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Big Ball (indoors) handball season comes to an end – Tyree Bastidas earns “MVP” Award.





It is a testament to Tyree Bastidas’ skills. He won the prestigious nomination at the Guz Indoors Sports Club at the end of the winter big ball handball season.

No, Tyree didn’t have to win every game to the end of the season. He did beat some of the best players and the best teams.

Everyone was happy to watch Tyree play big ball at the indoor courts “Tyree brings a different type of game at the big ball tournaments. All those cuts and monster serves were the main reason for Tyree’s success” said Willie.

It was unfortunately that most of Tyree’s winnings weren’t uploaded to the internet as Tyree’s camp wasn’t responsible to record them.

‘It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized in the big ball handball community” said Tyree.

Once again, Tyree Bastidas proves that he can beat the best with either the small or the big ball. Bastidas’s unlimited handball skills put him on a different level of play as he continues to dominate indoors and outdoors.

Frontball Handball Tournament – Jessica Lopez repeats.



The women’s division is one of the most competitive events during the Annual Frontball tournament.

Defending champion Jessica Lopez managed to reach the championship match for the second consecutive year. Last year, Miss Lopez qualified as the winner of the New York Pro stop and got to travel to Europe to compete against the winners of other Pro stops around the world and reached the finals in an amazing display of handball skills.

This year Miss Lopez was pushed to the limits when she went to the tiebreaker forced by Na Liu from China. Miss Liu reached the finals by disposing of Jasmina Dukanovic from Bosnia in the semis.

In 2012, Miss Dukanovic had advanced to the finals by vesting Na Liu in a much contested tiebreaker.

Miss. J. Lopez won the trophy, the money prize and a paid round trip ticket to represent New York overseas in 2013.

RedBull Handball Tournament – Buddy Gantt




In case nobody noticed. Buddy has been in the finals of the pump ball in the last three years.

Back in his time, Buddy was the undisputed king of the pump ball. He was the best player ever and no one ever came close to his level of play.

When the pump ball game started fading away, David Rojas was a promising young star of the game and a serious contender to the pump ball title.

We asked Mr. Buddy: what new tournament he would have liked to play back in the 90’s.

“I love watching the Frontball game. I wish I had this game back in my time. I would have loved to play this game”

Fast forward twenty years later and after the pump ball disappeared. D. Rojas is now the top pump ball player while Buddy at 62 years-old, still finds himself dominating most of the young generation.

Congratulation to the pump ball winners:

Year                            Past winners                        Past runner-ups

2013                            David Rojas                         Buddy Gantt

2012                            not held                               not held

2011                            David Rojas                         Buddy Gantt

2010                            J. Wright                              Buddy Gantt.

OwenGloves – the best handball gloves have been promoted for more than two decades.





Mr. Tom Kopp, President and Founder of OwenGloves, has been a successful businessman since he started his company.

There have been different brands of handball gloves during the history of the game, but only one brand has managed to survive for so many years “OwenGloves”

In the past, Mr. Kopp used to promote his gloves through the best players of the game. He used to supply them with gloves and bonuses throughout the year.

Nowadays, his strategy hasn’t change as he keeps supplying gloves and bonuses to world handball champions Tyree Bastidas and Paul Brady.

Promoting his gloves through the best players of the game has made the Owen brand so popular in the U.S. and abroad.

Congratulations to the most successful handball gloves businessman.

RedBull Slaps – Annual tournament – team Bee Bee/Jo Jo steal the show.





This year the women’s division was in for a big surprise when team BeeBee Garcia/JoJo Parra dismantled every team to reach the finals. No one expected team BeeBee/JoJo to sweep the best teams of the big ball game throughout the day. It was a complete domino effect that saw every team fall one by one.

Team Bee Bee/Jo Jo lost the final game in a close score, where the title could’ve gone either way.

Congratulations to team Bee Bee/Jo Jo.

Blending the Past and the Present.

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest small ball national champion to earn the "MVP" big ball handball Award.