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Mayor’s Cup – Jurell and Tyree team up to beat the best doubles teams.




It was a hot day (95 degrees) to be playing the quarters, semis and finals of the men’s open doubles division, but team Bastidas went ahead to face the best doubles teams.

In the quarters they faced perennial rivals O’Donnell and Schneider, who struggled to find their rhythm from beginning to end.

In the semifinals, team Bastidas, the youngest team in the men’s open, played against national doubles champions, Joe Kaplan and Cesar Sala. Team Kaplan/Sala moved to slow to answer teams Bastidas’ serves and consequently suffered the same fate as team O’Donnnell/Schneider.

In the final game, Team Pee-Wee Castro and Carlin Rosa started very strong at the beginning after beating number 1 seed team; A. Rebaza/A. Calle. They surprised team Bastidas by building a big gap by leading 7-1. But team Bastidas stepped up its game with its big serves that forced Pee-Wee and Carlin to look for desperate answers before falling.

SkyBounce small ball debuts at the Mayor’s Cup – small ball makes it big in the City – players complain - The major gripe?





The 21 ball is starting to have a big credibility problem in New York.

For the second time the SkyBounce small ball was tested at Central Park after it debuted at the Coney Island handball courts on July 7.

Complaints from handball players, which had quietly piled up over recent weeks, roared out loud at the Mayor’s Cup. Why isn’t the USHA doing something about it? A handball player asked.

“If the USHA would improve the 21 balls I would buy more balls”

It’s sad to see how the 21 ball has lost market share in New York. Coney Island, the Mecca of 1-wall has already favored the A-1 ball at its courts as most players practice with the A-1 ball.

“The USHA shouldn’t change the 21 ball. It should deliver a different 21 ball made to play outdoors. Other small outlets are doing it, why not the USHA?” another handball player asked.

King Of The Courts – small ball champion Tyree proves to be among the best big ball champions – small ball champion stops Tyree from reaching the semis.





The King of the Courts had a record number of entries this year. The tournament started with 80 players looking to be the next king of the courts on July 20.

Tyree Bastidas, the youngest 1-wall small ball champion to have held on to the reigns of the 1-wall game the longest, battled his way to the throne of the king of the courts by defeating every big ball player on his way.

Bastidas, of the small ball Lineage, surprised his big ball rivals with his quick and sharp shots that dismantled them one by one from morning to afternoon. His impressive play created a domino effect that saw big names going down, including; Iggy Accardi, Jorge Negrete (smiley) and Tywan Cook (big ball 1-wall world champion).

Pee-Wee Castro, also a small ball champion, was the only player who had the courage and experience to stop the massacre of big ball players. He, himself was almost part of the destruction path that Tyree had left behind throughout the day when his game against Tyree was stopped due to rain and the score was 17-16 on Tyree’s favor.

“I was lucky it started to rain and the game was postponed” Pee-Wee had commented by 7pm.

“I was done for the day. I don’t know what the outcome would have been, if the game had resumed that night”

Indeed, we could only speculate about the final result had the game resumed that night when Tyree was leading.

Mayor’s Cup – A spectacular double play – Tyree & Jurell truly a champion team at Central Park.




From the very first moment they stepped on the courts, team Bastidas looked like a guaranteed home run. But as the duo arrived at Central Park, the true scale of their combined slugging power revealed itself to be more exciting and exhausting than anyone could have imagined.

For nearly the entire afternoon, they delivered punishment and more punishment in the doubles division, and the strong crowd soaked it all in on the hot day.

Bastidas brothers made quite a team at central Park as they annihilated the competition with their serves and smart play.                         Congratulations to the champions.

1-wall keeps growing in North America. – One wall across the border doesn’t stop players from playing abroad.





 As the 1-wall handball game keeps getting bigger and better around the world, 1-wall players are traveling great distances to compete in the game that most people have finally realized is the most cost-effective and fun game to play.

Handball fans and players from the U.S. traveled to Canada to participate in the 2nd 1-wall open in Montreal where almost sixty players got to enjoy a fun weekend of handball along with a great hospitality.

Here in the U.S. we have the WPH adding the 1-wall game at its famous tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada during the month of September while the USHA has added the 1-wall game to the 3-wall nationals held in Toledo, Ohio during the Labor Day Weekend.

Also, for the first time, the U.S. Open of Handball which is usually held in California during the month of October has added a 1-wall handball event to its schedule.

It seems that reality has finally settled in and now the major handball organizations don’t want to miss this opportunity and want to jump in the wagon for the ride of their life.

Blending The Past and The Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest small ball player to have been ranked among the best big ball players of the game.