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Mayor’s Cup 2012 – Tyree torches the competition during sizzling weekend - young players reach finals, again.





Photos by Bill Fand

New York scorching mid-summer temperatures in the tri-state area didn’t take anything away from the resounding success of the best all-round player in America, Tyree Bastidas.

The sizzling two-day handball tournament was highlighted by the stellar performances of young players such as: Sandy Ng, Danielle Daskalakis and Tyree Bastidas. All three players fought at the championship matches in the pro divisions. It was a repeat of last year’s performance when youth was served.

The championship match in the men’s open division had Tyree pitted against Pewee Castro, where Tyree, once again, showed the crowd why he’s been the No 1 seeded player since 2010.

There is no doubt, Pewee Castro is among the top 1-wall players in the U.S. but on this hot weekend Tyree proved to be too hot for him.

The Boston Open – will the Boston open continue at the new Boston “Y”?




Nobody knows with certainty whether the Boston open will take off again at the new “Y” or perhaps it will take off at a different location. But one thing all Bostonians agree on, is that it will take off.

The first weekend of June was the last opportunity for handball players around the area to get together and play for the last time at the Boston “Y”, the oldest YMCA in the U.S.

The hallway where the Boston open handball Committee has all the memorabilia had to be removed and stored away until a new home is found for the handball players.

Mayor’s Cup 2012 – After demolition job, Tyree gets to keep the Mayor’s Cup for another year.





Photos by Bill Fand

Summer is heating to boiling point in July and handball tournaments are prevalent in every park in the City. The most important handball tournament of the month took place at the Central Park in Manhattan and featured the best 1-wall players on the planet.

Beginning promptly at 12:30 pm on July 14, Tyree Bastidas started to demolish the competition in the singles division from beginning to end. Most players were betting that Tyree would be stopped by Joe Kaplan the next day. He wasn’t. Tyree also demolished Joe in two games, where Joe miraculous escaped from being left in zero.

On Sunday, July 15, during the championship match, a much more rested Pewee Castro looked ready, willing and able to take down Tyree. Pewee had gotten a break while playing his semifinal match when his opponent M. Schneider unexpectedly quit at the beginning of their second game.

With a crowd of mostly junior players surrounding the main court, Tyree felt right at home. “I felt like I was playing during my high school years, when everyone from different schools used to come to watch my games” said Tyree.

In fact, there were about 100 junior players participating at the tournament and most wanted to watch Tyree in action during his last demolition job.

“I didn’t want to disappoint them. They had waited under the sun till 4:00 pm and I wasn’t going to let them down”

The final match was so lopsided that Pewee Castro was more willing to finish and get off the court sooner than Tyree wanted to end it.

USHA National Big Ball One-Wall Championships – Court’s in session – an inside look at the end of the day.





Photos by Bill Fand

The big ball 1-wall national was another success story in Brooklyn. Now in his fifth year, it has attracted the best players of the game from the 80’s to the present.

The tournament was played during a searing heat wave that lasted through the weekend.

Upsets: T. Gonzalez upset No 1 seed J. Wright (rookie), while G. Vasquez upset No 2 Pewee Castro.

Milestone: Team Karen McConney/Adrian Floyd won their fourth consecutive women’s doubles open title.

Tomothy Gonzales is the youngest player (20) to win the USHA big ball 1-wall championships.

Useless facts:

The tournament was played with-triple digit heat.

The main referee of the final game was forced out of the game and replaced.

Timothy Gonzalez and Melissa Sky were the youngest player to win the Pro divisions during the 5th USHA 1-wall national.

Mayor’s Cup 2012 – Danielle and Sandy reached the championship match for the third time - Youth served for third year.






Photos by Bill Fand  


Danielle Daskalakis won the Mayor’s Cup for the fourth time in a row and  tied the all-time record of Tracy Davis, who has four consecutive winnings.

Sandy Ng, the USHA national champion has won her titles at the Coney Island courts, but strangely, she has not been able to extend her supremacy at the Central Park courts.

Danielle and Sandy had to go through veterans players: Dori Ten and Theresa McCourt to reach the championship match. In the end the tiebreaker was taken by D. Daskalakis.

Congratulations to both: Sandy and Danielle.

Mayor’s Cup champions:

1999 Dori Ten

2000 Tracy Davis

2001 Tracy Davis

2002 Tracy Davis

2003 Tracy Davis

2004 Brenda Pares

2005 Anna Calderon

2006 Tracy Davis

2007 Tracy Davis

2008 Tracy Davis

2009 Danielle Daskalakis

2010 Danielle Daskalakis

2011 Danielle Daskalakis

2012 Danielle Daskalakis

Blending the Past and the Present




For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to have won open national titles in two different countries in two different handball versions.