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USHA One-Wall Pro-Handball Ran-kings – Tyree extends his reign to 160 weeks -  a new record.





 Photo by ICHA

Yes, Tyree Bastidas did it again.

He has been doing it for more than three years, taking all suspense out of the games early and leaving everyone else to compete for the top honors other than the No 1 seed spot.

After playing in two 1-wall Pro-ranking events during the current year, Tyree Bastidas has managed once again to remain on his throne through the summer, extending his stay as King of the game to 160 weeks.

It’s interesting to know that in both occasions, Tyree had to face his big brother Jurell in the final game, as both brothers cornered the tournaments to give us a preview of what could be a championship match at the 1-wall nationals in the last week of September.

Tyree and Jurell’s outstanding performance during the current year, has earned them to be ranked among the top players in the country and to be the youngest brothers to have dominated the 1-wall arena in any particular year.

There is a strong belief that both brothers if seeded properly on opposite sides of the draws, could end up playing in the first battle of the brothers at the national level.

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3-Wall Open Handball Tournament – Tyree wins men’s open singles.






Tyree Bastidas took the men’s singles title in a dramatic come back performance by Mike Schneider,

The tournament saw a new division being added for the first time. The men’ s open doubles. Tyree couldn’t participate in it as he had to leave early and Jurell Bastidas was a no-show as he was out of town.

Although, Tyree Bastidas had built a big lead in the championship game, Mr. Schneider managed to close it during the middle of the game.

Mr. Schneider had a tough game in the semis as he faced Bill O’Donnell for the right to compete in the finals against defending champion, Tyree Bastidas.

Mr. Schneider prevailed over O’Donnell and earned a pass to the finals to face Bastidas.

King of The Ring Tournament– Tyree earns “Ring”





The King of the Ring tournament took place at the Coney Island handball courts during the month of August. This is the second time the tourney has been held in front of handball players, beach goers and residents of the area.

The small ball handball tournament was created by Hall of Famer Albert Apuzzi, who is always organizing handball events throughout the year.

Tyree Bastidas and Joe Kaplan, the most experienced players at the courts, reached the final game. Both players wanted to earn the ring and the bragging rights. In the end, Tyree prevailed to earn the ring (valued at least $500.00) that will carry his full name, the stone-color of his choice, and the USHA insignia.

Congratulations to all players.

USHA National One-Wall Championships – Prize-money for 1-wall nationals could depend on Tyree and players – fun for funds.






Not sure how to raise money for the nationals? No need to worry, Tyree is here to help you.

How many times we have seen Tyree play in open events with juniors, B and C players as partners?

Many times, but no matter who he plays with he always finds his way to the championship game.

During the past spring, Tyree played with a junior player as a partner to reach the championship game of the indoors tournament at the Elks. He also reached the finals of the outdoors 3-wall big ball open tournament in NJ.

Recently, he teamed up with a C player to reach and play in the final game of the over 40/ under 40 doubles event.

If you are raising funds for a handball cause and also wants to reach the final game. Worry no more. Tyree will walk you to the finals. All you have to do is take care for his entry fee and Tyree will do the rest. Make sure you contact him via Facebook.

2013 3-WallBall World Championships – is Tyree ready to gamble in Las Vegas?





 New Yorker Tyree Bastidas, the first winner of the 3-wall small ball world doubles title in 2010, will come back to Las Vegas to try his luck outdoors before he goes indoors.

Tyree’s brother, Jurell, will accompany him in this long trip to the west where they expect to be part of this great event.

Both brothers have gone to great strides to go to Las Vegas even though the 1-wall national will follow up 3 days after the conclusion of the WPH event.

We asked three questions to 3-wallball former champion Tyree Bastidas.

Q - You have played a lot of big ball this year. Do you feel ready to play in Las Vegas?

A - Not really, big ball doesn't prepare me for the real handball games. In big ball all I do is stay in the front hitting the ball all the time. I need to start playing small ball to start running around to build my stamina.

Q - Are you ready to play at the 3-wall (shorts walls)?

A - I don't have have access to this type of courts to practice in the Northeast, but I always venture west to challenge the best there, even though no one in the west comes to NY to challenge me in my game (1-wall nationals).

Q - Will participation increase at this event knowing that you, the current 1-wall world champion and former 3-wall world champion is coming to Las Vegas?

A - I don’t know the answer but I’ll find out once I arrive in Las Vegas.

Blending The Past and The Present.

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player to hold world handball doubles open titles in 1- and 3-wall handball versions..

2010 - 3 WallBall Championships Handball

2012 - 1-Wall World Handball Championships.