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April Success comes to an end for Jurell and Tyree Bastidas – May ends great run.




The season changing from winter to spring has not been easy here in New York.

During the month of April, Jurell and Tyree Bastidas were still playing indoor events due to inclement weather. But during the middle of the month only Tyree ventured outdoors for the first 3-wall handball event of the year across the Hudson. Then he came back to Brooklyn to play with his brother Jurell in the first outdoors 1-wall tournament event.

It was a great run that both brothers enjoyed to the fullest as they reached all championship games by winning two out three events.

April 13 – Both brothers cornered the Elks Lodge 1-wall small ball (doubles) tourney that pitted brother against brother.

April 20 - Tyree traveled to New Jersey to reach the championship game in the WPH 3-wall big ball (doubles) tourney.

April 27 – Tyree and Jurell Bastidas cornered the Coney Island 1-wall small ball (singles) tourney that pitted both brothers against each other once again.

During the first week of May each brother departed New York to different destinations to play in two premier 4-wall state tournaments.

Tyree flew to Iowa to reach the championship match where he lost in a tiebreaker to Nikolai Nahorniak(ILL) while Jurell traveled to Massachusetts to lose to eventual champion Killian Carroll (IRE).

What makes the Bastidas’ run more interesting?

Other people’s runs are basically done in one handball version. The Bastidas’ run includes: indoors and outdoors, 1-wall, 3-wall, 4-wall, small ball and big ball.

Sometimes, great runs come to and end sooner than later.

Frontball Handball Tournament – A great day for a great tournament.




The Annual Frontball tournament took place at the Coney Island handball courts under bright skies with temperatures above 80 degree.

This tournament has grown in popularity in New York since its inception as New York has proven to be the melting pot for the big diversity of players from other countries.

Players from the U.S., China, Bosnia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Tywan, Rusia, El Salvador and other countries just to mention a few, gathered on June 2 to vie for the prize money and for an opportunity to win and qualify to the big championship tournament to take place later on in Europe.

USHA National One-Wall Championships – New York’s most Epic show isn’t on Broadway





The most sacred handball tournament in America has been scheduled to take place in the fall of 2013.

The 1-wall nationals which has been played since 1959 during the spring, summer and fall to accommodate players from around the country and abroad, will take place during the last week of September.

Players will converge once again to play in the last USHA national handball championship of the year.

Three and four-wall handball players will have plenty of time to prepare to capture the open national title that has been eluding them for many generations.

It’s expected to be another battle field for Epic battles among the stars of the game at the Coney Island handball courts.

USHA National four-Wall Championships – Bastidas and Nahorniak join forces to compete at the Nationals.





        From left: Nick, Tyree and Bob celebrated in Des Moines, Iowa

Tyree Bastidas from New York and Nick Nahorniak from Illinois will be the youngest team from the Northeast to challenge the best players of the west in a long time.

N. Nahorniack and T. Bastidas had just finished playing in the championship match of one of the oldest and prestigious handball tournaments in America “The TallCorn handball tournament”.

Both players got to play against each other for the first time in the 4-wall junior nationals held in Des Moines in 2004. “Nick kicked my butt back then in my first 4-wall junior nationals” Tyree said.

“We have come a long way ever since then and we are confident we could take on the big dogs of the game at the open level”

PSAL Champions - Teddy Mleczkowski and Jenny Qu.





Photo by PSAL

Teddy and Jenny have done what other players haven’t done before. They graduated from high school competition by winning every single honor offered during their last year of high school.

It’s not easy to do what they did. They ruled the 1-wall sport and won the Wingate honors for Academic performance.

They both Attended Bayside high school and they both had just turned 18-years old.

Teddy and Jenny won the following high school honors:

PSAL Invitational.

PSAL Borough Champions.

PSAL Team Championships.

PSAL Individuals.

PSAL Wingate Awards.

Congratulations to Teddy and Jenny for a successful H.S. ending:

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Blending the Past and the Present:

For The Record:

Tyree and Jurell Bastidas are the youngest brothers to corner two championship games(indoors and outdoors) within a week in New York.