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Race of Champions - No. 1 ranked Tyree Bastidas tops the best of the best USHA national champions – holds on to first place after six years of open competition.





Photos by Holly Koffler and Bill Fand.


The race of champions was born in 2008 when Tyree Bastidas (17-year-old) debuted for the first time at the 1-wall national in the men’s open singles.

Ever since then, we have been keeping track of every national champion who has won in the men’s singles where we have tallied their winnings to the last tournament.

Basically, the table has almost remained the same with the exception of a few changes while Tyree Bastidas keeps leading the pack since we first started reporting on the race.

We hope you enjoy this unique and particular race that is unparalleled to any other race in the handball sport.


Matches won (singles – small ball) at the

USHA National One-Wall Championships


                              2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013       Total

1-Tyree Bastidas        2         3          4         3        0         4           16

2-Cesar Sala              4         3          1         3        2          0          13

2-Yuber Castro          2         2          2         5        1          1          13

4-Joe Kaplan             3         1          1         1        3          3          12

4-Satish Jagnandan     3         4          1         2        0+        2          12

6-John Wright            0+       2          2         2        4          0+        10

7-William Polanco      3         0          4         2        0+        0+        09

8-Robert Sostre          0+       1          3         0        0+        0+        04   

9-Joe Durso               1         0+        1         0+      0+        0+        02


+ did not participate

The World Games – 2013 Cali Colombia – 1-wall debuts as an exhibition game.





The 1-wall handball version along with the rising Fronton handball version made their debut in South America at the World Games held in Colombia.

Jamundi was the selected locality to perform the exhibition games for both handball codes.

For those not well-versed in the history of 1-wall or Fronton, both handballs versions are trying to get international recognition for the game to be played at world level and at the highest level including: World games, Olympics and other international competitions.

Both handball versions left a good impression among the locals who welcomed the new sport with cheers and applause.

The stadium was full to capacity as the locals wanted to eyewitness for the first time the super stars of this new sport. Players were also treated to see the country after the games.

Congratulations to 1-wall and Fronton Officials and their players for making the exhibition games a successful event.

2013 WPH 3WallBall World Championships – record number of entries – USHA & CHA open national champions descend in Las Vegas.






This year, the tournament saw a record number of players competing across the street from the Stratosphere Hotel. It surpassed other WPH and non WPH events.

Mr. Dave Vincent, the Tournament Director and brainchild behind this handball project, has made sure every single detail has been taken care to make it a bigger success this year.

Taking into consideration Mr. Vincent’s expertise in running professional handball events and the participation of several national open champions, including; T. Bastidas, E. Peixoto, Luis Moreno, S. Ng, D. Daskalakis, J. Gawley, T. Davis, J. Bastidas, N. Nahorniack, D. Fink, Y. Castro, T. Gonzalez, M. Sky, B. Pares, etc, we had predicted a record turnout in a previous post.

Handball participation was bigger than racquetball and paddleball this year.

Congratulations to Mr. D. Vincent.

Annual Three-Wall Open Championship - Court's in session - an inside look at the end of the day.





Photos above during tournament and summer training.

The annual 3-wall tournament in New Jersey that was inaugurated in 2004 has been a good tune-up for players in the Northeast looking to play at the 3-wall nationals at the end of August.

Jurell Bastidas couldn’t attend this tourney due to other obligations, but his brother Tyree was at the courts to support the event, socialize, and of course, to defend his title.

On one side of the draw Bastidas saw himself playing Victor LoPierre at the semis, and although Mr. LoPierre did everything he could to stop Bastidas from advancing to the finals, he had no choice but to give Bastidas entry to the championship game.

On the other side of the draw, M. Schneider and W. O’Donnell had a tough battle going on during the entire game, only to see Mr. Schneider reach the final game.

The final match was ref by Mr. O’Donnell and the final score was on Tyree’s favor.

These are the winners and runner-ups from previous tournaments:

2004 Victor LoPierre def Mike Schneider

2005 Raul Retian def Alvaro Rebaza

2006 not held

2007 not held

2008 not held

2009 Emmett Peixoto def William O’Donnell

2010 Tyree Bastidas def Victor LoPierre

2011 not held (Hurricane Irene)

2012 Tyree Bastidas def William O’Donnell

2013 Tyree Bastidas def Mike Schneider 

United States Handball Association - Vern Roberts, Executive Director of the Association praises Bastidas’ accomplishment.





Mr. Roberts has been around the Association for about five decades. He won his first open singles title (4-wall) in 1976 and won his first open doubles title in 3-wall the following year. So we could actually say he’s seen it all, as a player and as a tournament director.

But on September 28, Mr. Roberts witnessed something he has never seen before. He watched Tyree captured the 1-wall singles title in less than a month after Tyree had captured the 3-wall singles title on Sept 02 and the 4-wall doubles title on June 30.

The following statements were his first reaction to Bastidas incredible run, posted on the Association Facebook:

Tyree Bastidas is your 2013 One-Wall National Champion!

Bastidas defeated Joe Kaplan in the open singles final, 18, 3. He will go for the SLAM tomorrow. Regardless of tomorrow's outcome, Tyree has capped off one of the more remarkable years in Handball that we have seen. In just the past four months, He has won a four-wall open doubles title, a three-wall open singles title and now that one-wall open singles title! Will he add a one-wall open doubles title tomorrow? And what will he do at SimpleGreen? Stay tuned! Congrats, Tyree!

with Tyree Bastidas and Jurell Bastidas

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player (22 year-old) in the Association to have reached the championship match of all USHA National men's open doubles divisions in all three handball codes.