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USHA National Four-Wall Championships – Team Tyree/Nick win men’s open doubles national title.





It wasn’t easy for team Tyree/Nick to reach the championship match. It had a tough semifinal match against team Diarmaid Nash/Martin Mulkerrin from Ireland, and barely beat the hard-to die Irish team.

Team Nash/Mulkerrin didn’t come to the nationals just for the picture, they came determined to claim the title as they both had enough credentials to do it. Nash is the current Irish senior champion and Mulkerrin is the current two-times USHA Collegiate champion.

It was such a difficult match from beginning to end where T. Bastidas and N. Nahorniack prevailed to advance to the finals.

The final match wasn’t easy neither as they had to face two more experienced players with more handball credentials. Emmett Peixoto is a 4-wall doubles national champion and Andy Nett is the defending 4-wall doubles national champion. Mr. Nett is also the current World 4-wall doubles champion.

The first game was fairly even from the beginning and we thought it was going to take a long time to finish it as both teams were battling for almost an hour at the score of 11-11. Surprisingly, Tyree and Nick pulled away and ended the game.

The second game was as good and as tough as the first one, but T. Bastidas and N. Nahorniack strategically managed to pull away sooner than in the first game to end it in their favor.

Congratulations to the new national champions.

USHA National Four-Wall Championships – Owen Gloves bring world handball champions to Des Moines, Iowa.





From left: Tom Kopp, Paul Brady and Tyree Bastidas

OwenGloves Company, the most popular handball gloves in the world has been sponsoring Tyree Bastidas and Paul Brady for the past several years to the point where OwenGloves has become the leading brand around the world.

We asked Paul Brady: Which is the most popular handball gloves in Ireland?

There are several brands in Ireland, but the most popular brand is Owen.

We asked Tyree Bastidas: Which is the most popular handball gloves in New York?

Owen Gloves is definitely the most popular handball gloves in NY.

We asked Tom Kopp, President of OwenGloves: Which is the most popular handball gloves in Canada?

Thanks to the Canadian Handball Association Owen Gloves is the most popular brand there. “I’ m happy that Tyree and Paul made the finals” Tom said.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to sponsor players who are always in the finals”

USHA National Four-Wall Championships – Tyree captures national 4-wall title, but why can’t he capture the 1-wall doubles title?




It seems simple to say that 1-wall handball champion Tyree Bastidas should be able to capture the USHA 1-wall doubles title. Common sense dictates so. But the reality is a different story.

We have been saying it all along; It’s harder to capture a 1-wall title than to capture a 3 or 4-wall title. That’s why 1-wall players win 3 and 4-wall titles while 4-wall players can’t win 1-wall titles.

In the 90’s, we had 3- and 4-wall handball champion John Bike Jr. come to the 1-wall nationals to try to win the men’s open singles division with no success. A few years later, Mr. Bike came back to New York with a vengeance to take the USHA 1-wall doubles titles, again with no success.

In the new Millennium, we had 3- and 4-wall national champions Dave Chapman and Emmett Peixoto come to the 1-wall nationals several times. They had a strong showing but not enough to win the 1-wall nationals.

Tyree Bastidas is aware of the difficulty of winning a 1-wall national title and is willing to wait for the right time to win the 1-wall doubles title.

USHA National Four-Wall Championships – fear or favoritism!





Paul Brady from Ireland started ruling the USHA 4-wall competition since 2005. But ever since then, U.S. fans have claimed the draw has become weak and that is the main reason why Mr. Brady has been able to rule for so long.

After watching Brady play in several national tournaments, we found out, he is the best player because he is one level above the level of competition of the rest of the players.

When Mr. Dave Chapman was ruling the USHA 4-wall competition from 1993 to 2004, no one was claiming the draw was weak, even though he captured most of his titles during this period of time.

David Chapman was also the best player then because he was one level above the level of competition of the rest of the players.

Do U.S. fans fear that P. Brady might be remembered as the best 4-wall player in the last twenty years? Or is it just plain favoritism towards the U. S. players?

Players’ Championship – Skybounce small ball debuts in New York.




To the surprise of the handball community a new small ball was introduced for the first time at the 1-wall outdoor tournament.

SkyBounce, the very well known New York Company based in Queens has come out with a new small ball to please the demands of 1-wall players.

SkyBounce, a company that has been providing big handballs to New Yorkers is now offering a new small ball product.

“It feels a little bit heavier than the 21, but I like the way it bounces” a handball player said.

For now most reviews on this ball have been positive. The ball will be tested once again this coming weekend at the Mayor’s Cup in the City.

Blending the Past and the Present.

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player in America to have reached the finals of the men's open(1-, 3-& 4-wall) singles/doubles in the same year (2012).   At the worlds in Ireland(1-wall). At the Canadian Nationals (4-wall), and in the U.S.(3-wall).