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USHA National One-Three and Four-Wall Championships – is Tyree Bastidas the current best all-around player in the USHA?




Most people in the internet (message boards and social medias) have always debated this question and most people have agreed that Tyree Bastidas is the best all-around in the association.

Most of these debates took place before Tyree won the USHA 3 and 4-wall national titles this year and after he won the world 1-wall singles and doubles titles.

Tyree’s impressive record has put him above the competition and now has left people in the internet to wonder; who is second to Tyree?

Congratulations to the best all-around player – Tyree Bastidas

New York 2010 – USHA National One-wall champion (singles)

Ireland 2012 – 1-wall World champion (singles)

Ireland 2012 – 1-wall World champion (doubles)

Iowa 2013 – USHA National Four-Wall champion (doubles)

Ohio 2013 - USHA National Three-Wall champion (singles)

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Tyree vs Emmett – view point from the cook at the grill.





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It’s worth to point out the opinion in this article is not necessary shared by Tyree’s camp. We only post it for general information.

After the final game finished, we went to grab a soda and one of the cooks attending the grill approached us and said the following: “I had to leave my post to watch the second and third game of the men’s finals. I couldn’t believe what Tyree was doing to Emmett. Tyree kept pounding and pounding……and pounding the ball down Emmett’s throat until he chocked him.

Emmett literally couldn’t take it anymore and hit the floor when he went down ”

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Coach Mike Watson congratulates Tyree Bastidas a day before Tyree clinches national title.




Coach M. Watson has known Tyree since May of 2004 when Tyree was a 13-years-old kid learning the ropes of 1-and 3-wall handball versions. But how did Mr. Watson know that Tyree was going to win the men’ s open singles title the day before the championship match took place?

“Congratulations in advance for winning the 3-wall title” Mike wrote through his Facebook while Tyree was taking a 5- minute break after he had lost his first game to Dane Szatkowski during the semis.

Mr. Watson knows Tyree’s capabilities and potential more than anybody else. He has seen Tyree playing in junior and open events and knew that Tyree’s full potential was on full display during the 3-wall nationals this year. He knew Tyree could win the singles title and posted his firm belief on Tyree on September 1.

On September 2, Tyree captured the 3-wall national singles title. “I was under a lot of pressure after Mike posted that statement on the internet” Tyree said.

“I try not to disappoint Mike even if he’s not here in Toledo”

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Tyree vs Emmett – point of view from an unknown fan at the court.





It’s worth to point out the opinion in this article is not necessary shared by Tyree’s camp. We only post it for general information.

After the final game finished, we were called to the side by a handball fan and told us the following:

“I’ve seen Tyree played all these years and I thought he was overdue for the title. After Tyree got blown away in the first game I thought it was over for him. But then he came back in the second game as a chu chu train. Not willing to stop, he kept on going and going into the third game, running down Emmett over and over”

‘That chu chu train derailed Emmet’s hope for the title”

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Tyree Bastidas plays 19 games total (1- and 3-wall) during Labor Day Weekend – how much is too much when playing handball in a weekend? - Toledo Five One-Wall Classic offers more fun for your money.





Usually a singles and doubles event participation takes a lot out of a player, especially when the tournament draws more than a 100 players.

The 3-wall nationals in Toledo had more than 200 players participating this year, including players competing in the 1-wall events. Most of them are used to the heat because it’s an outdoors tournament. And this is the main reason for many players to sign up for more than two events.

The following norms could be followed depending on the number of players in the division and the number of days the tournament runs.

Above average:

Any player who plays more than 20 games in a four day span, risks to be injured and/or worn out by the end of the tournament.

Average playing:

Bastidas’ 19 games during the long weekend is an average number of games for a any player competing during 4 days (Friday- Monday). It’s the equivalent of playing the men’s singles (2 games) and the men’s doubles (three games) per day.

Less than average:

Emmett Peixoto, the runner-up in the 3-wall finals played a total of 14 games, averaging 3.5 games per day, which is the equivalent of almost playing the men’s singles (2 games) and the men’s doubles (2 games).

Keep in mind that most players are usually eliminated in their 1st and/or 2nd event during the first two days. Therefore is strongly suggested to sign up for a third event whenever is offered.

Blending The Past and The Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player in New York to capture the 3-wall singles title.