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USHA National Three-Wall Championships – 3-wall champion, Tyree Bastidas, gets the No 1 seed at 2014 3-wall national - rapid ascent keeps Tyree on fast track





Tyree Bastidas, the one-wall national champion and reigning No 1 seeded player at the Unites States Handball Association is also the current 3-wall national champion and No 1 seeded player going into the 2014 USHA 3-wall nationals.

How did Tyree manage to be a champion in 1- and 3-wall?

Tyree was born to be an outdoor player. The fewer walls around him, the better player he becomes as his game depends more on his handball skills than on the walls.

Tyree is the only player in the Association (1-, 3-, and 4-wall) to have accomplished this feat in his early twenties. If it was that easy there would be many players accomplishing this record.

Once again, Tyree Bastidas stands alone as the youngest player to hold both titles and both No 1 seedings, all at the same time.

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Third time’s the charm for Tyree.





Second-seeded Tyree Bastidas made his first open championship match appearance in 2010 when he was 19-years-old, and earned a spot in the final game in 2012.

Having reached two finals and being denied the top honor, Tyree traveled this year to Toledo full of expectations and goals to meet.

This time Tyree wasn’t going to let no one spoils his plans on becoming the 3-wall national champion. He has been knocking twice at this golden opportunity while his little sister has been at his side.

Bastidas won the championship match by outlasting two-times former national 3-wall champion Emmett Peixoto.

Bastidas’ Cinderella run to capture the title includes:

2010 Tyree Bastidas reaches the finals and loses in two games.

2012 Tyree Bastidas reaches the finals and loses in three games.

2013 Tyree Bastidas reaches the finals and wins in three games.

USHA National Three-Wall Championships –Toledo Fives One-Wall Classic brings back-to-back competition to Toledo.





We understand is not easy to play back-to-back games in the open division. But the possibility of winning more money and more titles has greatly increased in the past few years.

Although is not easy to play back-to-back is not impossible either.

Playing 1-and 3-wall handball versions back-to-back at the Lucas Recreational Center has been the norm lately, thanks to a generous NY Donor who supports and promotes handball beyond New York.

The 3-wall national is the only USHA national event that allows 1- and 3-wall open competition during the same weekend.

Players should take advantage of the back-to-back handball competition offered by the Toledo Handball Club and the USHA. An opportunity likes this one doesn’t come around too often.

Take the challenge, play back-to-back and prove yourself you can stand above the rest.

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – New York fans and players travel to Toledo to watch Tyree take 3-wall title.





USHA National Three-Wall Championships – New York fans and players traveled to Toledo to watch Tyree take the 3-wall title.

New Yorkers have been traveling to the 3-wall nationals in big numbers in the last decade, and have not been disappointed as players from juniors to men and women divisions usually have brought home a title.

New Yorkers are used to bring titles back home, but capturing an open title, breaking a record, and establishing a new Milestone is something unheard of. That was the case of Tyree Bastidas when he won the 3-wall open singles title this year.

Ever since Mr. Lou Russo captured his last 3-wall title in 1980, New Yorkers have only captured the title once (Eric Klarman in 1993).

Fast forward twenty years later and now we have Tyree Bastidas capturing the 3-wall singles title in a five-day marathon that included tiebreakers in the last three days.

New Yorkers were happy to eye-witness history and see one of their own to be crowned at the 3-wall nationals.

Blending The Past and The Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player in the USHA to have held both at the same time: the 1- & 3-wall singles titles and the No. 1 seeding.