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3-Wall Open Championship – Brothers Bastidas pitted against each other, again – win 3-wall tournament, again.





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It’s not surprising to watch Tyree and Jurell play on the same side of the draws and battle each other at the semis only to claim the title.

This was evident at this year’s 3-wall tournament held at the New Jersey handball courts during the weekend before the 3-wall nationals in Ohio.

For some estrange reasons Tournament Directors B. O’Donnell and R. Retian decided to seed both brothers on the same side of the draws for the past two tournaments, putting them on a collision course ahead of the championship game.

The final outcome was the obvious as only one brother could advance to the finals. The championship game also yielded the expected results as Tyree clobbered B. O'Donnell to claim the money, the honors and the bragging rights.

Handball fans had stayed glued to their seat to watch the best handball game of the tournament among Tyree and Jurell Bastidas, but it was a little disappointing to see most handball fans leave the courts after both brothers finished playing against each other. We believe handball fans already suspected of the lopsided result among Bastidas and O’Donnell at the final game, similar to lasts year.

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Raul Jasso debuts at the men’s open level – thrilled to play 1-wall.




Most photos by Dan Gebben


Tyree Bastidas has seen R. Jasso play at the 3-wall nationals in previous years, but not at the open level. This year Mr. Jasso was talked into playing at the highest level and he accepted the challenge.

He comes from San Jose, California where many other great handball players come from.

Mr. Jasso’s first match was against Jonathan Lee from New York, who also made his first appearance at the open level. The match wasn’t as easy as it looked as it went the three game route where Mr. Jasso barely defeated his opponent by merely two points.

Jasso’s second game wasn’t easy at all as he ran into second-seeded Nikolai Nahorniak. Mr. Jasso fought with tenacity to the end, but lost to a player of more calibers.

Yes, he could have advanced to the next round had he faced a different opponent, but on that day he happened to walk into the lion’s den “Nahorniak”, one of the best players.

Mr. Jasso was also thrilled to play at the 1-wall event “I feel like I’m playing at the Coney Island courts in New York” Raul yelled while playing.

“I hope the USHA keeps this 1-wall event on the calendar next year. I want to play in it again”

Tyree was very impressed with Raul Jasso’s 1-wall skills during the Labor Day Weekend. “Raul picked up the game pretty fast” said Tyree.

“I wonder how many more players out there could also pick up the game if given the opportunity” commented Tyree.

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World Handball Championships - 1-wall boosts record participation – USHA and WPH add 1-wall open event.





Photo above: 1-wall action during the 3-wall nationals.

Photo above: Jurell and Tyree Bastidas watch 3-wall games with Eric Brandma, while Matt Stamp from the USHA can't help but to watch the 1-wall games going on at the same time.

Photo above: New faces at the 1-wall  open tournament in Maumee.

Photo above: Semifinals drew the best competition during the evening.


We can only imagine how big the handball world would be if the 1-wall game was promoted the way is suppose to be promoted.

Contrary to some peoples’ beliefs, 1-wall handball is played and enjoyed by many players outside New York when given the opportunity.

For the past three years, the WPH organization has been holding 3-wall handball events in Las Vegas, NV, but this year it became a major success outdoor event when it added a 1-wall event, drawing a record number of participants.

This year the USHA 3-wall nationals also added a 1-wall open event where many players rushed to register at both events.

The big growth of the 1-wall handball version in the states and abroad is better reflected at the World Handball Championships to be held in Ireland in October 2012.

Because of the introduction of the 1-wall games at the Worlds in the ‘90s, the World Handball Championships have also seen a record number of players participating (more than 2000) with more than 30 countries being represented.

What took the USHA and the WPH so long to realize that the 1-wall game is the engine behind the handball sport?

USHA National One-Wall Championships – Court’s in session - an inside look at the end of the day.




Most photos by Bill Fand


The handball tournament took off indoors due to rain, but on the last day, the tournament was finished outdoor on a beautiful sunny day.


No 1 and 2 seeded players were bounced off in the second and third round.


John Wright (rookie) is the only player to have captured the 1-wall (small and big ball) national titles and the Mayor’s Cup.

Useless facts:

The junior divisions had the lowest turned out in recent memory.

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – two events, one weekend – Apuzzi sees his dream come true.






The 3-wall nationals will go down as one of the best handball tournaments, if not the best. The best 1- , 3- and 4-wall players in the U.S. were brought together head-to-head on one weekend this month.

For the first time the 3-wall national event, offered a 1-wall open handball tournament from September 1- 3, and while organizers of both events agreed that it was logistics rather than animosity that led to the double-booking, the events offered two distinctly different experiences.

Tournament organizers had encouraged crossover with these two events held at the same weekend. Players from California, Illinois and other states entered the 1-wall events, while 1-wall players also competed at the 3-wall event.

The two 1 –wall handball courts around the side walls of the 3-wall courts were built in 2007 with cash contributions from handball players, the USHA and under the supervision of the tireless George Miller from the Toledo Handball Club.

Mr. A. Apuzzi had been pushing for the construction of these courts for many years and was involved encouraging players to go to Toledo for this new experience. He was also instrumental in raising the prize-money and worked behind the scenes to coordinate for the 1-wall event to be a success

Blending the Past and the Present


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For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to win the open 1-wall men's singles title at the World Handball Championships.