kill the ball as often as other hard-hitters. Joe has the same style as current No 1 seeded Irish champion, Robert McCarthy, who volleys a lot and keeps the ball in play for a long time until he finds the opportunity to put it away.

“I scored my points thru rallies, ceiling shots, great gets, passing and by running him around” said Tyree.

“That is the way I like to score my points: by earning them and by getting the best out my opponent”

Indeed, Tyree and Joe entertained the crowd for much of the afternoon with a wonderful display of handball skills, where Joe had the early lead in both games. Eventually, Tyree closed out the game and prevented No 3 Irish player Joe McCann from advancing to the championship match.

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Blending the Past and the Present




For The Record:

Tyree and Jurell Bastidas are the youngest players to win the Men's open doubles division of the USHA Northeast 4-wall Championships and the CHA National 4-wall Championships in the same year.