Handball player for life.

World Handball Championships – Tyree won big-again- with a phenomenal performance that shone the spotlight back on his handball version (1-wall small ball).







Above: Team Polanco/Castro serving the ball in a desperate attempt to come back in the championship match against the new world champion team Bastidas/O'Donnell.


At the conclusion of the 1-wall (doubles) championship match, nearby spectators and young players moved toward Bastidas like metal filings to a giant magnet, clustering around him and trying to pose with him in smartphone pictures. “It’s been so crazy,” Bastidas had said earlier.

“Many players came to me for autographs, wanted me to sign shirts and asked me for some of my shirts as souvenirs.”

For the first time at the Worlds handball championships, the ancient and marginalized – 1-wall version had stood tall for five days on Bastidas’ broad shoulders.

There were plenty of other strong performances during the competition. Yet it is Bastidas who makes all of them relevant by giving 1-wall handball an outsized stage. “What he does for our sport is amazing,” said Jurell, Tyree’s brother.

“We are never going to see another player like him.”

Young players to win World Handball Championships 4-wall (doubles):

1997  John Bike Jr./Dave Chapman def Danny Bell/Merv Deckert

2000  Dave Chapman/Danny Bell def John Bike Jr/Kendell  Lewis

2003  Paul Brady/Michael Finnegan def T. Sheridan/W. O’Connor


Young players to win World Handball Championships 1-wall (doubles):

2003  Herman Mendez/William Polanco def T. Roberts/D. Rojas – big ball

2006  William Polanco/Tony Roberts def Cesar Sala/J. Iglesias– big ball

2012  Tyree Bastidas/Billy O’Donnell def W. Polanco/Y. Castro - small ball

World Handball Championships latest: Heavyweights still standing at CityWest.





Above: Game of T. Healy and T. Bastidas being broadcasted on Irish tv.

Photo by Matthew Chu.


There was no luck, however, for Fleming’s fellow Rebel Tony Healy.

The 34-year-old, a former two-time world finalist and four-time Irish senior champ, was making a return, having stepped back two years ago due to work and family commitments and a persistent hip injury. Pitted against arguably the best young player in America, Tyree Bastidas, fans’ favourite Healy hinted beforehand that, despite a lack of preparation, he could still have enough up his sleeve to see off the 20-year-old New Yorker.

“I played him four or five years ago when he was just a young player starting out and I was more than a good bit ahead of him but he’s further down the road in his development now while I am in decline I suppose,” Healy said on Thursday, adding that he “would expect him to be a lot better than the boy I played back then so maybe we might meet in the middle.”

Unfortunately for the super-slick Healy, his ice couldn’t extinguish Bastidas’ power. The American is amazing to watch and his game plan is simple – hit every ball as low and as hard as possible.

That strategy took him to a 21-12 first game win before that pesky hip injury came back to haunt Healy and, trailing by a few points, he was forced to withdraw. Handball supporters will be hoping this isn’t the last they see of this incredible player.



World Handball Championships – Feeling Lucky?




Above: Tyree arrives at Dublin along team members, Robert and Vlad.


Three handball players from the U.S. traveled to Ireland to compete at the worlds and booked their room at CityWest Hotel.

Little bit did they know, the room they reserved in advance probably housed the only three players that roomed together and slammed at the worlds championships.

“With thousand of players registered for the event, we couldn’t find any other group of players who booked the same room and slammed at the worlds.” Tyree said.

We are looking forward to book the same room (No 343) at the next world handball championships in Ireland.

Tyree Bastidas:

Small Ball Men’s Open Singles – Tyree Bastidas def Joe Kaplan

Small Ball Men’s Open Doubles – Tyree Bastidas/Billy O’Donnell def Pee-Wee (Castro)/William Polanco

Danny Torres:

Big Ball Men‘s 23 & Under Doubles - Danny Torres def Luke Thomson

Big Ball Men’s B Doubles -Danny Torres/Tony Ferrugia def Juan & Jose Martinez

Michael Zhou:

Big Ball Boys 19 & Under Singles - Michael Zhou def Killian Carroll

Big Ball Boys 19 & U Doubles - Michael Zhou/Robert Lee def Niall O’Connor/Martin Mulkerrins

Handball organization from Italy, high lights handball “The Perfect Game” through world champion, Tyree Bastidas.





Currently, this wall becomes an increasingly important role and continually participates in small new challenges, future tournaments. Further meetings that have the intention of involving athletes and especially the pretext of inviting other countries, spreading more and more.
Yet even in this Work of a Young Student Graphic Artistry and Player, Yulin Trentin, there is included an immense desire that offers all its imaginary reality. It is in these circumstances that you open the Vision and the thought, in a sort of harmonic pantomimic, opening in fact a purely constructive and natural way. Suddenly everything changes and the floating static dissolves and is a precise Will, browsing in a well-defined. A journey that aims at Desire of Knowledge, but at the same time remains steadfast in its consistency. The wall becomes a door and the "Blue Magic Ball," the middle. Then, the number of Court of Brooklyn and the Bronx, become real. Myths and large samples become your most loyal friends. Everything may seem happy and heavenly, but instead the most interesting is to invite your favorite Champion, Tyree Bastidas and see why not play together. All it took was just a stroke of pen and everything suddenly materializes. A modest, but enchanted wall of a remote village in the Langhe, offers this great opportunity. See dance as a great champion Tyree dominal juggle and the energy of the "Blue Magic Ball." This becomes really close to this place and insignificant, it seems increasingly determined and full of energy thanks to a desire and a determined will. What about when everything seems to vanish, but in reality, we realize that it is not true and everything continues remained captivated by the charm of the wall and your "Blue Magic Ball", and undaunted urge you to dance then get a day which the Imaginary will come true.



Blending the Past and the Present.

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player to take the 2012 world big ball champion (Tywan Cook) to the tiebreaker during the long and exhausted big ball competition.