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Canadian National Four-Wall Championships – juniors enjoy and learn from Paul Brady’ Handball Clinic.




Paul Brady, the best 4-wall handball player in the world held a handball clinic on Saturday, June 1 for all the juniors participating at the Canadian nationals.

Most parents lined up outside Court # 3 early in the morning to get a glimpse at their kids interact with Paul Brady. It was one in a life-time opportunity that no junior wanted to miss.

After the handball clinic, there was a photo session with all juniors where Brady spent a great deal of time signing autographs on a wide range of items: paper, pictures, plastic cups, gloves and shirts.

It was rumored that Paul Brady’s Handball Clinic was the first one in Canada and perhaps in America.

Canadian National Four-Wall Championships – Sweep dream out of reach – Bastidas and Brady split honors in Brossard.





In the championship match, Tyree faced a totally different kind of player; one who killed the ball over and over.

There is no doubt this is the reason why Paul Brady is the No. 1 player in the world. Put simply, Paul won’t let his opponents develop their game or keep the ball in play.

Although, Tyree had defeated No 3 Irish player Joe McCann to prevent and all-Irish final on Canadian soil, Paul Brady in turn, stopped Tyree from slamming at the tournament.

T. Bastidas was the only player in the men’s open to have reached the singles and doubles championship matches with a chance to slam. He and his brother Jurell proceeded to play the men’s open doubles championship match against J. Iglesias and M. Dekert, where Team Bastidas won its first men’s doubles championship match at a national level after winning the USHA Northeast 4-wall Regional tournament back in April.

CHA National 4-wall Championships vs USHA National 4-wall championships – the handball world is changing – Part 1





For many years the USHA 4-wall championships have always been regarded as the toughest handball tournament in the continent, but recently, that has changed in the new millennium.

Paul Brady has pulverized the USHA competition at the open level since 2005 and has crushed almost every single opponent on his way to the finals. In fact, the last time P. Brady won his most recent USHA title, he left all his opponents in singles digits.

Most recently, P. Brady played at the CHA 4-wall championships and couldn’t leave all his opponents in singles digits, the way he did it at the USHA national.

More interesting is the fact that the players he faced at the CHA (collectively) scored one point less than the players (collectively) Paul faced at the USHA. So, why is the competition getting tougher for him at the Canadian nationals than at the USHA national?

We can make up excuses for our USHA players or we can twist the story to our convenience, but the facts will remain the same. Numbers don’t lie and we should really take a hard look at the state of our game before it gets any worse.

USHA National Four-Wall Championships (2010):

Brady VS

1st  round - Andy Nett                (21,7), (21,3)

2nd round - Dave Fink                (21,8), (21,7)

3rd round - Luis Moreno             (21,7), (21,5)

4th round Dave Chapman            (21,8), (21,9)


CHA National Four-Wall Championships (2012)

Brady VS

1st   round – Raphael Santerre      (21,6), (21,9)

2nd round – Dave Munson           (21,5), (21,4)

3rd round – Jonathan Iglesias        (21,3), (21,12)

4th round – Tyree Bastidas           (21,6), (21,8)

Congratulations to the Northeast players for putting up a great handball show and for making the tournament one of the best in recent years.

The A-1 Official handballs are here – the past, present and future balls have just arrived.





There would be several pro 1-wall events (men and women) during the summer to play with the best handballs of the game.

"I always missed the old handball I used to play with when I first started playing small ball" said Tyree.

This new ball weights 60-62g, way more than other handballs in the market. They have a superior bounce, consistent quality and are long lasting

How could you go wrong with the best balls ever? Asks Bastidas.

The only reason the old balls were discontinued was to attract more players to a new, softer ball. Other than that, the old balls are still the preferred handballs.

T. Bastidas has already practiced with the A-1 ball outdoors and found it to be the ball he expected to be. His brother Jurell tested the ball indoors at the Elks 1-wall handball courts in Queens and was amazed at what he found out. “I threw the ball high against the wall and had to back up to catch it” Said Jurell

“Usually, I just throw other balls against the wall and catch them without jumping. This A-1 handball has a high bounce. People will love to play with it”

For those who never had the opportunity to play with this handball, now is the time.

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Tournament of Champions - Cesar breaks loose – beats Bastidas.




On June 23, Cesar Sala finally got a taste of victory when he beat Tyree Bastidas in the final game of the first tournament of Champions at the Coney Island handball courts.

The tournament of champions was the brain child of Albert Apuzzi, who put together this idea to create more tournaments for the handball players.

This tournament is limited only to USHA champions of any division, and it’s expected to be cloned in the other handball versions to benefit the players and the handball community in general.

Because of the high quality of the games among the champions: fans, players and families were treated to some of the best games in recent memory.

Cesar Sala, a USHA national champion, has been having his own troubles in trying to beat Bastidas lately, and has found himself at the mercy of Bastidas for almost four years. But during the past weekend C. Sala finally broke loose by playing a great game in front of his fans, and set himself free from his tormentor, Tyree Bastidas.

“Cesar and Tyree always play close games” said A. Apuzzi.

“Unfortunately, Tyree has always walked away with the victories”

C. Sala will get a USHA sterling ring engraved with the USHA initials worth more than $500.00.

Congratulations to Cesar Sala, the first champion of the tournament of champions.

Blending the Past and the Present




For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest U.S. player to have won a Canadian juniors and open national title.