Handball player for life.

RedBull Slaps – Annual tournament – Tyree Bastidas, Timothy Gonzalez and David Rojas win men’s divisions.





Above: Tyree Bastidas, the best one-wall handball player of this generation is interviewed  at the Coney Island courts.

This year 96 of the best handball players competed for the biggest total handball prize money of the year.

Some of these players were invited others had to qualify to earn their right to compete.

The RedBull handball tournament is among the most favorite tournaments players look forward to. It pays out the most money per division and gives players the opportunity to watch the best players in other divisions.

The Redbull handball tournament awarded money to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

First place: 2,000.00

Second place: 1,000.00

Third place: 500.00

Small ball winner: Tyree Bastidas

Big ball winner: Timothy Gonzalez

Pump ball winner: David Rojas

Frontball Handball Tournament – Carlin Rosa captures title.





Carlin Rosa has been playing in the Frontball competition for several years, but this year it finally payed-off.

Mr. Rosa didn’t get to capture the tournament because he had and easy draw. He had to battle last year’s champion Y. Castro in the quarters, defeated Tyree Bastidas in the semis and beat Jurell Bastidas in the finals. His aggressive game intimidated some of his rivals “I don’t really have anymore skills than anybody else” Mr. Rosa said.

“I just play hard and try my best”

Mr. C. Rosa will be traveling to Europe to compete in the most prestigious Frontball tournament of the year.

RedBull handball tournament – most popular sport in NYC







Congratulations to the following winners of the event:

RedBull – small ball champions

2010 Mike Scheneider def William Polanco

2011 William Polanco def Cesar Sala

2012 not held

2013 Tyree Bastidas def Cesar Sala


RedBull – big ball champions

2010 Timothy Gonzalez def Ray Lopez

2011 Giovanni Vasquez def Ray Lopez

2012 not held

2013 Timothy Gonzalez def Giovanni Vasquez

Frontball Handball Tournament – past and recent winners.





This tournament was first started in the west by holding exhibition games in California, but organizers realized that New York would be the best place to hold the tournament as it has a great variety of players from different nationalities who are willing to show their skills and represent their country in this great game.

Congratulations to the winners of the Frontball Tournaments:

Men           Winner                                        Runner-up

2013 – Carlin Rosa(Dominican Republic)        Jurell Bastidas(U.S.)

2012 -  Yuber Castro(El Salvador)                   D. Garnett(U.S.)

2011 -  Yuber Castro(El Salvador)                   William Polanco(DR)

2010 -  William Polanco(Dominican Republic)  Yuber Castro(El Salvador)


Women       Winner                                        Runner-up

2013 -   Jessica Lopez (PR)                             Na Liu (China)

2012 -   Jessica Lopez (PR)                             Jasmina(Bosnia)

USHA National Big Ball One-Wall Championships – dealt early blow - top teams struggle.





The top seed teams in the men’s open double divisions struggled during their first match and only one team barely made it past the first round.

On the top bracket, top seed team T. Gonzalez and T. Cook had an early scare during the hot Saturday afternoon, and found themselves trailing for most of the game. Team George Maroquin/Jason DeJesus, which was also competing in the “B” men’s doubles division held on to the lead almost to the end when they thought a bad call was unfairly called against them. It was also the turning point of the game as team Gonzales/Cook started to catch up and eventually win the game by the narrow margin of 25-24.

On the bottom bracket, second seed team Geo Vazquez/Joshua Garcia had a different fate after playing against team Johny Velez/Eddie Fontanet. Team Velez/Fontanet was the underdog in the match but the way it was playing, it was the sure favorite to the next round. This game was probably the most watched during the day. Both teams played really good, but there is always a better team at the end of the game. And that team was team Velez/Fontanet, 25-21.

Blending the Past and the Present.

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to win the small ball RedBull Handball Tournament.