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USHA National Four-Wall Championships - New Yorker Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to win a 4-wall doubles title.





After a long research and carefully digging some old files from the past, we have determined that Tyree Bastidas is the youngest New Yorker to have won the 4-wall doubles title in the history of the Association (USHA).

There have been some famous players and USHA Hall of Famers from NY, who have won the above-mentioned title before Tyree, but none of them had won it at the age of 22.

Tyree Bastidas now stands as the youngest player to win the 4-wall doubles title:

Tyree Bastidas won the national 4-wall doubles title when he was 22.

Marty Decatur won the national 4-wall doubles title when he was 23.

Lou Russo won the national 4-wall doubles title when he was 25 years-old.

Sam Haber, Frank Coyle, Gus Lewis, Ken Schneider, Vic Hershkowitz, Ruby and Carl Obert and other players from the Golden era, also won the title, but were much older when they did it.

Congratulations to all of them for making the big apple proud of their accomplishments.

Mayor’s Cup – Major adjustment and re-adjustments to the game to win again.





One-Waller Tyree Bastidas won a 4-wall national title in Iowa on June 30, and came back to NY to win probably the largest 1-wall men’s open singles draw in recent memory at the Coney Island handball courts in Brooklyn on July 7.

On July 13, he traveled to Manhattan to participate in the most prestigious 1-wall handball tourney, where he reached the finals of both; singles and doubles, and where he won the doubles title with his brother Jurell.

On July 20, Tyree will be re-adjusting his game again to play big ball at the famous  King of the Courts tourney in Queens. And on July 27, Tyree will be re-adjusting again to play a 1-wall small ball tournament.

How many handball players around the U.S. go through all these adjustments and readjustments on a weekly basis all year-round?  1-wall player Tyree Bastidas is the only player to do so. Sure we have a lot of players out there, who claim they could do it too. But the reality is that Tyree is the only one doing it.


USHA National Big Ball One-Wall Championships – Meet the Party poopers! – and B local teams.




                   Above: Team George Maroquin/Jason DeJesus

                         Above: Team Johny Velez/Eddie Fontanet


During the big ball nationals, two good teams stole the show during the second day of competition in the men’s open: Team George Maroquin/Jason DeJesus and Team Johny Velez/Eddie Fontanet

Team George Maroquin/Jason DeJesus: It's a well known local team that is usually considered a “B level team”. This year the team competed in the B division and took a chance by playing in the open division, where the team was fed into the No 1 seed Team Timbo Gonzalez/Tywan Cook.

Team George Maroquin/Jason DeJesus didn’t waste time in dismantling its opponents. It took the lead from the beginning until the end, when an unfair call was ruled against them (according to most fans watching the game). Team Gonzalez/Cook took advantage of the confusion and came back to score more than five points to close the game at 25-24.

Team Johny Velez/Eddie Fontanet: It’s another well known local team classified as a “B level team”. But this year, they brought their game to a higher level by eliminating the No 2 team in the men’s open; Geo Vasquez and Joshua Garcia.

There was no doubt team Velez/Fontanet was the best team on the court. It proved to be more efficient and more coordinated than their opponents. Team Velez/Fontanet also took advantage of the yelling and frustration that team Vazquez/Garcia was going through and handled them to the end for a final score of 25-21…ruining the excitement to win of team Vazquez/Garcia.

Is anyone thinking on playing and beating a B level big ball team in NYC? Think twice.

Frontball Handball Tournament – Court's in session - An insight look at the end of the day.





Photos by various, including K D.


The Annual Frontball tourney in New York came to an end on a beautiful sunny day. Players who reached the men’s and women’s open will be traveling to Cali, Colombia in South America to compete against other players from other countries in an effort to showcase the sport that looks to be included in the Olympics in the future

Some of the players in the pictures above will be competing for their countries.

1 – Jessica Lopez won the tournament for the second consecutive year.

2 – Yuber Castro has won the tournament two times.

3 – Yuber Castro is the only player to have reached the finals of the men’s open, three times.

Congratulations to all the players.


USHA National Four-Wall Championships – Tom Kopp and Ned Jorgensen team up to pull a Herculean task.






It’s not easy hosting the 4-wall nationals by one person. That’s why T. Kopp from OwenGloves and Ned Jorgensen had to team up to host the biggest 4-wall event of the year.

“I believe we hosted a 4-wall Pro stop in the early 90’s and we did a pretty good job as a host” said N. Jorgensen.

“This is the first time we host the 4-wall nationals here in Des Moines and I think we did a pretty good job considering the magnitude of this event”

We definitely agreed with Ned as we watch him and Tom run around making sure every detail in the tourney is taken care from morning until closing time. But Ned and Tom weren’t alone running the show; they had a great group of volunteers helping around the clock.

Ned and Tom are not new at running big events. They are the tournament Directors of one of the oldest handball tournaments in the U.S. “The TallCorn Handball tournament”

Congratulations for hosting the nationals. 

Blending the Past and the Present.

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas ends the New York drought of 24 years by winning the 4-wall national doubles title. Charlie Kalil was the last New York player to have won a national doubles title in 1989.