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The Best of 2013 – Tyree Bastidas is voted................                    "The Best Among The Best"




Photo by USHA



Tyree Bastidas’ incredible feats of winning the 3-wall and 1-wall singles titles in addition to the 4-wall doubles title earned the top performance of 2013

Paul Brady winning his 8th 4-wall singles title ranked second followed by the Sophomore sweep pull off by Martin Mulkerrins and Catriona Casey by winning consecutive Opens titles at the 2013 National Collegiate Championships.

The following players were voted among the best to participate in the online vote organized by the USHA.

a) Tyree winning 1-wall and 3-wall Singles Titles.
b) Sophomore Sweep for Ireland's Catriona Casey and Martin Mulkerrins as both defended their National Collegiate Titles.
c) Tracy Davis winning her 9th, 1-wall Title and the Women's Classic.
d) Paul Brady winning his 8th , 4-wall Title.
e) Timbo Gonzalez repeat slam at Big Ball Nationals.

WPH announces the most memorable moments/matches in 2013 – Jurell Bastidas’ incredible win in Las Vegas gets nominated.





Photos by WPH and USHA

The WPH handball organization recently nominated the best 10 handball moments across the States, which included Jurell’s greatest handball shot execution that  paved the way to his historic victory over former 3-wall national champion, Emmett Peixoto, in the men’s open singles 3-wall (short walls), the most popular handball version in the west.

Jurell’s incredible win came as a big surprise, as he had to take down defending champion Luis Moreno on his way to the title.

It also marked the first time a player from the East Coast captured the title.

Congratulations to Jurell.

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33rd Annual Long Island Open – It’s Team Bastidas’ blizzard at L.I. - until pain took over.




As the snow fell outside in the Long Island night, shots rained down inside the handball Club when ICHA brought the best small and big ball players to the neighborhood.

Team Bastidas started off the night with a brilliant show of handball skills that sent them to the semifinals against team Sala/Kaplan.

Team C. Sala/J. Kaplan also earned the right to play at the semis when they also proved they were worthy candidates for the title.

With so many games going on all night, Team Bastidas and Team Sala/Kaplan started the semis at 9:00pm, and when Team Sala/Kaplan left anything exposed, team Bastidas made them pay with some potent and effective hooks difficult to read.

The game wasn’t easy, but team Sala/Kaplan made sure to push team Bastidas to the tiebreaker where they eventually fell to the youngsters.

But the next day, the championship match never materialized in the men’s open doubles as Tyree was overcome with knee pain during his singles match. “I was going to forfeit during the men’s singles, and even though I used all my timeouts to rest my knees it wasn’t enough to relieve my pain, so I decided not to play the men’s doubles final” Tyree said.



USHA National One-Wall Championships – once again, New Yorkers dominate.





The combined record amount of  3-and 4-wall open national titles, captured by New York players during the last sixty three years is a clear indication of the way New York has dominated handball outside NY.

Perhaps this is the main reason why only a selected number of  3- and 4-wall champions had ventured to the East Coast to challenge New York players in their game (1-wall).

With New York players winning the most open titles in all three handball versions overall, it’s no wonder they are always recognized as the best players of the game throughout USHA Handball history.

Congratulations to all New York players, the best of the best.

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33rd Annual Long Island Open – Big ball player repeats.





The popular big ball 4-wall event now in its third year has grown to be a success at the Long Island Open, but in spite of such a success, there has been only one champion in the men’s division.

Jon Sese has been the only winner since 2011, and has advanced to the championship match to play three different players. Why no one has taken out Mr. Sese?

It’s easy to say Jon is beatable, but no one has proved that on the court. Jon may not look muscular, tall or intimidating, but never underestimate this humble player. He has a smooth game, uses no power and somehow always keeps his rivals close to the back wall.

At the rate he is going, Jon could be the reigning champion for many years to come.

Congratulations to Jon.

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Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to have captured all Major 4-wall Northeast championships in the men's open.

The Boston Open                                                                                                             The Albany Open

The Long Island Open

USHA Northeast Regional Championships.                                                                                                                                                            NYS Hall Of Fame Handball Tournament.