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2013 WPH 3WallBall World Championships – Jurell Bastidas’ great run pays off in Las Vegas – three tie-breakers secure title for Bastidas.



Jurell Bastidas has elevated his game to new heights this year. He has excelled in almost every tournament he has entered in the Northeast. But on September 2013, he surprised everyone when he played in the men’s singles 3-wall small ball division where the best players of the game compete.

Bastidas road to the title wasn’t easy. He had to go through four proven players of the 3-wall short wall game.

Mr. Victor Perez, a player from Arizona gave Bastidas all he had during the match, but it wasn’t enough to tilt the score on his favor.

Bastidas second match was even harder as he had to face the defending champion, Luis Moreno, also from Arizona. Mr. Moreno was also as his best during this match as he pushed Bastidas to the third game just like Victor Perez did. But failed to lead in the final score and ultimately surrendered to the best player, Jurell Bastidas.

Bastidas’ fabulous run didn’t end there. He had to face another proven veteran of the 3-wall game, Nick Nahorniack, from Illinois.

We don’t really know exactly what happened to Mr. Nahorniack during this game as he showed up willing to win the match and the title. He played great, but looked a little bit more tired than his opponent. The long day of matches and a sunny sky during the afternoon could have taken a toll on Mr. Nahorniack. He did manage to finish the match, but not on his favor.

The championship match was in the making as Mr. Emmett Peixoto was defeating Mr. David Fink on the other side of the draws.

Both players were given a couple of hours to comeback and play the final match during the evening. The only difference was that Jurell had to play an extra game (1-wall) before facing Mr. Peixoto.

Both players showed up to the final match in front of hundred of players to decide who is who in 3-wall short wall with the small ball.

Bastidas and Peixoto performed their best during the final game. They put up a great show with great skills that kept the crowd constantly roaring. In the end, Jurell Bastidas prevailed in three games over a very competitive opponent, who was also worthy of the title.

Congratulations to the best players of the game.

Kings of Coney Island – is Joe Durso the king of 1-wall?  – Real answers from real people – Part 1




We always hear and read on the internet about debates on who is who in handball at the Coney Island handball courts. There are even people participating in online Polls to vote for the King of Coney Island. But, do we really need to believe everything is said in the virtual reality (VR) world?

Not really! That’s why we came out with a better solution to find out the real answer from real people.

We decided to go to Joe Durso’s home courts (Coney Island) and ask his fans/followers for the real answer to our question.

Who knows more about the best handball players than the handball fanatics and local residents at the Coney Island handball courts?

Everybody knows Joe Durso at the Coney Island handball courts as some of the local residents grew up watching him play and think of him as the best player they ever saw at the courts.

USHA National One-Wall Championships – Bastidas barely makes it past Schneider.




This was one of the toughest matches of the tournament Tyree has ever played at Coney Island.

Bastidas didn’t underestimate Schneider’s game. He knew Mr. Schneider had elevated his game this year. What Mr. Bastidas didn’t know was that Schneider had greatly improved his game for this tourney.

On September 26, Mike Schneider had an opportunity to upset Bastidas. He cornered Bastidas every time he could and ultimately took him to the tiebreaker.

Even at the tiebreaker, Mr. Mike Schneider had the rare opportunity to close the game while serving at 10-10. But when he failed to close the match, Bastidas did it for him.

‘Mike has always been a tough opponent and I always beat him during the year, but this time he really tried hard” Tyree said.

“Why is everybody trying so hard to beat me?  Tyree asked.




2013 WPH 3WallBall World Championships – Bastidas defeats Bastidas




We have seen both brothers corner several handball tournaments in the Northeast, but we never expected them to corner the 1-wall open event in the west.

New York handball players traveled to Las Vegas to compete against the brothers to derail their plans to corner another tourney.

Big ball handball star, Giovani Vasquez, entered the event only to be met by a determined Jurell Bastidas, who dispatched him to the showers early in the evening.

On the other side of the draws, Mike Schneider had to battle Tyree Bastidas in the semis before he could get entry into the final game. The game wasn’t that easy, but Bastidas made sure he got the last point of the game.

On Sunday, September 22, Jurell and Tyree Bastidas would meet once again and even though Jurell took Tyree down the last time they met, this time it was Tyree who took Jurell down.

Congratulations to both players.


Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to have captured an open title in every handball court in less than  three months.

USHA national 4-wall (doubles) - June 30.

USHA national 3-wall (singles) - September 02.

USHA national 1-wall (singles) - September 28.

2013 WPH 3WallBall World Championships – Tracy Davis – without a trace.




The current best woman handball player was all over the courts playing and winning 1- and 3-wall divisions with the small and big ball during the entire weekend. But on the final day of the tournament, Tracy Davis failed to appear at her first match on Sunday 22.

Tyree Bastidas, who was Ms. Davis partner in the mix doubles was warming up to play when he was approached by a tournament director to inform him that Ms. Davis needed to be present to play the doubles match. The tournament director said he couldn’t locate Ms. Davis whereabouts.

Immediately, Bastidas asked other people to help and call to locate Ms. Davis to no avail. Team Tyree/Tracy was eventually forfeited.

This is not the first time Ms. Davis has been forfeited at this tournament. On 2010, Ms. Davis was also forfeited for not showing up to her scheduled match on the last day of the tournament.