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USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Tyree Bastidas – Last Man standing - brutal competition takes its toll.





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This year, the three-wall men’s open singles division saw one of the most brutal competition in recent memory as players across the country, holding 1-, 3- and 4-wall open titles under their belts vied for the prestigious 3-wall title under a hot Labor Day Weekend.

Tyree Bastidas played some amazing handball to outlast the competition.

Mr. Sean Lenning, the defending champion had to bow out of the competition after going through two tiebreakers when former 3-wall national champion, Emmett Peixoto, barely defeated him in a grueling tiebreaker in the semifinals.

The tiebreaker match was played with such intensity, Mr. Lenning ended up over exhausted and laying on the grass.

Mr. Emmett Peixoto, also had a rough road in the finals as he battled 1-wall champion Tyree Bastidas in yet another tiebreaker that turned into a heart breaker for Mr. Peixoto and his legion of fans that came to see him capture the title one more time.

Mr. Peixoto’s second tiebreaker in two consecutive days didn’t go the way he wanted as Tyree Bastidas stepped up his game to a new level never seen before. Mr. Peixoto found himself constantly running behind the long line trying to return Bastidas’ deceiving shots that came with a spin.

Eventually Emmett Peixoto got tired and frustrated as his body started too wobbly and ultimately fell down to the floor on several occasions.

Mr. Tyree Bastidas, was the only national champion who had to play three tiebreakers in three consecutive days all the way to the finals.

Mr. Billy O’Donnell pushed Bastidas to the brink on Saturday noon when he took Bastidas to the tiebreaker in another exciting match that could have gone either way. “I wanted to beat Tyree so badly I gave him my best shot. I knew once I had beaten Tyree I would have an opportunity to reach the finals.” Billy said after his match.

“The match was so tough and competitive, the next day I couldn’t get up my bed. I was in so much pain”

Indeed, Mr. O’Donnell was in such a pain, the next day he had to forfeit his 1-wall game he had signed up for at the Toledo Five one-wall Classic event.

On Sunday September 1, Mr. Dane Szatkowski pushed Tyree Bastidas into another brutal tiebreaker that left both players wondering if they could continue to play the third game. Mr. Szatkowski had barely avoided going into a tiebreaker by beating A. Nett 21-20 in the second game the previous day ‘I always respect Dane. He has two great hands” said Tyree.

“I was so exhausted; I just did my best to the end to beat Dane in his own game”

On September 2, Tyree had to face another great 3-wall champion, Emmett Peixoto from California.

Emmett came out firing during the first game and defeated Tyree in a blowout game.

Tyree regained his composure and was determined to win the second game. He put so much effort into the second game that he got hurt as he was leading 11-2. Tyree had the choice to forfeit the match or to finish the game while still hurt. He opted for the latter.

He came back into the game with the same mentality he started his second game, but this time he was determined to play and punish Emmett all the way through the tiebreaker.

Tyree Bastidas defeated Emmett Peixoto in one of the most enthralling and exhausting tiebreakers ever seen in the sport. His dramatic comeback sealed a final spot for him in 3-wall history.

In an emotional speech, he thanked everybody for being part of this great finale.

Bastidas was so tired by the end of the match, he was debating whether to continue playing or not the men’s doubles open final. “I really didn’t want to play. I was too tired and in pain, but I didn’t want to let my brother down” said Tyree.

“This was the hardest tournament I ever played here in Toledo. It was so tough, but I was so happy I won”

Mayor’s Cup – Court’s in session – an inside look at the end of the day.



          Once again, the tournament had a big turned out under a sunny day that saw most of the best handball players in action.

Milestone:                                                                                             Brothers Bastidas have claimed the men’s open singles title three years in a row.                                                                                                     Each brother has slammed the Mayor‘s Cup at least once.                        Useless facts:                                                                                        There were more junior players than adults participating at the event.                                                                                                   Trophies were awarded instead of the traditional medals.

Champions of the Mayor’s Cup:

1995  Robert Sostre def Al Torres



1998  Kendle Lewis

1999  Joe Kaplan

2000  Kendle Lewis

2001  John Wright

2002  Satish Jagnandan

2003  Cesar Sala

2004  Satish Jagnandan

2005  Cesar Sala

2006  Cesar Sala     

2007  Satish Jagnandan

2008  Satish Jagnandan

2009  Satish Jagnandan

2010  Satish Jagnandan

2011  Tyree Bastidas

2012  Tyree Bastidas

2013  Jurell Bastidas

USHA National Three-Wall Championships - Lenning and Cordova take doubles title.




Team Lenning/Cordova did a pretty good job as a team during the entire Labor Day Weekend, when they dismantled every team on their way to the final day.                                                                                           For some estrange reason no team that faced team Lenning/Cordova figured out a way to beat them. Not even the defending champions from Illinois had a clue on how to beat them and eventually succumbed in two games.  We are aware of the fact that team Lenning/Cordova was very well rested during the final game as both players were out of the singles competition  before the finals. And the good chemistry team Lenning/Cordova has could very well take them far in the future. We could only wish Team Bastidas wasn’t as tired for the final game. Nevertheless, team Lenning/Cordova was the best team and a worthy candidate for the title.                                                                           Congratulations to Team Lenning/Cordova.

2013 WPH 3WallBall World Championships – tournament draws players from abroad.





Nothing seems to amaze us when it comes to WPH sponsored events. Its events just keep growing and growing in popularity, even abroad.

This year players from different countries entered the event to compete for the honors, including: England, Mexico, Ireland, Canada, Ecuador, Colombia, Australia, etc, etc.

This is not the first time players from other countries have traveled the distance to be part of this great event. They‘ve been doing it since the tournament inception.

We wouldn’t be surprised if players from at least ten countries make it to the next tournament in 2014.

Mr. D. Vincent and his staff have managed once again to make a big success story out of this event.

Congratulations to the WPH

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Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player in the USHA to capture the USHA 1- & 3-wall singles title in the same year.