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Simple Green – U.S. Open of Handball – Naty Alvarado and Tyree Bastidas – best of the best.





Photo by Keith Thode

The most famous 4-wall handball tournament in the west took place for the first time in 2006.

Mr. Nary Alvarado, a USHA Hall of Famer and a USHA record holder in the 4-wall handball version (11 singles titles), has been the tournament director since its inception.

Mr. Alvarado has played the best players during a three-decade span. After he retired, he started watching the best players from the 90’s to present. He has also won USHA national 3-wall singles and doubles titles.

The only missing title from his great handball resume is the 1-wall title. But he is not really worried about it as he is aware that no four-wall player has ever reached that pinnacle. He is still considered the best 4-wall player of the game, regardless.

Mr. Alvarado watched Tyree Bastidas play at the Simple Green in the men’s open for the first time in 2008, when Bastidas was a teenager, and sweeping all junior divisions across the nation in all handball codes.

Currently, Tyree Bastidas is no longer sweeping junior divisions any more; he is sweeping the men’s open divisions in all three handball versions, and has reached a pinnacle never achieved by a handball player as young as him.

Naty Alvarado and Tyree Bastidas took their time to pose for a picture for the Association FaceBook page, courtesy of Keith Thode.

Congratulations to the best players of the game.

Kings of Coney Island – Handball Movie keeps turning heads as it earns more Audience Choice Awards outside New York.






Photos by WegotnextProductions.

Movie critics who judge and appreciate real good movies are turning heads again .This was obvious at the New Hope Film Festival in Pennsylvania during the summer when they chose the Kings of Coney Island movie as the recipient of the Audience Choice Award.

This is not the first time the movie has earned this special award. It had earned this prestigious award back in New York when it debuted during the spring.

Despite only being introduced in the spring of 2013, the Kings of Coney Island movie has so captured the collective imagination of big audiences; it has already eclipsed “Alley Cracker” one of the first handball documentaries ever made.

Kings of Coney Island also debuted in Ireland at the famous European Galway Film Festival during July 9-14, where again, it earned positive reviews.

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USHA National One-Wall Championships – Tyree wins national title over Joe Kaplan.





Photo by Holly Koffler

This is not the first time Tyree and Joe have met at Coney Island, and it wouldn’t be the last time either. The last time Joe beat Tyree at the open level was in 2009 when Tyree had just turned 19, the previous week before they met. Ever since then Tyree has turned the tide by winning every single match. This doesn’t mean Joe will never be able to beat Tyree.

When Joe is on, he is on. This is the main reason for Joe to have beaten every player on the way to the finals for the past two years. But on September 28, Joe happened to cross paths with Tyree in the final game, and Tyree wasn’t going to let anyone spoil his fantastic handball summer journey.

Tyree and Joe did seem to play the game evenly point by point during the first game. But as the game progressed, Tyree started to find cracks in Joe’s game and exploited them to win the first game.

The second game was all about Tyree, and although Joe did try harder, he got clouded by his frustration and inability to perform as desired.

Congratulations to both players. 

The Handball world is changing – Part 10 – Ace Referee - score card goes digital





Handball players and referees should take a close look at the new digital score card “Ace Referee”.  Soon the traditional USHA score card will be phase out, thanks to Jeff Wall, a handball player from Texas.

The digital score card has been around for a few years, and has already been used in various tournaments..

As people start buying more smartphones, tablets and other digital devices they will start using the Ace Referee app on the court.

Players should familiarize with the new score card application. It’s just a matter of time before the USHA score card goes paperless.

Last year, the scores of a few matches at the 3-wall nationals were tallied using this new application.

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USHA National One-Wall Championships – Bastidas autographs balls and gloves for fans – successful summer handball season is celebrated in NY.





Handball fans couldn’t wait for Tyree to finish and win another national open title at the Coney Island handball courts. They swarmed all over the court to congratulate the champion, take pictures with him, and of course, to get Bastidas’ autograph on balls, gloves, shirts and anything they could get Tyree’s signature on.

This is not the first time handball fans looked forward to get Tyree’s autograph.

In 2010 handball fans didn’t want to miss on the opportunity to get Tyree’s autograph as the youngest USHA national open singles champion at the Coney Island courts. This year was not different as Tyree closed out the summer handball season as the only player in USHA History to have captured all open summer singles titles.

Congratulations to Tyree for adding another Milestone to his record.

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Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree is the youngest player to win the Annual 3-wall open tournament in New Jersey.