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Tyree and Jurell Bastidas share more than just genetics – the handball players have been seeded in the top 10 at the USHA rankings.

Big brother Jurell, recently moved up the rankings after a spectacular showing that led to the final game against his brother Tyree.

Jurell, a borough son, told everyone at the courts, “It’s good to train hard on the courts and keep winning games. The important thing now is to be 100 percent focused in training.

Tyree, who also hails from Brooklyn, “I’m super motivated. I want to make Brooklyn proud.

Team Bastidas wants to continue representing Brooklyn on and off the courts.

“We never stop training,” said Jurell

They are ready for success this year, and hopefully handball fans can watch them in more videos.

1-wall – 3-wall – 4-wall – Tyree has gone through them all.




Where do we find the best players that practice all three handball versions all year round?

The best all around players (past and present) live in the Northeast with most of the players residing in New York.

New York is sometimes called “The Capital of the World” when it comes to finances, but when it comes to the best handball players of the world, New York is the first place that comes to everyone’s mind.

We do have other great players of the game living in other states and abroad, but they are called “specialists” in the handball version they play the most. But New York City is the place where the best all-around handball players have lived and practiced throughout the yeard. Without a doubt, New York is the State where most of the best handball players reside.

Congratulations to the best all-around players of the Association (USHA):

Tyree Bastidas - 1-wall - NY - active

Vic Hershkowitz - 1-wall - NY - deceased

Oscar Obert - 1-wall - NY - inactive

Carl Obert - 1-wall - NY - inactive

Rubby Obert - 1-wall NY - inactive   

Don’t take these statements for granted. Check out the official website of the USHA, the governing body of the sport.

The Boston Open – Killian Carroll captures new title.




The 37th Boston Open was held away from the Boston Y as renovations are still under way for a new facility.

The Boston Open is usually attended by some of the top players of the game in the U.S. and abroad.

This year the Boston Open welcomed a promising handball star from Ireland, Killian Carroll.

Mr. Carroll is a young player who wants to earn experience and recognition in the U. S.

He became the youngest foreign player to capture the title at 20. Tyree Bastidas remains the youngest U.S. player to capture it at 21.

“We always have young players coming to play at the Boston open” said Mr. DiFranco, a local handball fan.

“We even had D. Chapman coming to Boston when he was young. But I don’t think he was here to play in the Boston Open. I believe he was brought here for an exhibition game”

Mr. K. Carroll is no stranger to the U.S. He has participated in the USHA 4-wall junior nationals for the past six years with a lot of success.

He came here determined to win and he did.

There were open players from California, Massachusetts, New York and Ireland this year.

Congratulations to the new champion.

Kings of Coney Island movie win best reviews as it picks up “The Audience Choice” nomination.







Handball fans mobilized to the Brooklyn Film Festival held at St Francis College on May 18.

The Auditorium was almost full to capacity to the delight of the movie producer and his crew.

The most hyped movie of the year lived up to the expectations an even surpassed other movies in terms of reviews.

King of Coney Island takes the audience back into the past by covering national champions of the 80’s and 90’s, including Albert Apuzzi and Joe Durso. It also covers current national champions and the great run Tyree Bastidas had when he was crowned national champion.

There are a few things theater people appreciate more than a standing ovation. After the third ovation at “Founder’s Hall” on Saturday night, we lost count.

All the applause was well deserved. It was the first time people got a real close-up at the game, including special effects and slow motion play.

“I like the movie a lot. The producers must have utilized the best high tech available out there to deliver this great movie. Jurell said.

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Annual High School Spring Meet – Court’s in session – an inside look at the end of the day.






The biggest 1-wall junior tournament came to an end with various high school players from different high schools walking out with the highest honors.

Overall, Bayside and Cordozo high schools seem to be the recipients of most titles.

Upset of the tournament: Eric Kim defeated Teddy Mleczkowski.

Youngest player to hit hard at PSAL: Eugene Lau (16-year-old).

Girl’s participation: A record number of girls participating this year, surpassed participation in other tournaments around the country.

Record average junior participation: The High School Spring Meet has drawn an annual average participation of 150 players for the past six years. It has drawn more players than any other junior tournament in the U.S.

Blending the Past and the Present.

For The Record:

Tyree is the youngest U.S player to capture the Boston open at 21, while Killian Carroll is the youngest foreign player to capture it at 20.