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2013 WPH 3WallBall World Championships - an exhausted Jurell Bastidas takes on Emmett Peixoto - captures title after playing 12 games in one day.





For the first time Jurell and Tyree Bastidas traveled together to the most acclaimed outdoor tournament in the west.

Hundreds of players converged across the street from the Stratosphere Hotel from Sept 18-Sep 22 to try to capture the top honors of this prestigious tournament that has increased in popularity since 2010.

In one of the most nail-biting 3-wall small ball handball finales in recent years, Jurell Bastidas defeated Emmet Peixoto, the maximum representation of the game from the west.

Jurell Bastidas’ Cinderella run during the entire day (Friday) when he was crowned champion of the 3-wall small ball (singles), includes:

1- 3-wall small ball (singles) – played Luis Moreno – 3 games

2- 3-wall small ball (doubles) – played Perez/Nahorniak – 3 games

3- 3-wall small ball (singles) – played N. Nahorniack – 2 games

4- 1-wall small ball (singles) – played B. O’Donnell – 1 game

5- 3-wall small ball (singles) – played E. Peixoto – 3 games

Mr. Peixoto, who had suffered a painful defeat at the hands of Tyree Bastidas at the long wall handball courts in Ohio, had an opportunity to turn the tables around when he faced Jurell Bastidas in the grand finale of the 3-wall short wall open event, when Jurell showed up to the championship match looking very exhausted after playing nine long games during the day.

Bastidas found himself without words after taken down Mr. Peixoto at the end of the third game.

Ironically, Victor LoPierre a 1-wall player posted in the internet “any Bastidas is > than E.  Peixoto.

Hispanic Heritage Month – Naty Alvarado, Vince Munoz and Tyree Bastidas win 3-wall national singles titles as young players.







Every year we celebrate the contributions and achievements of Hispanic and Latinos to the United States. It’s celebrated from September 15 to October 15.

The month celebration also takes into consideration, Americans of Hispanic descent along with other Latinos from other countries.

This year we would like to pay tribute to some of the best players of the handball sport. These players were also some of the youngest players to win the famous USHA National 3-wall men’s open, singles title.

Congratulations to the best players of our game:

Naty Alvarado – won the 3-wall nationals in 1981 (26-year-old)

Vince Munoz – won the 3-wall nationals in 1990 (20-year-old)

Tyree Bastidas – won the 3-wall national in 2013 (22-year-old) 

Kings of Coney Island Film – handball fans and players enjoy handball movie.






Photos by various.

On September 21, handball fanatics had the opportunity to watch the best handball Movie ever produced and shown at the Coney Island Movie Festival.

It was a golden opportunity for many handball fans that couldn’t make it to the first Movie Festival early in the year.

Kings of the Coney Island has been blessed with all the high tech and special effects available in the Movie industry. It’s a movie you would want to see over and over as it digs deep into the handball community and the best players in the last three decades.

For those not too familiar with it, the handball movie has had excellent reviews while earning Awards such as the “Audience Choice” in previous festivals.

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USHA National One-Wall Championships – The return of Sarah Au.




Photo by Keith Thode

Sarah Au made a brief come back into the game last year. She played in the Mayor’s Cup when she was about to finish college.

Miss. Sarah Au had to make a painful choice four years ago: quit handball or continue a College education. She chose the latter.

Now that she has finished and graduated from College, she has been practicing to compete at the women’s highest level of competition.

In her first appearance at the 1-wall nationals she was seeded to play last year’s champion, Tracy Davis.

“Sarah played pretty good” some players said.

"I always thought of Sarah winning everything on her way to the top. If it wasn’t for the school Sarah would have won everything” Anna Calderon said.

2013 WPH 3WallBall World Championships – Alaska players fall in love with 1-wall – Alaska to promote 1-wall.





During the competition along the Las Vegas strip we noticed that two young players representing Alaska were hitting the ball on the 1-wall courts. We approached them and asked them: Where do you play handball in Alaska?

They immediately answered; at the “Y”. “We usually play 4-wall during the year because we don’t have 1-wall courts out there. It’s too cold to play outdoors in Alaska. Abraham Lugo said.             

“This year we got good news from the “Y”. We were told that one (1-wall) court will be built by the end of 2014. It’s already in the budget for next year and it has already been approved. The 1-wall court will be built indoors” Sebastian Schwarz said.

The fever to play 1-wall has reached as far as Alaska, and we wouldn't be surprised if 1-wall keeps growing in other places the least expected.

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player in the Association (USHA) to have captured a USHA national title in all three handball versions(1-, 3- & 4-wall)