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USHA Official 1-Wall Pro Handball Rankings – Tyree and Jurell Bastidas lead the nation at the end of the 2013 handball season.





In a fantastic handball season ending bros Tyree and Jurell Bastidas ended up as the top players in the 1-wall handball version.

Both brothers had cornered several tournaments by beating some of the best players of the game during the 2013 calendar year.

It has been almost half a century since the last time the Obert brothers ended up probably as the top seeds in the mid 60’s. Because Jurell Bastidas has stepped up his game this year, the probability of both brothers leading the rankings next year remains strong.

Tyree Bastidas also celebrates another Milestone by leading the 1-wall rankings uninterruptedly since 2010. No other player as young as Tyree has ever held the No 1 seeded position this long.

Congratulations to Tyree and Jurell for their great handball run through 2013.




WPH 3-WallBall World Championships – Court’s in session – an inside look at the end of the day.







The best 3-wall (short walls) tournament in the west came to an end in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 22.

The tournament turned out to be the best in recent years with the participation of several national champions from various countries.

Record participation: The tournament registered a record number of players.

Record number of titles captured by a State: New York captured the most open titles in the men and women’s divisions.

First time (men): For the first time the 1- and 3-wall open singles titles were captured by two brothers in the same year: Tyree and Jurell Bastidas respectively.

First time (women): For the first time the 1-and 3-wall open (singles/doubles) titles were captured by New York players in the same year.

Most singles finals: Luis Moreno

Useless facts: 

It was the biggest outdoor handball tournament in the U.S.

It’s the only WPH tournament that offers a 1-wall small ball event.

WPH 3-Wallball World Championships – Three-Wall Men’s Singles Pro

2010 – Dave Chapman (MO) defeated Luis Moreno (AZ)

2011 – Braulio Ruiz (CA) defeated Sean Lenning (WA)

2012 – Luis Moreno (AZ) defeated Braulio Ruiz (CA)

2013 – Jurell Bastidas (NY) defeated Emmett Peixoto (AZ)

WPH 3-Wallball World Championships – One-Wall Men’s Singles Pro.

2012 John Wright (NY) defeated Yuber Castro (NY)

2013 Tyree Bastidas (NY) defeated Jurell Bastidas (NY)

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Simple Green – U.S. Open of Handball – Team Bastidas/Nahorniack goes down against top Irish Team Keegan/McCann.





Photos by Keith Thode.

U.S. national 4-wall doubles champions Tyree Bastidas and Nick Nahorniack had a clear opportunity to get entry into the final game as they had a big lead in all three games. It played on the toughest side of the draw

The most experienced Irish team took advantage of team Bastidas/Nahorniack’s inability to close the 1st and 3rd game and got away with a well-deserved pass to the championship match.

Team Bastidas/Nahorniack did wake up in the second game to force a tiebreaker, but again, failed to close the third game after leading by a wide margin.

The Irish team is not stranger to championship matches. Both Irish players have been playing together for several years and have been to the finals of the Simple Green before.

Team Dessie Keegan and Joseph McCann got to the finals to beat team Peixoto/Chapman in two games. It was obvious that team Bastidas/Nahorniack was the toughest team for team Keegan/McCann on its way to the championship title.

Thumbs up to the champions.

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Kings of Coney Island – is Joe Durso the king of 1-wall? – Real answers from real people – Part 6





Photo by Holly Koffler

After talking to locals at Coney Island, we have decided to end this topic for the remaining of the year.

We will come back next year to continue interviewing other handball fans at the Coney Island handball courts when the 1-wall handball season starts.

Yes, we did get answers from most people who saw the best players of the game in the 80’s and before. But, do we really need to interview and ask the same question to Tyree’s young fans?

They probably weren’t even born when Joe was at his best, therefore, it wouldn’t be fair and it wouldn’t make any sense to ask Tyree’s fans the same question.

Next year we will come back to Coney to ask the same question to other handball fans, including Joe’s fans.

For now, most handball fans don’t seem to be happy to refer to Joe as the King of 1-wall. But we are still confident we can come across some handball fans who can actually vouch for him.

USHA National Championships – Keith Thode – Photography at its best.





Photos by various including Keith's.

Mr. Thode has been taking pictures at the USHA national championships for almost half a century. He actually started to take pictures at the 3-wall nationals in the late 60’s, when the 3-wall national was still being held in Detroit, Michigan. He also took pictures at the 1-wall nationals for the first time in 1999.

He is the only photographer who has taken pictures in all USHA national championships (1-, 3-, and 4-wall), including junior divisions.

Keith Thode’s beautiful pictures sometimes come with a price. Mr. Thode takes a lot of risks to produce the best photos possible.

During the recent 1-wall nationals, we saw Keith climbing up the rails (see photo above) by the boardwalk in Coney Island as he wanted to get photos from a different angle during the last day of the tournament. To our surprise, we watched Keith fall down to the ground as he was trying to get off the rails.

Nobody was aware of Keith’s fall or the severity of his fall for a man in his 70’s. Luckily, he didn’t get hurt, but these are the risks he has to take and endure in order to provide us with the best tournament photos.

Please check his website and revisit current and past tournaments.

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Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to remain undefeated in tiebreakers at the USHA national 1-wall men's open singles (2008-2013).