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If you are having problems recruiting players in your area, take matters into your own hands or call the USHA for more information on how to recruit more players.

It’s always good to bring and introduce someone into the game. That was the case of Tyree Bastidas, who brought a teenager friend of his into the men’s open big ball 3-wall event this past weekend.

Yes, Tyree could have played with his brother Jurell or another open player, but opted to introduce Robert Lee to the 3-wall game, in spite of R. Lee’s lack of experience.

Robert Lee, a freshman player who was part of Tyree’s last Midwood high school handball team, does not have any 3-wall handball experience, and never even participated in a junior USHA 3-wall junior event. But that didn’t stop Tyree from introducing his friend to the 3-wall game.

If we want the handball game to grow, we need to introduce more players to other handball versions to keep players interested in the game.

One would never know how deep in the draw one could get with a new partner. Take a look a Tyree’s case. He reached the championship game with a teenager who now is hungry for more 3-wall games.

22nd High School Spring Meet – Eugene Lau the next handball star.




Eugene Lau is only 16-years-old and hits the ball hard, harder than any other kid in the tourney.

Last year, during the tournament, he kept a low profile and played as good as any other kid. But this year he came back as a totally new player. Where did he practice? Whoever thought him the ropes of handball during the past year remains a mystery.

He could have played in the 19- and –under and we believe he could have reached the finals.

He’s is more than 6 feet tall and has two great hands. Most of his points are scored by serving out his opponents. And there wasn’t anybody to match his powerful serve.

Watch out handball players! Eugene has served notice and he’s coming for you. 

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Elks Lodge1-wall men’s A/B doubles event – 1-wall big ball national champions meet again.





Giovoni Vasquez and Timothy Gonzalez dismantled every team on their way to their final.

Vasquez partnered with Oscar Cardenas, a good handball player who shouldn’t have any problems playing in the open. Mr. Cardenas is a steady player with two good hands and a great sense of humor who could partner with any open player in the future.

Gonzalez partnered with Willi, a player probably in his middle 30’s, who also has two steady hands and a good sense of position on the court. He can also partner with any other open player and get as far as he did on April 21.

Both teams earned their way to the title by vesting the best big ball players in town. In the end it was just Timbo and Gio’s teams standing in the last round of competition.

The game was fiercely played and full of drama, it ended right after 10 o’clock at night.

“It was worth it waiting until this late to watch the game” said Mario, a handball fan.

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22nd High School Spring Meet – Jenny Qu the next handball star.





Jenny is only a sophomore at Bayside high school, but the way she plays, she looks and plays more like a senior, holding every opponent at bay.

She has speed, flexibility and a good sense of where the ball is going, but her real weapon is in her hands. It’s hard to tell whether she is left or right handed. That’s how good her hands are for the game of handball.

Sometimes, she reminds us of Sara Au, another great junior player, who recently has comes back to the game unexpectedly.

Jenny Qu doesn’t just play the game. She loves the game and she is here to stay and play for a while.

Congratulations to the new champion, who slammed in the 17-and-under girl’s division.

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WPH East Coast Qualifier – Bastidas not happy with street handball rule - open letter to the WPH






Bastidas learned during his first game of the men’s doubles, the WPH had adopted and incorporated a NY big ball 1-wall controversial rule, where the players are allowed to make their own call.

During the game, Bastidas was reminded by the referee “this game is played by the WPH rules and not by the USHA rules” Immediately, Bastidas realized it was going to be a long day of playing and auguring. Bastidas is only used to long days of playing.

The NY street rule, used only by 1-wall big ball players is one of the main reasons why the 1-wall big ball game never made it big in the twenty century. It’s the evil root that has held this great game hostage for many years.

Letting the players make their own calls is an invitation to trouble, and it defeats the purpose of having a referee at the game.

We love all the changes the WPH has brought to our game, but bringing back and keeping this traditional street rule in our game is just a step backwards in the twenty first century.

Blending the Past and the Present.

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to partner with a teenager to reach the championship match of the first ever WPH East Coast qualifier in the big ball  3-wall doubles event.