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USHA National One-Wall Championships – Tyree remains the No 1 seed for 104 consecutive weeks – holds to No 1 seed the longest - rises to the occasion.






Photo by Bill Fand


Tyree Bastidas, once again holds another milestone among teenager players to ever win their first singles open title. He has held the No 1 seed for 104 successive weeks from 2010 to 2012.

Tyree Bastidas’ 104 consecutive weeks atop the rankings is astounding. “It probably speaks to how good a player he was as a teenager playing at the open level, that he was able to dominate,” said Mike, a Tyree follower.

“Even though there are some great players around right now, no one has really come through and started to win consistently at the most important tournaments. So I think that speaks to what an amazing run he went on and he’s still continuing to do so.”

After carefully researching for teenager players who had won their first USHA singles title in any handball version and earning the No 1 seed, we have concluded that Tyree has been holding to his No 1 top position the longest.

When Tyree won the title in 2010, he immediately took over the men’s No 1 seed at the USHA Pro Handball Rankings due to his dominant play even before he was crowned. He has held this distinction for two years, more than any other teenager in any handball version.

His closest contenders:

A - David Chapman, won his first singles title (4-wall) as a teenager in 1993, but he didn’t get the No 1 seed because he wasn’t the dominant player prior to his winning.

B – Sean Lenning, won his first singles title (3-wall) as a teenager in 2004 (no rankings offered), but lost the title the following year.

WPH blowout sale - Psst!Buddy! Want to buy shirts…cheap?





The WPH organization based in Tucson, Arizona has been selling WPH shirts all over the country for the past few years and has had a successful sell-out at home and abroad. But how did the WPH corner the market in such a short period of time?

Every where there is a tournament we always find players wearing these popular WPH shirts as if it was easy to get them. It’s not secret the shirts were sold for $10.00, according to most players, but did the WPH sell the shirts at a fair value? Or it just sold them at below cost.

We couldn’t find any of the shirts in question for $10.00 or less on the WPH website, so what gives?

It gets a consumer wondering: How is it that WPH customers keep scoring such hefty discounts to sticker price? Are handball players really such good negotiators? Or is something else going on?

It turns out the latter. But whether the WPH took a loss in its venture or just sold them at cost, it got its message across, and now more people in the states and abroad know more about our sport “handball” and of course, more about the WPH.

King of the Courts – Giovani Vaquez captures title again.





Photo by Bill Fand


On July 21st, the best big ball players took part in the most popular 1-wall big ball event of the year “King of the Courts”

On that cool, foggy morning, more than 70 players registered at the Liberty Park in Queens, located at the corner of 164th street right along the Grand Central Parkway.

During the afternoon, only the best 16 players took the spotlight by competing and surviving the first three rounds of the hugely popular tournament.

John Wright got to the semis after defeating Joshua Garcia and defeated Pewee Castro in a convincing way to advance to the final.

Giovani Vasquez had to defeat Eric Cruz in the semis in order to reach the final against “rookie”

The final game was another epic struggle to remember when Vazquez beat Wright 25-19.

USHA National One-Wall Championships - Open grave for 3-and 4-wall players awaits in New York – New York handball players are loud and proud.





The USHA 1-wall national is the only sacred tournament in America, where only local players have dominated and captured the men’s open singles & doubles titles. New Yorkers have battled the best 3-and 4-wall players right here in New York during the 1-wall nationals in many occasions.

Numerous attempts by outsiders have been documented and reported to have taken place either in the 20th century or the new millennium, but none with success.                                                                                          Why are New Yorkers so difficult to defeat at the open level?

First of all, it has to do with pride. New Yorkers are too proud to let 3- or 4-wall players capture the 1-wall national title.

Second of all, 3- and 4-wall players have great handball skills, which are good enough to compete, but not good enough to beat the best of the best in New York.

Third, but not last, New York players have a very aggressive attitude during their game. This, accompanied by their sharp handball skills make them the best above the rest.

Please keep in mind, New Yorkers are the only players in the continent to have captured the USHA 1-, 3- and 4-wall national open singles and doubles titles.

Mayor’s Cup 2012 - World champion Joe Kaplan can’t live up to his title – Tyree overshadows Joe’s world.





Photos by Bill Fand

Many handball fans have always wondered and asked: why Joe hasn’t been able to defeat Tyree after the 2009 World Handball Championships in Portland, Oregon? We don’t really have an answer for Joe’s performance against Tyree, but we do know that when Joe plays other players, he beats them frequently. For a case in point, look at what happened to national champion Pewee Castro at the end of last year, when Joe practically destroyed Pewee in the semis to advance to the final only to play and loose to Tyree.

This past weekend, Joe had no choice but to face Tyree during the semifinals of the Mayor’s Cup. It was a good opportunity for Joe to redeem himself in front of his fans, but Tyree was too hot and spoiled Joe’s plans for redemption as Tyree dominated all his opponents in a convincing way.

Joe might be in his middle 30’s, but carries a vast experience similar to Cesar’s. Cesar has gone through the same path Joe has, but Cesar has already broken loose from Tyree. Will Joe be able to break loose from Bastidas at the nationals?

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Blending the Past and the Present





For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to reach the championship match of the Mayor's Cup (17) and the youngest player to slam it (20).