Handball player for life.

Tyree becomes the youngest player to reach the championship matches in America - he does it again – this time at the open national level.




 Photo by Bill Fand - Gloves by Owen.


Tyree Bastidas, the most versatile junior handball player in the history of the game, has also proven to be among the most versatile open players in America by reaching all championship matches in all three handball versions.

Yes, you can scratch your head now.

On June 1 of 2012, Tyree went where no other young American has ever gone before. He reached and played in the championship match of the Canadian National 4-wall men’s open singles division, where he faced Paul Brady (IRE).

He did it as a 21 year-old. And I know what you’re thinking.

Playing in three national open championships? That doesn’t count.

Yes it does. Not because we say so. It’s not easy reaching the championship match in all three handball versions. Not when you are 21 years-old. We do have a couple of players who have won all three championship matches, but there aren’t any players, this young, who have come this far.

He became the youngest player in America to have reached the men's open (singles) championships in all three handball versions.

Congratulations to the following players who reached and/or won the championship match in all three handball versions in the men's open at the national level:

Vic Hershkowitz – New York

Oscar Obert – New York

Carl Obert – New York

Ruby Obert – New York

Lou Russo - New York

John Bike Jr - California

Tyree Bastidas – New York

T. Bastidas’record:

2010 - USHA National One-Wall Championships - Brooklyn, New York. (19 year-old) – men’s open/singles

2010 - USHA National Three-Wall Championships - Toledo, Ohio.             (19 year-old) – men’s open/singles

2012 - CHA National Four-Wall Championships - Montreal, Canada.         (21 year-old) – men’s open/singles

Mayor’s Cup – record number of junior players show up to best junior tournaments.





Every year junior players look forward to play in tournaments organized by Paul Williams. This year was not different as all junior players got discounts to play if they registered early.

Paul Williams, President of ICHA, has the best 1-wall program in the U.S. with the best 1-wall handball tournaments. He’s been organizing and running junior tournaments since the early ‘90s.

This year’s tournaments were fund raising events for Team ICHA as Williams plans to send junior players to the Worlds Championships in Ireland. Junior players have responded with a strong turnout. Every ICHA junior handball tournaments registered  more than 100 players each.

The most popular junior tournaments are:

The High School Spring Meet - small ball

The Mayor’s Cup - small ball

The SkyBounce handball tournament – big ball

USHA National One-Wall Championships – Tyree’s regression hit rock bottom.




Photo by Bill Fand

After playing as a champion during the spring season, Tyree Bastidas has steadily regressed in each of the last three competitions, saving one of the worst clunkers of his career for his loss to Geo Vasquez.

“Obviously I didn’t play well,” Tyree said after the game.

“There’s no hiding it. I didn’t play my best handball and I have to play better. That’s all I’m worried about.”

That’s all Tyree’s camp should be worried about, too. Except they’re not. Because Tyree has been known to go through these rough patches in the past. And they usually don’t last very long.

“He’ll come bouncing back,” Jurell said. “He’ll be back.”

King of the Courts – Court’s in session - an insight look at the end of the day.





Photo by Bill Fand

The most popular big ball 1-wall handball tournament came to an end amid a big crowd that gathered around center court to watch the best big ball players.


John Wright has the most titles and the most appearances at the championship game.

Useless facts:

The tournament drew more than 70 players.

SkyBounce set up a booth at the tournament site to supply the balls and support the tournament.

John Wright, Ray Lopez and George Figueroa are the only players still competing since the tournament’s inception.

All three players have captured the King of the Courts tournaments at least once.

King of the Courts champions:

1996 Queen of the Courts

1997 Queen of the Courts

1998 J. Wright Def E. Fitzpatrick

1999 R. Lopez Def E. Fitzpatrick

2000 J. Wright Def E. Fitzpatrick

2001 G. Figueroa Def E. Fitzpatrick

2002 J. Wright Def E. Fitzpatrick

2003 G. Figueroa Def J. Wright

2004 J. Wright Def G. Figueroa

2005 G. Figueroa Def R. Lopez

2006 No event held

2007 No event held

2008 J. Richie Def J. Wright

2009 G. Vasquez Def Tavo

2010 J. Wright Def G. Vazquez

2011 Y. Castro Def N. Shaheem

2012 G. Vasquez Def W. Wright

USHA National One-Wall Championships – Giovanni Vazquez forfeited at semi-finals – Tyree faced a similar situation during championship match against P. Brady.






Photos by Bill Fand

G. Vasquez’s great run at the 1-wall nationals came to an abrupt end after he couldn’t make it to the court on time.

The decision to forfeit Vasquez came as a big surprise to many players and handball fans that had waited under the scorching sun to see the semi final matches.

Tyree Bastidas had a similar incident in Montreal, Canada during the championship match back in June.

The match that was supposed to have started at 1:00PM, according to the posted official schedule, started at 1:20PM.

New Yorker Tyree Bastidas, who was still warming up at 1:13PM, was briefed by referee Danny Bell that P. Brady had mistakenly thought that the match was suppose to start at 1:30PM. At this point D. Bell informed Tyree that Brady was on his way and asked Tyree if this was ok with him. Tyree replied “ok.”

Although Tyree could have forfeited P. Brady, he opted to play him.

Tyree didn’t travel more than 1,200 miles from NYC to Quebec City, Montreal and back to NYC to forfeit anybody. He had never played Paul Brady before and this was his best opportunity to play the best 4-wall player in the world.

We got next Productions – Coming soon near your theater





 Photo by Bill Fand - Gloves by Owen


We got next Productions located in Manhattan is a big supporter of handball “The Perfect Game” It’s in the last facet of making the best handball movie ever made in America.

We got next Productions, Executive Producer, Anthony DeAngeleo, says the film will be in California soon for the final touch up, colorization, and special effects that can be only done in Hollywood. Once the film comes back to New York, he’ll be looking for a theater to lunch its debut, where the press, handball Officials and handball fans will be invited for a preview and celebration.

After two years of organizing, planning, interviewing and filming, the movie will certainly gives us a complete insight of the game and the players.

Although no release date has been set for the movie it’s anticipated to hit the theaters by the end of the year.

We got next Productions, a big financial supporter of the 1-wall national, is looking to support Team USA at the Worlds Handball Championships to be held in October.

Handball fans should rally and support “We got next Productions” when it releases its movie.

Read more…….                                                                                    http://wegotnextproductions.com/contact.html

Blending the Past and the Present


Part 2




For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to have reached all national championship matches in all three handball versions.