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 2013 Red Bull Slaps - Tyree beats the competition - current and former world champions invited.



The 1-wall handball tournament was held towards the end of the Spring Season among the best players of the game.

Television crews arrived early in the morning to interview players from various divisions competing for the money offered by handball sponsor “RedBull”

1-wall world champions, Tyree Bastidas (small ball) and Tywan Cook (big ball) were invited to compete at this prestigious event that keeps growing in popularity.

Tyree Bastidas ended up facing and beating former 1-wall world champion Cesar Sala, while Timbo Gonzalez prevailed in the big ball division by beating Gio Vazquez.

Congratulations to the winners.

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USHA National Big Ball One-Wall Championships - Men’s doubles





In one of the fiercest competition in recent memory, fans were treated to a final game full of drama and suspense.

As expected, team Rookie/Pewee went on to reach the semifinal game by vesting strong big ball teams in the bottom brackets, while No 1 seed team Timbo/Cook arrived to the final game by also vesting some of the best teams while barely escaping elimination in the first round.

Team Rookie/Pewee was caught up sleeping early in the morning when they found themselves trailing 8-1. And although they tried to wake up as fast as they could, they couldn’t make up for the points lost at the early stage of the game.

On the other side of the draws, team Rosa/Garnett had advanced quietly to the finals, but were met by the much more energetic team of Timbo/Cook.

In the end, team Timbo/Cook prevailed to win the national title.

Congratulations to the champions. 


USHA National Four-Wall Championships – YMCA host its first and last 4-wall national.






For the first time in the history of the YMCA in Des Moines, Iowa, the 4-wall nationals took place thanks to the Hinder Club, Owen Gloves and the volunteers that made it possible.

It was also learned that the YMCA was being closed sometime next year as it was relocating to a new facility around the area.

The “Y” opened almost 50 years ago and now will be closing its doors to move to a better facility. The “Y” had seen a Pro stop in the early 90’s, junior nationals in the last decade and the first 4-wall nationals in 2013.

The participants at the nationals got to enjoy, play and eye witness the last USHA nationals at this “Y”.

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USHA National Big Ball One-Wall Championships - Women’s doubles






The doubles division had some interested teams competing this year. Small ball doubles team Danielle Daskalakis and Sandy Ng, and experienced players Brenda Perez and Bernice Torres were part of one of the toughest divisions in recent years. Team Na Liu and Jasmine Dukanovic made its first appearance along with defending champions Karen McConney and Adrian Floyd.

Surprisingly team McConney/Floyd didn’t make it to the finals. Not because they played bad, but because the other teams were playing much better.

In the end team Melissa Sky and Maggie Crespo ended up facing team Brenda Perez and Bernice Torres.

The game didn’t disappoint as both teams fought with tenacity to the end where team Sky/Crespo captured the title.