Handball player for life.

King Of The Courts – small ball 1-wall world champion defeats big ball 1-wall world champion - Ty-won over Tywan.





Tyree and Tywan, who had played the best big ball match in the men’s open singles division at the world handball championships (indoors) in Ireland, faced each other once again. This time, they brought their game outdoors, at the most prestigious local big ball handball tournament in New York.

Both players are young and skillful in their game. They both displayed sharp handball skills, which helped them reach the 4th round of competition.

Sure Mr. Cook is a great player. Not only he won the 1-wall big ball singles title at the worlds, but went on to capture the USHA national big ball doubles title back in June of the current year. No body should underestimate Mr. Cook’s skills. When he is on, he is on. But at the King of the Courts Tyree was on a mission, and that mission was to be among the best players of the big ball game.

Tyree defeated Tywan in the fourth round of competition.

Mayor’s Cup – Pride Stays, Even After the Fall.





When Tyree Bastidas reached the championship game, he looked tired and exhausted just like his older brother Jurell.

Tyree knew the championship match against his brother would be exhausting. He also knew his brother was in better shape as Jurell has stepped up his worked out routine all year-round. Tyree was happy to face his brother in the finals as he knew regardless of the outcome; the top honors would be shared by them.

Both brothers were aware of the historic moment as the tournament has never seen two brothers facing each other in the singles finals.

They stepped on the court to play the final match that everyone was waiting for. In the end, their game didn’t disappoint as each brother left everything on the court. Jurell defeated Tyree in a very close match.

After the conclusion of the finals and while still gasping for air, an old man approached them to shake their hands and congratulate them for the great handball game they had just played.

“You guys remind me of the Obert brothers. I always liked to watch their games” the old man said, who preferred to stay anonymous.

“The only time I didn’t like the Obert brothers was when they had to play each other and sometimes refused to play. They rather forfeited one of the brothers to let the other brother advance fresh to the next round. It was disgusting! I m glad you guys didn’t do that.”

Nope, Tyree or Jurell would never even think about doing that. On the contrary, Tyree and Jurell were happy to play each other for the game that everyone came here to watch.

Tyree, the defending champion was happy and proud that his brother won the game as the best player of the tournament.

King Of The Courts – small ball King Tyree sends a chilling message through the big ball handball kingdom - falls short to Pee-Wee.





A day before the King of the Courts tournament started, Tyree Bastidas sent a message to the big ball players via Facebook “R.I.P. the big ball competition”

King Tyree of the 1-wall small ball hierarchy meant what he said and gave ample warning to everyone in the big ball handball community that he was coming for them.

We didn’t think some big ball players would lose sleep over Tyree’s statement. It was obvious that some players took Bastidas’ warning seriously, including defending King of the Courts Gio Vazquez, who had gotten up early to eye-witness Tyree’s first game early in the morning. Mr. Vazquez looked so worry that he stayed for a while watching Tyree’s preliminary game. Little bit did Gio know he would be taken down first before he would have met Tyree.

Once Bastidas won his first game on the back handball courts in a convincing fashion, SAHA Officials made sure the rest of his games were played in the front at the main court so that handball fans can watch and appreciate his devastating game. Bastidas didn’t disappoint. He beat every big ball player on his way to the semis before he was barely taken down by small handball champion, Pee-Wee (Castro).

HBO Sports Channel aims to include handball segments in the future – Tyree Bastidas’ record catches HBO Producer’s attention.





Tyree Bastidas, the youngest and most versatile open player in the history of the Association has caught up HBO attention. Bastidas’ handball record and good looks could help HBO deliver incredible handball segments through this famous channel.

No, we can’t disclose the name of the producer as talks about this project are in the early stages and we want to make sure the project takes off with no problems.

We are 100% confident that Tyree’s vast experience in the game and his experience in other Film/Documentaries would bring the best of him for this once in a life-time opportunity for handball to be shown to millions of people.

King Of The Courts - Tyree’s big ball game brings hope to a small gambler.





During the hot day of competition at Edison Park, it was hard to ignore people making bets during the games. Handball fans and players are seen walking around with money in their hands looking to bet throughout the day.

Who would bet on Tyree (a small ball player) at the King of the Courts?

The answer is nobody. That’s right, nobody in the right mind, according to some big ball betters.

But around 5pm we saw an old man approach Tyree and told him " I saw you play early this morning and I liked the way you played. I’ve never seen you before playing at this park. I’ve been betting on you a few bucks here and there, and I don’t even know your name, but whatever you are doing, keep doing it"

We just hope this old man didn’t bet on Tyree's last game of the day.

Blending The Past and The Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only 1-wall small ball world champion who have defeated other world handball champions from other handball versions/balls at famous tournaments.

Juniors Divisions:

Tyree Bastidas defeated Diarmaid Nash (2006, 4-wall world champion) at the USHA National Four-Wall Junior Championships in Tucson, Arizona.

Open Divisions:

Tyree Bastidas defeated Herman Mendez (2003, 1-wall big ball world champion) at the World Handball Championships in Dublin, Ireland.

Tyree Bastidas defeated Tywan Cook (2012, 1-wall big ball world champion) at the King of the Courts in Queens, New York.