Handball player for life.

1-wall player Tyree Bastidas – is King of the Ring – Lord of the Courts and King of The Beach - Fit for a King.






Tyree Bastidas has come a long way since his junior years when he was the King in all three handball versions in all junior divisions (singles) for a record number of years. This incredible run was posted in his website under “Lord of the Courts”

Nowadays, as a young man, he has competed in the men’s open division to capture new titles that bare similar names. Such is the case of the King of the Ring and King of the Beach open tournaments.

Bastidas is the only player to hold both; the titles and the honors. Eventually we will have other players winning these two prestigious events as the tournaments grow in size and popularity.

USHA National One-Wall Collegiate Championships – Canadian family travels to Brooklyn to play handball.





The 1-wall collegiate, scheduled for the summer was postponed to September to give players more time to register. But that didn’t stop Jerome Santerre from Canada from coming down to New York and play the 1-wall game that is growing in popularity even in Canada.

Mr. Santerre and his family, traveled to Brooklyn, New York to play with the best players of the game. Once in Brooklyn, he got in touch with Tyree and Jurell Bastidas and spent the whole weekend playing the game he loves the most, 1-wall.

The Santerre family was welcomed by the Bastidas brothers and the Chen sisters, who gave them a tour of Brooklyn handball courts that included the Coney Island handball courts and the handball courts at 4th Ave and 4th Street.

“This is my first time here in Brooklyn. I love the atmosphere and the warm reception we had” Jeane Santerre said.

“Next time we come to New York, we’ll make sure we come back to Brooklyn again.”

King Of The Courts – small ball King Tyree Bastidas breaks through big ball handball players – big ball King welcomes small ball King into royal Family.






Where do we find the best big ball players in the world? At the King of the Courts!

That’s right, the best big ball handball players in the world always converge at this tournament, looking for fame and the thousands of dollars offered to the winners.

Everybody knows who the top eight players are in 2013; John Wright, Timothy Gonzalez, Cisco, Pewee, Justin Rodriguez, Tyree Bastidas, George Figueroa, and Andres Calle. What some people didn’t realize was that Tyree Bastidas is the only pure 1-wall small ball player who had advanced deep into the draw to be among the best players of the big ball game. What else can we expect from Tyree Bastidas? The most versatile player of the game and the No 1 seed in the U.S. since 2010.

Big congratulations to the small ball champion.

Over 40 and under 40 one-wall doubles event – Tyree and Jared Vale reach the final game – successful fund raising.






It was a wonderful day to play handball at the Pomonok Park in Queens, located across the street from Queens College.

The tournament fund raising idea came from Albert Apuzzi, who made the necessary arrangements to have Tyree play with Jared Vale, a contributor and a handball player who travels around the Northeast playing all 3 handball versions.

Mr. Apuzzi wants to support handball anyway he can and saw an opportunity to raise funds for the upcoming 1-wall nationals by having Bastidas and Mr. Vale play as a team. “As long as I play with Tyree I should have fun” said Mr. Vale.

“How could you go wrong with Tyree?” asked Mr. Vale.

Indeed, Mr. Vale had fun all the way to the championship game by taking down some good teams that included open players. “I knew I would reach to the finals with Tyree. I just knew it” boasted Jared.

“I just wished We had won. I wanted to give back the prize money to raise more funds to be matched for the nationals”

Team Bastidas/Vale faced an uphill battle as they faced team Pewee/ Rookie in the last game of the day. Both teams were tied at 15 when team Rookie/Pewee decided to step up its game by keeping the ball away from Bastidas and tilting the game towards. Mr. Vale.

The tournament was such a fun event that almost every team who lost in the preliminary round went through the buy-back process to continue playing.

Congratulations to the people who helped make the tournament a success event.

Jare Vale – player and handball contributor.

Anonymous donor – player and handball contributor.

Albert Apuzzi – Tournament Director and on-line organizer.

Alvaro Rebaza – Tournament Director and on-site organizer.

All players who contributed their time, money and effort.

King Of The Courts – SAHA has come a long way since Tyree played in it when he was 17-years-old.





The first time Tyree Bastidas played at the King of the Courts was in 2008. Back then he considered the tourney a much disorganized event, where he showed up at 9:00 am only to be told that the tournament would start past 11:00am because the top handball players hadn’t arrived yet. That was the first and the last time Tyree played at the King of the Courts.

Fast forward five years later and we have learned that SAHA has come a long way to position itself as the most organized 1-wall big ball handball organization in New York.

The following statements are just some of the most noticeable improvements:

1 - There is not on-site registration which allows time to do the draws right after the deadline registration period.

2 - All referees at the tournament first are approved by SAHA and later on are provided with an official referee garment and a pay check for their services.

3 - All referees use the Official SAHA score card to tally the points, time-outs, appeals, etc.

4 - Also, this year all players were given a ticket-meal and a dry-fit tournament shirt.

5 – The tournament has a new (secured) on-line registration system.

Congratulations to SAHA.

Blending The Past and The Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player to have captured both open tournaments; King of the Ring and King of the Beach.