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USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Tyree captures 3-wall singles titles – becomes the youngest player to capture USHA 1- & 3-wall titles (22-year-old).





It’s hard to win the outdoor men’s open singles national title in the handball sport, and it’s almost impossible to capture two men’s open singles titles in two different handball versions. But on September 2, Tyree Bastidas did just that. He captured the 3-wall singles titles to go along his 1-wall singles title sitting on his mantle.

Tyree has proved himself to be among the best all-around players of the Association. With youth on his side and a vast arsenal of shots, he’s managed to dominate the best players of the outdoor national championships; 1- and 3-wall singles events.

New York players are the only competitors in the USHA to have captured both honors (1- and 3-wall singles titles)

Congratulations to the only players in America to have won the men’s singles USHA 1- and 3-wall national titles.

Tyree Bastidas

Oscar Obert

The Handball World is changing – Part 8 – New York is the only state in the nation to deliver its own handballs




New York State is the only state in the nation to deliver its own handballs (small and big balls). No other state in the nation has put so much interest in promoting the handball sport as New York has done in the last ten years.

Every other state relies on the 21 official USHA handballs and the Ektelon small balls.

Because New York is the Mecca of 1-wall handball in the world, the need to have a great variety of balls is very important. That’s why New York based companies; SkyBounce and ACE-1 have stepped forward to meet the demands of New York handball players.

With its great variety of players (1-, 3- & 4-wall) looking to play the game with a great variety of handballs, it’s no wonder New York USHA membership has climbed to new heights in recent years, trailing only California by a small margin.

SkyBounce – base in Queens, NY – delivers small and big balls.

ACE – 1 – based in Long Island, NY – delivers small balls (men/women)

USHA National Three-Wall Championships –It takes 3 tiebreakers for Tyree to capture 3-wall title – Tyree rules 3-wall when it comes to tiebreakers.





Photo by USHA

History repeats itself.

Las year champion, Sean Lenning was crowned the 3-wall national champion after playing in three intense tiebreakers, including the championship match against Tyree Bastidas.

This year, Sean Lenning couldn’t make it to the finals but Tyree did for the second consecutive championship match. Reaching the championship match after six grueling games is not that easy. Mr. Lenning found that out the hard way after bowing out of competition at the semis at the end of two tiebreakers.

Usually tiebreakers are nail-biting games as they only take place when the players are fairly equal in terms of competition.

Tyree Bastidas has done very well when it comes to tiebreakers at the 3-wall nationals. He has over-performed the rest of the players as he has only lost one tiebreaker since he won his first outdoor national title at the age of 19 in the men’s open (singles) in 2010.

How current players have performed in the tiebreaker at the 3-wall nationals:                                                                                                

                     2010                  2011                  2012                2013

                 Tiebreakers         Tiebreakers        Tiebreakers       Tiebreakers

                   win  lose            win   lose            win   lose          win   lose

T.  Bastidas    2      0              0      0                  1      1             3       0   

Sean Lenning  N/A                 0      0                  3      0             1       1

E. Peixoto       N/A                 N/A                      N/A                1       1

Dave Fink       0      1              N/A                     N/A                  N/A

Luis Moreno    0      1             0     0                   N/A                  N/A

D. Szatkowski 1      0              0     1                   0      0             1       1

D. Chapman   0       0              0     0                   N/A                  N/A

Braulio Ruiz    0       1             0     0                    0      1              N/A

Andy Nett       1       0             0     0                    0      1            1       1

N. Nahorniack 0       0             0     0                    0      0            0       0

Congratulations to Tyree, the best tiebreaker player at the 3-wall nationals in the last four years.

Note: Chart above is not in any particular order.

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USHA Nationals – summer handball madness turns Tyree into a summer champion. Is Tyree the best outdoor handball player?





Yes, he is. He performs his best during the outdoor handball season. He was born an outdoor player. He enjoys the outdoors more than anything else.

His record speaks for itself as Bastidas has won all his USHA men’s open titles during the summer season, including the 4-wall national title.

Accordingly, we have detailed his impressive run at the national open level:

Summer - August 8, 2010 – USHA 1-wall champion (singles)

Summer - June 29, 2013 – USHA 4-wall champion (doubles)

Summer – September 2, 2013 – USHA 3-wall champion (singles)

We strongly believe Tyree is the only player in the USHA to have won a national title in every handball version during the summer

Blending The Past and The Present

For The Record:

Tyree is the only player to have captured all USHA nationals (1-, 3-, & 4-wall) open singles and/or doubles during the summer time.