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2013 WPH 3WallBall World Championships – How the west was conquered! – Crossover.





We always read on the internet about debates on who the best handball players are and who is who in handball!

The final answer in the virtual world has always been that 3-, or 4-wall player are always the best and usually are from the west.

But on Sept 22, most 3- and 4-wall players from the west failed to prove that in the real world. They had a clear opportunity to prove they were the best in their own game, in their courts and in front of their own audience.

On the other hand, New York players (more than 40) traveled to Las Vegas to challenge the best of the west. They crossed over to other handballs codes and they did an excellent job.

New Yorkers won most of the open tournaments (men and women).

Accordingly, we have detailed their major winnings.

Men’s Singles 3-wall Small Ball:

Jurell Bastidas (NY) def Emmett Peixoto (CA).

Women’s Singles 3-wall Big Ball:

Tracy Davis (NY) def Danielle Daskalakis (NY).

Women’s Doubles 3-wall Big Ball :

Team T. Davis/S. Ng (NY) def Team A. Moler/T. Groomes (CA)

Men’s Singles One-Wall Big Ball:

T. Gonzalez (NY) def G. Vasquez (NY)

Men’s Doubles One-Wall Big Ball:

Team T. Gonzalez/ T. Cooke (NY) def Team J. Richie/G. Vazquez (NY).

Women’s Singles One-Wall Big Ball:

Danielle Daskalakis (NY) def Melissa Sky (NY)

Men’s Singles One-Wall, Small ball:

Tyree Bastidas (NY) def Jurell Bastidas (NY)

Congratulations to the best big and small ball players of the game.

USHA National One-Wall Championships – The return of Satish Jagnandan.




Photos by Bill Fand

Former national champion, S. Jagnandan, has returned to the game where he’s been crowned five times.

Most people in the handball community had predicted his return since they saw him competing at the Elks early in April. The last time we saw Satish at the 1-wall national was in 2011, where he was barely beaten by Castro in a tough tiebreaker at the semifinals. Had Mr. Jagnandan won that day, he would have faced Tyree Bastidas in the championship match.

We were informed of Satish’s return early in the year and couldn’t wait to see him back into the game.

“I’ve been practicing all year round to play again” Satish said.

We also asked him; how many times have you lost here at Coney Island?

“Only three people have managed to beat me here at these courts: Cesar, Pee-Wee and Willie”

We are glad to see Mr. S. Jagnandan return to the game. 


King of The Courts – Court’s in session – an inside look at the end of the day.





The most prestigious big ball local handball tournament in the U.S. took place in Queens, NY, after a record number of players competed for the money and bragging rights.

The tournament usually is played in one day from early in the morning till night. This year it was played during two days due to rain.


John Wright (Rookie) has won the most titles (6)


John Wright is the only player to have played the most championship games.

E. Fitzpatrick is the only player to have reached the championship game five consecutive years.

Useless facts:

There were 80 players registered online

King of the Courts Champions:

1998 J. Wright Def E. Fitzpatrick

1999 R. Lopez Def E. Fitzpatrick

2000 J. Wright Def E. Fitzpatrick

2001 G. Figueroa Def E. Fitzpatrick

2002 J. Wright Def E. Fitzpatrick

2003 G. Figueroa Def J. Wright

2004 J. Wright Def G. Figueroa

2005 G. Figueroa Def R. Lopez

2006-07 No event held

2008 J. Richie Def J. Wright

2009 G. Vasquez Def Tavo

2010 J. Wright Def G. Vazquez

2011 Y. Castro Def N. Shaheem

2012 G. Vasquez Def W. Wright

2013 J. Wright Def T. Gonzalez

2013 WPH 3WallBall World Championships – tournament draws biggest participation in U.S.





It’s amazing how this tournament has evolutioned since its inception. This  is not the regular tournament played at your local town. It’s now the biggest outdoor event that has taken over the U.S. by surprise. "With a crew camera recording the games and several assistants helping the desk, this tournament rules", according to most players.

Paddle-ball players were also shocked to find out they were outnumbered by handball players.

“Our tournament director works 110% to bring more than 200 paddle ball players here. I don’t know how Mr. Vincent manages to get more handball players” Mike LaPonte, a paddle-ball fan said.

What’s next for Dave Vincent and his entourage?

For those handball fans that are unaware of D. Vincent's great efforts to bring handball in line with other similar sports in the new century, they’ll be happy to know that D. Fink has officially joined the WPH staff to add more coverage, journalism and interesting commentary during broadcasting of the WPH Pro-tour.

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Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to have reached the championship match in the USHA (1-, 3-, and 4-wall versions) in the men's doubles.