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World Handball Championships – Tyree Bastidas becomes “The Best of the Best at CityWest” – wins big with the small ball - dreams buried – hopes reborn.






Photo by USHA - Gloves by Owen.


This year several milestones were established at the open level during the most amazing world handball championships ever.

We’re not sure if this event will ever be matched in the future. It was probably the most organized and successful world handball event ever done to date.

Tyree Bastidas was the only player at the open level (small ball) in any handball format to win two titles. Because of Bastidas’ unique and superb handball skills, he was the only player to play in five open events, where he also reached two other semifinals.

On the other hand, Paul Brady limited his play to two events where he won the singles title, only to see his dreams buried when he lost his second event.

In the women's division, Fiona Shannon, the defending champion had won three consecutive 4-wall titles, and was aiming for a record of four titles when her hopes were buried by a much younger player, Aisling Reilly.

In the men's doubles division, Yuber Castro and William Polanco, the defending champions, also saw their dreams dashed when they were defeated by the much younger team of Tyree Bastidas and Bill O’Donnell.

Congratulations to The Best of the Best at Citywest”:

Tyree Bastidas (USA) – won (2) titles at Citywest in Ireland.


Congratulations to “The Best at Citywest”:

Paul Brady (IRE) – won (1) title at Citywest in Ireland.

Aisling Reilly (IRE) – won (1) title at Citywest in Ireland.

Bill O’Donnell (USA) – won (1) title at Citywest in Ireland.

Fiona Shannon (IRE) – won (1) title at Citywest in Ireland.

Sibeal Gallagher (IRE) – won (1) title at Citywest in Ireland.

Luis Moreno (MEX) – won (1) tile at Citywest in Ireland.

Andy Nett (USA) – won (1) title at Citywest in Ireland.

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Team Bastidas takes out No. 1 team in Ohio – The Team is back!




After several players e-mailed their requests to play with Tyree at the 3-wall nationals, Tyree decided it was in the best interest to continue to play with his brother Jurell as a team.

Bill Mehilos, the No. 1 seeded player at the men’s open doubles division was also looking for a partner this year and had asked Tyree to be his partner. After careful consideration, Tyree politely declined the request. “Some of my friends told me I was crazy for turning down the No. 1 seeded player” Tyree recalled.

“I wasn’t looking for a free ride. I was looking for a specific player with a particular handball game”

Once Tyree decided to play with Jurell, he had a brief conversation with him. “One of the first things I said to Jurell was, I don’t want this to be a rebuilding year. I don’t want to just play to get better. I think we have the talent and the pieces to be a dominant team” Tyree recalled.

Little bit did Tyree and Bill know, their teams were in a collision course before the championship match.

In the end, it was team Bastidas beating team Mehilos/Ruiz. It was a long tough match that saw team Bastidas advance to the finals for the first time.

World Handball Championships – Tony Healy suffers homecoming loss – Bastidas gets even.




Photo above from left: Tyree with an unidentified Belgium team member.

Photo above: Tyree Bastidas during a match at the Citywest Sport Center.


There was a ton of talk on the match of Tyree versus Tony at the 4-wall exhibition match court. Both players had only met once during their handball career.

It was during 2008 when Tony Healy reached the pinnacle of his handball career when he became the Canadian open champion, Irish open champion, and the winner of the U.S. Open of Handball.

It was here at the U.S. Open of Handball, when Tony Healy took on 1-wall junior player, Tyree Bastidas. After the tournament, Mr. Healy settled down to start a family and ever since then he has spent less time on the courts. But it wasn’t too long ago when he decided to devote more time to the handball game in preparation for the Worlds Handball Championships in Dublin. He wanted to come back to the game that had given him so many open national and international titles.

Four years later, they came to face each other once again, this time on European territory and at the highest level of competition.

Tyree Bastidas from New York proved himself a home-wrecker on October 13, crushing Toney Healy’s hopes of a home-coming victory. The loss left T. Healy, high on all the home-coming fanfare, in woeful disbelief.

Plain and simple, Tony Healy couldn’t handle the fast-pace game Bastidas was using on that day, and hurt himself by trying to keep up with the barrage of 1-wall shots the New Yorker uses as a secret weapon.

Tyree Bastidas recorded a victory that served up a measure of revenge for the young New Yorker as he walked out with a victory over the former champion.

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USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Maumee handball courts need a hand.




After many years of wear and tear the handball courts (1-3) are in need of some work before someone gets hurts.

For the past eight years, we haven’t seen any major work done at the handball courts, unless it was done before 2004.

The reality is that the courts in question don’t need any repair on the walls but on the cracks of the floor.

Yes, the entry application states that a player will play at his own risk, but the extend of the damage on the floor is to obvious to ignore. Waiting for an accident to happen with the obvious deteriorating conditions is not the wright answer.

We hope the USHA (our governing body) ensures the safety for our players in 2013 by working along with the Toledo Handball Club (The host) and the Lucas Recreational Center (Park Managers).

Tyree Bastidas ends his handball journey with a "thank you" note.






We’ve have come a long way in bringing news about Tyree’s handball journey around the world since he started playing as a teenager. And now we need to close this chapter in his life by thanking all those who have helped him and his website.

Some of you have helped Tyree financially through cash and goods, others through services and references. Because of these generous contributors, Tyree’s camp has been able to deliver news, photos and videos in the highest definition possible, and  has been able to travel with him to cover most of his events.

We would like to recognize and thank Tyree’s major supporters in this article in his last page:

Contributions of more than 1,500;

Tom Kopp – Des Moines, Iowa

Contributions of more than 1,000;

Paul Williams – Brooklyn, New York

Contributions of more than 500;

Albert Apuzzi – Brooklyn, New York

Mike Watson –Queens, New York

Jean Santerre – Quebec, Canada

Jay Camina – Long Island, New York

Joseph Berthiaume – Montreal Canada

Deirdre Mansfield – Wicklow, Ireland

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Tyree’s handball journey and thank you for your support. No, we’re not going away. We’re just closing the first chapter of his amazing handball journey.

Blending the Past and the Present.




2006 World Handball Championships - ICHA junior team.

From left (front): Tyree Bastidas and Sarah Au.

From right (front): Na Liu and Jurell Bastidas.

Far back: Bill O'Donnell, Johnathan Camacho and Michael Wu.

Photo by ICHA

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to slam at the 1-wall  men's open World Handball Championships.