Handball player for life.

Historic Mark – Tyree establishes new Historic Mark in less than 12 months.




Photo above: Tyree and Jurell Bastidas enjoy a moment watching a game during the summer at the Coney Island handball courts.                              Photo by Bill Fand


Tyree Bastidas, the record smashing machine has done it again. Bastidas, who has always been considered among the most versatile players in the handball sport, established a new record in the men’s open when he stepped up his game to do something never done before. He captured five open titles in every handball code (1-, 3- & 4-wall), including world titles.

The handball sport is mostly composed of handball players called “specialists”: either they specialize in one or two handball versions. Tyree is neither one.

During the last 90 years, and since 1923 when the first 1-wall open nationals was documented, history has repeated itself only three times.

It’s estimated the handball sport produces the best and most versatile player, once every thirty years on average.

The most famous and most versatile players to have won in all three handball codes in America are: Vic Hershkowitz, Oscar Obert and Tyree Bastidas, all from New York.

Tyree Bastidas’ new Milestone (all titles won in less than a year):

World Handball Championships – 1-wall men’s open singles - Ireland

World Handball Championships – 1-wall men’s open doubles - Ireland

USHA National One-Wall Championships – men’s open singles – New York

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – men’s open singles - Ohio

USHA National Four-Wall Championships – men’s open doubles – Iowa.

The Sartorialist – made exclusively for AOL On – 1-wall handball




Photo by the Sartorialist


As 1-wall keeps growing around the world, Tyree and Jurell Bastidas keep promoting the perfect game to the masses either in public parks, private Clubs or through the internet.

In this Sartorialist episode, both brothers are featured playing handball during the fall of 2013.

With more episodes being released, we expect the handball sport to be exposed more often during the following year.

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Milwaukee Handball Classic – David Munson and Tyree Bastidas – gave each other all they had.




Photo by Dan Gebben

We still remember the first time Tyree and Jurell traveled to this famous handball tournament in 2007. Tyree had just turned 17 and had just started his meteoric rise in the men’s open in the 4-wall handball world.

Tyree had never played David before but that didn’t stop him from giving David all he had.

Mr. Munson, a pure 4-wall player, was also a top player in the last decade, but never imagined a young player like Tyree had the skills to surprise him and push him to the tiebreaker.

Mr. Munson went on to win other tiebreakers and ultimately the tournament, but he was never challenged and pushed around by another player, the way Tyree did.


Fast-forward six years and Tyree and David found themselves facing each other in the same tournament during the semifinal game on Sat. night, Dec. 7 of 2013.

This time, a more experienced Munson (31-year-old) gave Tyree all he had in the tiebreaker, only to succumb to the 1-wall player in a much contested match the gallery enjoyed from beginning to end.

Congratulation to David and Tyree for their great matches.

Handball experience with Tyree in 2013 – Robert Lee (Brooklyn) – it’s not what is ahead of you, but who is behind you!





Photos by Bill Fand

Mr. Lee is the rising star of the year and the most improved player in the 1-wall community.

He has come a long way since the beginning of the outdoor season where he had taken down players of the calibers of Sala and Kaplan.

He rose rapidly through the ranks by besting some of the top players of the game and by carefully following Tyree’s instructions during 2013.

Mr. Lee, a junior player and Tyree’s protégée is not shy to admit his rapid ascend in the USHA handball ranking was due to the hard work and long hours of training with Tyree at his side.

This year Mr. Lee traveled with Tyree cross country and personally eye-witnessed Tyree win all three USHA national titles. Mr. Lee also traveled with Tyree to Ireland to watch him become the only player to capture two world handball titles in the men’s open.

“I practiced almost everyday with Tyree from dawn to dusk” Robert said.

“It took the whole summer for me to rise from nobody to somebody. I’m so happy to be ranked among the best players of the game. Thanks Tyree”

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Robert Lee ranks among the top players in US 

YMCA Men’s open – William O’Donnell wins wintry victory.





Photos by Albert Apuzzi and others.

The cold temperatures in New York have kept a lot of handball players away from the handball courts. And even if players had dared Mother Nature, it would have been impossible to play as the courts were buried in snow due to the winter storms that have punished the Northeast.

When the snow started falling and the temperatures dropped in the City, B. O’Donnell heated up.

Mr. O’Donnell, who had practiced during some flurries in Queens, used his speed and quickness to score his first 1-wall title of the year.

“Never underestimate Billy on the court” Oscar, a handball players said

“He is really fast and always hungry for titles”

Tyree Bastidas, who usually gets most of his rest during the winter, wishes the 1-wall tourney returns to the HES in November, when he is still active, in shape and playing around.

Congratulations to Mr. O’Donnell for winning his first indoor 1-wall tournament in 2014.

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Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree is the first junior 1-wall player to win the USHA and World men's singles open title.