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One Wall - Kings of Coney Island – best handball film to hit the big screen on May 18, 2013.




The best handball film-documentary about handball just made it big in Brooklyn.

Kings of Coney Island, a film covering some of the best current handball players and several past and current national champions, will be premiering at founders Hall in Saint Francis College during the annual Brooklyn film festival.

There aren’t that many handball films out there, but this one is bringing an end to the drought. It has an inside story of the players and the game.

Never before, a film of this magnitude has ever been brought to the big screen before. The film producer, Joe Glickman, has gone through great lengths to produce this film, including a great amount of money, time and effort to make it a reality.

This great film has already been seen and enjoyed in the west and now it’s debuting here in the east in Brooklyn. It’s also scheduled to be seen in Ireland later on this year.

Team Bastidas will be attending this special event to celebrate in the heart of Brooklyn the best handball film ever made.

Everyone is encouraged to attend this once in a life-time event that will take place at:

St Francis College

180 Remsen Street – Founders Hall

Brooklyn NY 11201

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Tyree is eager to show anyone the ropes – three former Midwood high school handball players raked in more than 1,000.00 in the men’s open.




Above: Former Midwood H S players; Jurell, Robert and Tyree pose together at the Coney Island handball courts.

This past weekend Tyree and Jurell Bastidas, along with Robert Lee made off with more than 86% of the prize-money at the USHA-sanctioned event; The Coney Island Singles.

The world gold medalist, Tyree Bastidas, Knows New York needs more players now and in the future “I understand that one day everything will come to and end for me. In this sport you never know when that day comes”

This is part of the reason why Tyree is willing and eager to train any young player.

Robert Lee, who practices on the same courts as Tyree and Jurell, once again walked out with more cash than he had expected on April 27.

On April 21, R. Lee had already earned a few hundred dollars for reaching the championship match at the Elks Lodge indoor 1-wall tournament. And on April 20, he reached the finals of the WPH big ball 3-wall qualifier. How did he become so good overnight?

Plain and simple. He has been practicing handball right along Tyree and Jurell on Ave L between East 16 & 17 street in Brooklyn. Both brothers practice there almost every day of the week when not traveling out of NY. It’s actually their outdoors 1-wall home courts for small and big ball.

Any young player willing to learn the ropes of the handball sport just need to show up at the park and play along with Tyree.

1-wall game to the Olympics - small ball players open door to big ball players for the Olympics.





Above: Indoors 1-wall handball courts are usually used during the winter in Canada.

                                                                                                            It’s hard to believe how small ball players have worked so hard behind the scenes to bring the 1-wall big ball game closer to the Olympics. Such is the case of Hall of Fame, Howie Eisenberg, who as a USHA board member worked tireless for many years with other organizations to pave a way for 1-wall to go to the Olympics.

Mr. Eisenberg was also a member of various handball Committees while he held the tile of USHA One-Wall Commissioner.

He helped spearhead the idea of bringing handball to the Olympics through his affiliation to other organizations and business contacts. Because of Mr. Eisenberg initiatives, small ball tournament directors across the states are making sure they include a big ball event in their handball schedule as a good gesture towards their cousins of the big ball game.

Although, Mr. Eisenberg is not longer with the organization, he left us a hope, a blueprint and a big dream to follow.

Thanks Mr. Eisenberg.

Tyree misses John Wang – a handball friendship built on the court.




Ever since John was hospitalized in January of 2013, Tyree has taken Robert Lee under his wings and has spent a great deal of time with him.

Tyree, Robert and John are handball friends from the neighborhood. They’ve played handball together day and night in the last three years.

John practically became part of Tyree’s family as he spent days, nights and holidays at home.

Tyree and Robert have visited their friend John at the hospital in Brooklyn. Tyree have also visited John in Manhattan (Columbia Hospital), where John was recently transferred for better treatment of his condition. As of May, John is no longer at the above-mentioned hospital. He was transferred to a Westchester hospital, north of New York City to start his rehabilitation close to his family.

There isn’t one day that goes by where Tyree and Robert don’t think about him.


Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest 1-wall player to have captured the worlds and nationals 1-wall men's open singles titles.