Handball player for life.

Bastidas brings the walls down – reaches a rare Milestone - stands alone as youngest player to accomplish it.




We could all dream about it. We could all talk about doing it. But the reality is that only a few players in the handball association have actually achieved this Milestone. Bastidas did it by the age of 21.

He reached out the championship matches in the men’s open division in all three handball versions at the national level in both; singles and doubles.

Men’s Open Championships:

2010 – USHA National 1-wall men’s singles (19 years old)

2009 – USHA National 1-wall men’s doubles (18 years old)

2010 – USHA National 3-wall men’s singles (19 years old)

2012 – USHA National 3-wall men’s doubles (21 years old)

2012 – CHA National 4-wall men’s singles (21 years old)

2008 – CHA National 4-wall men’s doubles (17 years old)

Although he accomplished most of this milestone as a teenager, Bastidas does not want to stop here. He knows there is more work to be done and he’s working on it. Expect more from him.

We could not find any young player in any handball version who had reached all six finals, but we did find a few older players: Vic Hershkowitz (NY), The Obert brothers from NY and J. Bike Jr. from CA.

By chronological and mathematical standards, Tyree Bastidas now stands alone as the youngest player in America to achieve this rare Milestone at the national open level in the entire continent.

The World is changing Part 6 - Cracking the case of the Asian handball playerswhy did they choose the 1-wall small ball game?




When we look at the draws in the 1-wall small ball tournaments, we’ve noticed that 70% of the players are Asian descendents.

In the 90’s, the U.S. immigration reforms were a little bit more flexible and friendly towards Asia, and that allowed a great number of Asian families to come to the U.S.

Almost twenty years later, a new Chinese-American generation has flourished and taken up handball as their first choice of sports.

They could have selected the big ball game as their preferred handball game, instead, they chose the small ball game as it presented a more challenging game that required more handball skills.

The PSAL High School competition, the High School Spring Meet, the Mayor’s Cup and the USHA 1-wall junior nationals are usually the preferred tournaments for this new generation.

PSAL Handball Indoor Invitational – Bayside HS rules 1-wall small ball tournament.




Above: Teddy Mleczkowski and Jenny Qu from Bayside High School.


Close to 100 players showed up for the PSAL invitational handball tournament at Long Island City high school in Queens.

Bayside high school from Queens took the highest awards and practically cornered the boys division while it took the girl’s singles division.

Teddy Mleczkowski defeated every opponent by holding his opponents to 10 points or less to claim the title. Jenny Qu also limited her opponents to less than 10 points with the exception of one game where her opponent managed to score 13 points.

No one knows for certain what future holds for these great junior players in the 3-and 4-wall game, but for now they rule the 1-wall game.

Congratulations to Teddy and Jenny for their great run.

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Tyree Bastidas’ big ball game – Bastidas naysayers can’t believe he has earned the “A” card.




Above: Current big ball world champion, Tywan Cook (front), barely defeated Tyree Bastidas in the semifinals, in the only tiebreaker on his way to the title. Mr. Cook went on to clinch the world title against Pee-Wee (Castro) in two games.

Photo by USHA


Tyree Bastidas naysayers who had argued he was one of the USHA most overrated players in the past have some new ammunition.

The 22-year-old New Yorker, who was presented with the “A” Card a few years ago, has been under heavy criticism after defeating former 1-wall big ball world champion, Herman Mendez.

Bastidas is not strange to criticism.When he was the leading junior player in all handball versions at the United States Handball Association (USHA), he was also labeled the most overrated player. But as time went on his record spoke for itself.

There is a misconception in the big ball handball community, where there is a belief that 1-wall small ball players can’t excel in the big ball game at the open level.  And as such, small ball players are not expected be the recipients of the “A” Card, the maximum recognition in the big ball game, which is usually awarded to pure big ball players in New York.

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Handball season is in – Spring has sprung at most handball courts




Ah, Spring in New York! The snow has melted, the days are longer and handball courts around town.

Now that the weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming and New Yorkers are wearing fewer clothes, there is no excuse for not spending time out-doors and playing 1-wall handball.

Tyree Bastidas, a member of the USHA, says this is the time people spring into action and on the courts.

Handball players around the city are ready to show off their skills. And the handball schedule has a tournament for every player of every level.

Don’t miss out on these great handball events throughout the city:

USHA National One-Wall Big Ball Championships.

Mayor’s Cup (small ball).

Frontball Tournament (pelota de mano)

Red Bull Handball Tournament (small/big ball)

USHA Collegiate One-Wall Nationals (small/big ball).

King of the Courts (big ball).


USHA National One-Wall Small Ball Championships. 


Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest PSAL and USHA 1-wall men's open singles champion.