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USHA & WPH Championships - Emmett Peixoto - crushed soul - healing over - will he comeback next year?





It's been exactly 20 years since a handball player from New York won a USHA 3-wall national singles title, and four years since New York players haven't captured the men’s singles title at the most popular handball version in the west (3-wall short walls) ....until now.

Locals are saying the damage to Mr. Peixoto's morale and pride is so devastated, he will need a couple of years to get back into his best game. But we disagree. We believe he could come back to the game next year and win the titles he lost to both brothers; Tyree and Jurell Bastidas.

What some fans don’t understand is that Mr. Peixoto has had surgery in his shoulder a few years ago, and has come back to the game to reach three championship matches. What other player in the men’s open has ever had this run after a shoulder surgery?

Granted, he was torched twice by Tyree and the WPH 3Wallball world title loss to Jurell just rubs salt in that wound. But that doesn’t mean he can’t come back and win next year.

Perhaps this wasn’t Mr. Peixoto’s year, but his comeback to the game next year could have a different ending.

Emmet Peixoto’s great comeback in 2013:

USHA National 4-wall doubles – T. Bastidas/N. Nahorniack defeated E. Peixoto/A. Nett.

USHA National 3-wall (long) singles – Tyree Bastidas defeated Emmett Peixoto.

WPH 3-WallBall 3-wall (short) singles – Jurell Bastidas defeated Emmett Peixoto.

USHA National One-Wall Championships – Pat Murphy - a worthy referee celebrates at Coney Island.





At the conclusion of the 1-wall nationals and while everybody was celebrating and congratulating the players of the final game, Mr. Pat Murphy approached Tyree to congratulate him for a great weekend of handball. ”I was the long line referee for all of your matches, the least I should get is a picture with you” Pat told Tyree.

At home and while replaying all of Tyree’s games, we did notice that Mr. Murphy was indeed the long line referee in all of Tyree’s matches. What makes it even more interesting is that during the entire weekend no player ever questioned Murphy’s calls, and that lead us to believe that Mr. Murphy must have an eagle-eye to track every ball on and off the court. He just called it as he saw it regardless of who was playing.

We have seen Mr. Pat Murphy refereed other games in previous years, but we never expected him to be the long line referee in all of Tyree’s games.

Congratulations to Pat Murphy for volunteering as a referee and for his fair calls at all times. 

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Once again, Tyree draws the most money.






This is not the first time Tyree walked out of Ohio as the highest paid handball player. He’s done it before and plans to do it again next year. What’s his secret?

He plays in at least three events (1-and 3-wall) and makes sure he wins or reaches the final games. “If Tyree could do it, anybody could do it. It’s just a matter of playing and trying” said his brother, Jurell.

“One shouldn’t be afraid to try 1-wall. If players are having trouble and difficulties in dealing with three or more walls, they should try the 1-wall version and see how deep they get in the draw.

There is $2,000.00 total prize money for all divisions combined that shouldn’t be ignored”

Jurell is right; players should try the 1-wall version, the easiest form of handball to play. There is no need to book another hotel or travel to another location to play 1-wall in Toledo. The event takes place during the five day long Labor Day Weekend, and if successful one could walk away with more money at the end of the day, just like Tyree and Jurell do.

USHA Hall of Fame – Albert Apuzzi celebrates birthday and wedding anniversary in fall of 2013 – Trip down memory lane no longer alone.





Albert Apuzzi always remembers the 70’s when he used to live in Canarsie in east New York, and used to ride his bicycle to Coney Island to play handball.

“When I was young, I used to ride my bicycle close to 100 miles per week (back and forth), looking to play handball” Albert said.

“I used to ride my bicycle early in the morning and come back home late at night almost everyday. I played so much handball and was never tired”

In the 80’s, Albert became serious about handball and began playing in the open divisions, winning USHA singles and doubles titles (indoor and outdoor). Eventually, he was inducted in the USHA Hall of Fame.

In the early 90’s, Albert met Dori Ten (a paddleball player), who became a national 1-wall handball champion in singles and doubles divisions (indoor and outdoor) under the tutelage of Mr. Apuzzi.

Albert Apuzzi and Dori Ten were married in 1993. Fast-forward twenty years and together will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary and successful handball careers.

Congratulations to both champions. 

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree and Jurell Bastidas are the youngest brothers in America to ever reached the national championship match of the men's doubles in USHA and CHA.

2012 CHA National Four-Wall Championships.

2012 USHA National Three-Wall Championships.

2013 USHA National One-Wall Championships.