Handball player for life.

USHA most complete player at the end of the year- Accolades pour for Bastidas – celebrates with players and fans around the country.






USHA star Tyree Bastidas smashed records again. Bastidas, who broke and established new records in the junior divisions, is at it again. This time T. Bastidas was breaking and establishing new records in the men’s open by playing in all three handball codes. What else can we expect from the youngest and most versatile handball player in America?

We knew it was a matter of time before Tyree could start dismantling the open divisions in all three handball versions. We followed Tyree around the country and managed to capture Tyree celebrating victory throughout the year.

We hope you enjoy these memorable moments that made Tyree, again, the most complete and most versatile player in America.

Can Tyree reign for twenty years? – Douglas Bastidas, Tyree’s cousin, has already reigned for twenty years.





It’s hard to imagine Tyree reigning in 1-wall handball for almost 20 years. The sport of handball takes too much of one’s body to rule for such a long period.

Unlike music, where artists have been able to hold on to fame for several decades, the sport of handball just doesn’t allow it.

Douglas Bastidas started his music career as a teenager, when he formed his own music band “Tranzas” and overnight became the most popular pop/rock band.

Mr. Douglas Bastidas’ talent enabled him to compose and sing his own songs. He also played the guitar while most of his songs became the most played on the radio. He managed to keep Tranzas as the most popular band in Ecuador for almost 20 years until the band mutually departed after a successful music career at home and abroad.

Tyree’s talent has also helped him achieve many of his handball accomplishments by becoming the top 1-wall player in the U.S. for several years. But for how long can Tyree hold on to the top position?

We can only wish he could reign as long as he can, but in the end only father time will decide that.

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33rd Annual Long Island Open – Mike Schneider wins open titles.




The Long Island Open tournament attracted the best small and big ball players in the Northeast to compete in Syosset, Long Island.

Players from at least six States, including Arizona, showed up to compete in the only 4-wall tournament that offers competition with the small and big ball.

Mr. Mike Schneider, who has been playing top level handball during the year, reached the final game to defeat Tyree Bastidas in three games. “I’m surprised! This is the first time Mike defeats Tyree in a final” Mike Schneider Sr. said.

M. Schneider also won the doubles as Tyree had to forfeit due to ongoing knee pain during the weekend.

Congratulations to Mr. Schneider for winning the men’s open once again.



Handball experience with Tyree in 2013 - Teddy Mleczkowski (Queens)





Photos by Billy Fand and ICHA.

Mr. Mleczkowski is a talented 1-wall player and one of the breakout stars from the East Coast, who made his debut in the men’s open in Coney Island during the summer. He took down some of the best players of the game to reach the finals, where he faced Tyree for the first time.

Mr. Mleczkowski also played at the Mayor’s Cup in Manhattan, where again, he had a good run in the men’s open, but didn’t have to face Tyree. After the handball season was over Mr. Mleczkowski was asked about his first experience in the men’s open. “I had a good run during the handball season, I can’t complaint about that” Teddy said.

“Yes, I did beat some of the best open players, but it wasn’t as easy as it may have looked. But playing Tyree was a totally different story. I might need to improve my game next time I play him. His game is at a different level from everybody’s”

USHA National Four-Wall Championships – New York players excel playing abroad.





It is not surprising to find out that New York players are among the best players in the Association, even though the 4-wall national competition has never taken place in New York. But just because New Yorkers never got to see their players in action at home, it didn’t stop New York players from bringing the hard-earned hardware back home. In fact the State of New York ranks only second to California in terms of championship wins.

Congratulations to all players for winning and bringing those titles back home where they belong, New York.

Four-wall Singles Champions by State:

California: 19 titles

New York: 16 titles

Mexico: 11 titles

Illinois: 3 titles

Missouri: 3 titles

Texas: 1 title

New Mexico: 1 title

Minnesota: 1 title.

Ireland: 8 titles.

Total: 63 titles. 

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to slam at the NYS Handball HOF Championships.